Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

20 Fun Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV (West Virginia)

Everyone can find something to do in this charming community, from outdoor activities to cultural events. Here are some top things to do in Capon Bridge WV, whether you’re a local or just visiting.

Capon Bridge can be a lot of fun because it has friendly people and places that have won awards. It also has exciting things to do that can make for a great vacation. Is this not something you deserve?

The city is home to a thriving cultural scene and many outdoor activities. The Capon Bridge Fall Festival and the Capon Bridge Ruritan Fair are two of the town’s numerous annual events.

These gatherings are fantastic opportunities to learn about the local way of life, taste delectable cuisine, and take in live entertainment.

Capon Bridge offers a variety of activities for all interests, whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or cultural encounters. So why not grab your bags and travel to this hidden gem in West Virginia? You won’t regret it!

Why Visit Capon Bridge WV?

Capon Bridge is a town in eastern Hampshire County, West Virginia, just about 32 km west of Winchester, Virginia. The Hampshire County Circuit Court incorporated it in 1902, when I was (originally) known as Glencoe.

Capon Bridge is a place to consider as a person who values their privacy or would love to live in a quiet environment. The town is a tranquil place to live, with just about 700 in 2022, following the 2020 census count of about 450.

It is a place where everyone knows one another. This number of people makes the town well organized and much more peaceful.

Capon Bridge offers a suburban rural mixed kind of lifestyle to its people – a place lived far enough from city life, as though far from the city, ironically.

It is expected that with this, you should have gotten a mental picture of how amazing life in Capon Bridge will be. It is a historic town!

By the end of this piece, you will see more reasons Capon Bridge is an ideal option to visit when you are on holiday or vacation or looking for a place to stay forever. 

The Best things to do in Capon Bridge WV (West Virginia)

#1. Get An Apartment With Basswood

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

And now, for those who may have found themselves in Capon Bridge for an assignment, whether it was a personal project (of findings) or an assignment (for conclusions but with a reward).

Visiting Basswood to get an apartment would be especially favorable to non-residents of the town, as it is a room for you to live shortly with the residents and discover what you want to find.

Basswood is an agency that rents out apartments to people on a short-term basis. Its five-room building is aesthetically constructed with works of art.

Address: 2925 Northwestern Turnpike, Capon Bridge, WV 26711, United States

#2. Get Relaxed at the South Branch Inn Romney

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

South Branch Inn Romney is one of the best places to visit in Capon Bridge, WV, with your friends and family while in West Virginia. The inn is located in two states: Romney and Moorefield, WV.

With the Inn’s 60+ rooms, you can be sure your loved ones will get accommodation with you when you visit. And in the case of official meetings, the inn also has good conference facilities.

It is a family-owned boutique hotel that up to nine generations have reportedly managed. These individuals take pride in calling the hills home and seeing the development of the state.

Address: US-50, Romney, WV 26757, United States

#3. Enjoy a Sumptuous Meal at McDonald’s

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

You already know what McDonald’s is all about, but I would assume so and still talk a bit about it.

McDonald’s has gained ground and spread its wings across the United States in the past 60 years, making the brand one of the most successful fast food restaurants in the country.

In a small town like this, where there are less than ten restaurants, Mcdonald’s may be one of the best choices for you if you would not bother cooking it yourself.

Whether you are reading this because you just moved into the town or want some enlightenment because you’d be visiting soon, I recommend that you locate McDonald’s and get good food for dinner, lunch, or breakfast.

#4. Spend Some Nights at the Fuller House Inn

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

Enjoy your stay in Virginia with this venue. The Inn’s cottage allows up to two people to stay together and have a fulfilling night. Staying overnight is also a service that is now available in the elegant building.

The inn also hosts small weddings and special events in its formal garden, cottage, and room. The platform can be an excellent place to renew your wedding vows and marriage ceremony with the court-appointed marriage officiants you would find on the site.

While on the site, you will have access to wireless internet and a kitchenette with a coffee maker, refrigerator, and others.

Fuller House Inn is a good choice for travelers who may have to lodge in Virginia. This is also one of the best places to stay in Capon Bridge, WV.

Address: 220 W Boscawen St, Winchester, VA 22601, United States

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#5. Pay a Visit to the River House

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

To say that you will enjoy your stay in The River House when you visit Capon Bridge is an understatement. It is a program that entails community-based art and music performances.

Despite being of high standards, the organisation is a non-profit platform that offers the things you may need to enjoy memorable accommodation.

If you also crave a relaxing place well-recognized in Capon, look no further, The River House is a good option.

It would be recalled that WV Living Magazine tagged the platform as the best Live Music Venue in the state in 2018.

The River House has come this far in just five years of existence. It has won several awards, including the WV Governor’s Arts Organization of the year and the WV Division of Tourism’s Spirit of West Virginia. It is worth applauding.

Address: 24 Rickie Davy Ln, Capon Bridge, WV 26711, United States

#6. Enjoy a Day at the Old Water Street Inn

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

As one of the best things to do in Capon Bridge, WV, this weekend, The Old Water Street Inn is a picturesque environment.

History has it that the construction of the historic building dates back to 1840 and 1890. This may be your first time visiting such an ancient structure. It perfects the idea of an easygoing but sophisticated atmosphere.

Take your smartphone along to take pictures of the inn’s unique structure. It has fireplaces, high ceilings, a fantastic staircase, built-in corner cabinets, and classic archways.

There is more to the inn, a picture only words may not be able to create in your mind. Be there to get the right image!

#7. Go Horse Riding at Rocking S Ranch

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

I recommend that you visit Rocking S Ranch if you are looking for what to do in Capon Bridge, West Virginia, because you will have one of the most unique experiences you can have.

How would you feel riding a horse sometime soon? In a world where we are only often opportune to ride on horses in our minds when we read books, hear about them, or watch movies, deciding to learn to ride on a horse in real time would be great.

Whether or not you already know how to ride a horse, I suggest you go to Rocking S if you’d like to ride across the valley. A horseman will teach you how, given that it is your first time. Just do yourself the favour of not missing out on the splendid experience that awaits you here.

Address: 564 Glaize Orchard Rd, Winchester, VA 22603, United States

#8. Go Hiking And Explore Nature at Ice Mountain

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

Ice Mountain is a good place you should visit if you are interested in nature and wildlife. Yes, it is a mountain but one with a picturesque view.

Visit the organization’s website online to notify them about your intention to visit the mountain for the best experience.

Visiting Ice Mountain is one of the best things to do in Capon Bridge. You can take pictures of the place or go with your friends to have fun. Hiking has been made very easy in Ice Mountain with some trained docents.

#9. Learn Some History at Hook’s Tavern

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

In April 2011, Hook’s Tavern made its way to the National Register of Historic Places list. This makes the late 18th-century tavern a more recognized site of Historical items on Capon Bridge.

Visiting a place like this is one of the best ways to learn more about a town’s (Capon Bridge’s) history.

It would be a good idea to go with a book and pen and take pictures of the artifacts discovered on the site.

Address: 1678 Northwestern Turnpike, Capon Bridge, WV 26711, USA

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#10. Bailey’s Walking After Midnight Farm

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

Here is another site that allows you to ride horseback in West Virginia. There have been many good reviews about the service offered by this brand, and you can be sure that based on past experiences which now make records, you will be satisfied upon your visit to the place.

One of the best things you would enjoy at the site is the people’s fantastic customer service, plus the fun of being around nature.

The horse that would suit you most will be carefully selected for you when you get there, and you will be taught to ride on it.

#11. Visit The Virginia Farm Market

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

You will be one who can now say that this site is run amazingly. It is one of the neatest farm markets you will be visiting.

Those food items you need to get are available here fresh from the farm and at less expensive rates.

For you, get strawberries and other fruits that are in season. If you can reasonably cook for yourself, this is the site to substitute for restaurants.

Address: 2908 Northwestern Turnpike, Capon Bridge, WV 26711, USA

#12. Go Bike Touring With Bike Path B & B

Learn to ride a bike or tour the town with a bike when you visit Bike Path B & B. The owner lives on the site and offers two rooms to people who would like to spend some more time around after biking. The rooms have laundry and a kitchen.

You will enjoy a delicious meal with Dan, the operator of this site. He is friendly and very entertaining. Rest assured.

If you’d have to travel through the trail to Paw Paw or elsewhere, Moxie would come along with Dan as a guide for your journey.

Address: 109 Winchester St, Paw Paw, WV 25434, USA

#13. Visit The Peacemaker National Training Centre

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

As the name implies, this platform offers different training with unparalleled facilities to military and law enforcement agencies.

It is a center that gets you (as an individual or group) covered for private and group shooting training. If you’d like to maximize your stay in Capon Bridge, you may undergo shooting training at the Peacemaker National Training Centre for some time.

Address: 1624 Brannons Ford Rd, Gerrardstown, WV 25420, USA

#14. Watch Movies at Carmike Cinemas

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

Take some time to explore this venue with the people you’d like to spend more time with. Cinemas are always a good choice for new lovers and friends to get to know themselves more intimately.

Carmike Cinemas is a better option for you when planning where to hang out in a less developed town like Capon Bridge.

Address: Capon Bridge, West Virginia 26711, USA

#15. Enjoy Camping at White Rock

The last thing on our list is to go camping at White Rock. White Rock is located at 484 Pumphouse Rd in Capon Bridge, WV.

It is one of the good places to be when you visit the town. It offers you one of the best camping experiences a person may seek.

Camp at White Rock if you are opportune. Adults who were there as children will tell you how vivid the memories of their time at the camp are. It gives a good memory you would easily remember.

Address: 484 Pumphouse Rd, Capon Bridge, WV 26711, USA

#16. Enjoy A Night at Koolwink Motel

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

You may not be interested in some of the to-do items that have made it to our list because they are common things.

In this respect, we have included this tourist home, an ideal idea for everyone. Indeed, Capon Bridge is a historic town. The establishment of this site would be traced back to 1936.

Nora and Henry Klien originally founded it until it was sold to Wallace Mail and Pauline, his wife, who have since 1955 become the owners and operators.

Address: 24362 Northwestern Turnpike, Romney, WV 26757, USA

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#17. Spend a Day at the Pembroke Springs Retreat

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

How would you feel experiencing Japan in the United States? This will mean a lot to many, especially those who’d trace their origins back to Japan.

Pembroke Springs Retreat is a fantastic getaway in Capon Bridge for people interested in Japanese culture. It accommodates people who crave a break from their daily routines or spend quality time with their loved ones outside their immediate environment.

Additionally, If you appreciate nature, this retreat will be your best option. Add this to your list of free things to do in Capon Bridge, WV, today!

Address: 6238 Wardensville Grade, Star Tannery, VA 22654, USA

#18. Have Some American Food at Main Street Grill

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

Are you feeling hungry in Capon Bridge? Don’t worry. The Main Street Grill will help take good care of that.

And whatever American food you would like to eat is cooked here. The restaurant is open every week to serve you nutritious food for lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

Navigate to this site for your meal when you get to Capon Bridge. Main Street Grill is a platform that people talk about highly.

Address: 41 Slanesville Pike, Augusta, WV 26704, USA

#19. Enjoy Some English Style Dry Hand Ciders at Winchester Ciderworks

Do you have a preference for drinks? Try a variety of hard ciders in Winchester Ciderworks’ toasting room when you visit Capon Bridge.

Enjoy some handcrafted English-style dry hard ciders in Winchester, and you’ll have a new perspective on what a hard cider is.

Although you will meet friendly people, staff and patrons of the organization on your visit to the site, it is important to note before going there that Winchester Ciderworks doesn’t offer food. You can take food from another source to get the best out of the place.

Address: 2504 N Frederick Pike, Winchester, VA 22603, United States

#20. Enjoy Some Meal at the Hayfield Family Restaurant

Things To Do In Capon Bridge WV

You most likely need food with you as you travel. You need to know about the Hayfield Family Restaurant in Capon Bridge. You might have to visit it as you journey through West Virginia for good food.

Hayfield is also advanced to the level where you can order takeout or food delivery when it’s time for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Most travellers who have been to the restaurant have had to rate the people’s service with at least four stars online. It is a place for good food and drinks – something you want to take advantage of.

Address: 5340 Northwestern Turnpike, Gore, VA 22637, USA

What is Capon Bridge West Virginia known for?

It is well known for having one of West Virginia’s few remaining historic covered bridges, a well-liked tourist destination.

The Capon Bridge covered bridge, built in 1856 to cross the Capon River, has been recognized as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

The town is renowned for its access to outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and hunting. Those seeking a quiet retreat amidst breathtaking natural beauty should visit Capon Bridge.

Is Capon Bridge West Virginia a safe place?

Most people think visiting and living in Capon Bridge, West Virginia is safe. Residents and visitors alike appreciate the tranquillity and security of the area, which has a low crime rate and a tight-knit community.

There is a strong sense of community and a small-town atmosphere. To further ensure public safety, the Hardy County Sheriff’s Office and the West Virginia State Police maintain a significant presence in the region.

Capon Bridge provides its residents and guests with a tranquil and secure environment to appreciate the local natural beauty and is generally considered a safe place to live, work, and play.

Plan Your Vacation To Capon Bridge, West Virginia

Capon Bridge is one of the best relaxing places in the United States. You could visit restaurants, nature & wildlife, ranching venues, and other places every day. If you have the money and time, take advantage of the fun that others enjoy in the place.

You can skip your birthday or graduation party to pay a visit to the places discussed. The environment is the best place to cool off your brain after taking your last examinations on campus.

As I call it a piece, I suggest visiting places with unique and rare experiences. For instance, eating at every restaurant in Capon Bridge will be an insignificant memory because you’ve always been eating, and restaurants are not new to you.

Ride on horses, climb mountains, and look into history at museums!

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