things to do in Paint Bank VA

20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Paint Bank VA (Virginia)

Looking for the best things to do in Paint Bank VA? Paint Bank Virginia is a charming and picturesque small town in the Allegheny Mountains of Virginia. 

With its proximity to the Appalachian Trail and the George Washington National Forest, this tiny town is full of beautiful natural attractions and plenty of activities to keep you busy! 

Whether you’re a local looking for a new adventure or a tourist looking to explore the area, this article have you covered! Join us as we explore some of the best things to do in Paint Bank, Virginia!

What are the Best Things To Do In Paint Bank VA (Virginia)?

#1. Shop for groceries at the Paint Bank General Store

things to do in Paint Bank VA

When it comes to stores and retail outlets to get and acquire all things household commodities and groceries at a way much more affordable fee and budget-friendly pocket.

Then the ideal place to be is the Paint bank general store, as right over here, both residents, visitors, as well as tourists, in general, could pick up any grocery product they desired.

What to expect?

For those coming over here, it is expected to expect the best of all grocery products, as this is a customer-worthy store and retail outlet for the best grocery inventory.

Address: 16071 Paint Bank Rd, Paint Bank, VA 24131, United States

#2. Settle for a meal at The Swinging Bridge Restaurant

things to do in Paint Bank VA

The Swinging Bridge Restaurant is a blend of relaxation hubs and restaurants offering a unique dining experience that is rare to find anywhere else in the city is one of the best places to visit in paint bank, Virginia.

It’s an ideal place to be, with its cozy setting alongside its superb variety of delicacies.

Why should you visit?

Here both visitors and tourists at large could make a quick stop to satisfy their belly wants with its wide variety of tasteful and delicious meals.

Address: 16071 Paint Bank Rd, Paint Bank, VA 24131, USA

#3. Get adventurous at the Depot lodge

things to do in Paint Bank VA

The Depot Lodge is another calm and serene environment if you are looking for what to do in Paint Bank, Virginia.

It offers some glamping experience with its wide variety of amenities and beautiful settings to support, which offers various fun adventures like fishing, bow hunting, and float trips for its visitors to explore and enjoy.

What other resources are provided here?

The other resources include:

  • A king-size bed.
  • Satellite TV.
  • A 360° wrap-around porch.
  • Tall ceilings.
  • A large seating area.
  • A private pond for fishing.

Address: 16071 VA-311, Paint Bank, VA 24131

#4. Take a tour of the region’s many wineries

things to do in Paint Bank VA

Several wineries near Paint Bank provide tastings and tours of their buildings and vines. Red, white, and sparkling wines are wine varieties that these wineries produce.

Visitors may sample the various wines made by the wineries while learning about the wine-making process.

The vineyards are beautiful places to unwind and sip wine since they also provide lovely views of the surrounding landscape.

Visitors may learn about the history of the wines and the region on vineyard tours provided by specific wineries.

#5. Go glamping at the Tentrr signature site

things to do in Paint Bank VA

This is more like an outdoor area in Virginia where people relax. Most of the tents here belong to the Tentrr company.

The discussed business provides affordable but amazing and unique glamping experiences that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Why should you go glamping here?

The basic amenities for that unique glamping experience are readily provided in the calm and serene environment of the Potomac River in Virginia’s quaint Northern Neck.

This tourist park offers all things fishing, kayaking, boating, and swimming adventures, along with the presence of shops, restaurants, and other tourist attractions. This is an ideal place to honor your visit with. Add this to your list of fun things in Paint Bank, Virginia.

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What Best Things To Do Near Paint Bank VA (Virginia)?

#6. Explore the majestic Shenandoah Valley of skipping rock

things to do in Paint Bank VA

The Skipping Rock is yet another excellent location in this painting area. They occupy the axis and landscape of the Middle River in Staunton.

This tourist park and center of attraction is yet another ideal place to honor your visit and spice up your holiday experience, especially when it comes to enjoying that unique picnic experience that comes with exploring the majestic Shenandoah Valley in the company of both family and friends.

Why is it an ideal place to visit?

Right over here, aside from getting to feast their sights on the fantastic structures of skipping rock, visitors also get to enjoy an amazing picnic experience with amenities like a queen-size bed, a Coleman stove, a fire pit, a grill, Adirondack chairs, and nature trails well flavored with wineries and breweries.

Address: 414 Parkersburg Turnpike, Staunton, VA 24401, United States

#7. Explore waterfalls at Beaverdam falls

things to do in Paint Bank VA

Beaverdam Falls, which is in the George Washington National Forest, is more of a place to relax than to watch sports. Tourists and visitors come to see the beautiful waterfalls and have great picnics.

Why should you visit?

Apart from feasting their sight on the beautiful waterfalls of this region, those coming over also get to enjoy some picnic experience with fantastic amenities like a stove, patio furniture, and a super comfy bed.

Address: 1100 Kanawha Trail Covington, VA 24426

#8. Patronize the services of Twin River Outfitters

things to do in Paint Bank VA

Unlike every other fun thing to do in Paint Bank, Virginia, that has to do with a fun and adventurous outdoor space.

This is something entirely different as, unlike others, the Twin river outfitters offer various services and guidance to ensure tourists enjoy a worthwhile tour experience.

What do they offer?

Twin River Outfitters provides gear for every possible fun adventure tourists could partake in, such as canoe rentals and other items like kayaks and inner tubes.

Address: 640 Lowe St, Buchanan, VA 24066, United States

#9. Go horse riding at the Twin J Ranch

things to do in Paint Bank VA

The Twin J Ranch is a privately controlled, family-owned, and operated business in Paint Bank, Virginia.

It’s an arena in which visitors and tourists at large come over to catch up with the fantastic experience of horse riding in a much safer environment.

What to expect?

Measuring over 6,000 acres nestled in the Green River Valley, the Twin J Ranch has enough land surface area to accommodate all tourists looking to partake in horse riding.

Address: Twin J Ranch, Bedford, VA 24523, United States

#10. Catch up with some fishing adventures at Maury River Smallmouth

things to do in Paint Bank VA

The Maury River smallmouth is more like a bass stream. It is full of feisty and tasty yellow-bellied sunfish, which makes it the perfect place for a great fishing trip or one of those once-in-a-lifetime kayak trips.

What else should one expect?

The following services are available: kayak-based smallmouth bass fishing trips, kayak rentals, and angler shuttles.

Address: 24 Musket Loop, Natural Bridge, VA 24578, United States

#11. Go biking with the Roanoke Mountain Adventures

things to do in Paint Bank VA

With Roanoke Mountain Adventures in Virginia, a famous city, visitors can enjoy fun outdoor activities like biking and shuttles for mountain biking, kayaking, cycling, paddle boarding, and other outdoor activities as they climb up and down the Blue Ridge Mountains.

What else do they offer?

They provide rental services for a wide range of apparel and equipment for their incredible adventures in biking, camping, backpacking, kayaking, hiking, and climbing.

Address: 806 Wasena Ave SW, Roanoke, Virginia 24015, USA

#12. Go fishing at Roanoke River Blueway

things to do in Paint Bank VA

The Roanoke River Blueway is more like a seaside view of Virginia’s beautiful city. It is surrounded by water, so the best thing to do there is fishing, which is also the most popular activity in the area.

What other river-related activities take place here?

You could also canoe, kayak, fish, tube, wade, watch wildlife, and do other fun things.

Address: Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building, 215 Church Ave SW #303, Roanoke, VA 24011, United States

#13. Enjoy the soda experience at Buchanan Fountain & Grille

things to do in Paint Bank VA

This is the go-to arena for general visitors and those who have come to tour the beautiful city. In this setting, they can settle for their own soda fountain experience, usually accompanied by some other treat to spice things up a little more.

What do they offer?

Apart from settling down for their soda fountain blends, tourists honoring this venue with their visitations also get to be blessed with some other treats in the various nature of burgers, hotdogs, blue plate specials, old-fashioned shakes, and ice.

Address: 19771 Main St, Buchanan, VA 24066, United States.

#14. Enjoy comfort far away from home at the Wander

things to do in Paint Bank VA

This is more of a hotel for outdoor nature, yet another relaxation center occupying the beautiful landscape of Virginia’s great iconic region.

It’s surrounded by the James River, where visitors come in their numbers to enjoy comfort far away from their homes and residence.

What to expect?

Since the vision of this brand revolves around providing comfort to visitors far away from home, provisions have been readily made available for basic amenities such as a fire pit, a queen-size bed, a grill, and Adirondack chairs, all to achieve such a purpose.

Address: 90133 Palermo PA, Via Maqueda, 278

#15. Get a feel of the fantastic taste of wines at Autumn Creek Vineyards

things to do in Paint Bank VA

This is a must-see location for those enthralled by the taste of wine and the various winery products, such as here at Autumn Creek Vineyard.

Visitors, mostly made up of tourists, get to feel the awesomeness in the taste of its variety of winery products during its tasting session.

What else do they offer?

In addition to making the best wines, this vineyard is also used as a venue for weddings and other life celebrations.

Address: 364 Means Creek Rd, Mayodan, NC 27027, United States

#16. Get entertained with DJ classical music at Starrtyme Entertainment

things to do in Paint Bank VA

The Starrtyme Entertainment is the ideal location for a classical party hangout, especially at night, when visitors are entertained with classical music from the vocals of Party’s Favorite Entertainers such as Kerri Taylor, the renowned professional vocalist, and DJ KJ Service Music by Mike.

What else do they offer?

Right over here, tourists get to employ the services of the various DJ vendors for their meetings, events, weddings, or banquets. Video and audio DJ services and Karaoke/hosting services usually accompany these services.

Address: 140 Island Way Suite #257 Clearwater, FL 33767

#17. Keep fit at the Iron Oak Fitness

things to do in Paint Bank VA

Iron Oak Fitness personal and group training studio activities are perfect for people who want to keep their bodies in good shape or lose more fat.

What are they known for?

Besides its training facilities in the heart of Virginia, Iron Oak Fitness also provides online personal training and custom fitness programs.

Address: 7638 Bond St, Solon, OH 44139, United States

#18. Behold the beautiful nature of Smith Mountain Lake Visitor Center

things to do in Paint Bank VA

This is yet another natural reserve catching the interests and attention of visitors and tourists at large, of which the various adventure of boating, fishing, hiking, nature trails, horseback riding, picnicking, camping, lodging, and championship golf as well can also be indulged in.

What to expect?

Because this park is free and open to the public, visitors may choose to spend some quality time with family and friends on its picnic grounds.

Address: near Smith Mountain Lake Visitor, 16430 Booker T Washington Hwy #2, Moneta, VA, USA.

#19. Pick up chocolate bars at the chocolatepaper

things to do in Paint Bank VA

For those looking to give something special to their loved ones, especially their children and young adults, a visit to the Chocolatepaper Shop is exactly what you need, as they make ready-made sugar-free chocolates that are ideal for gifting.

What do they offer?

Chocolatepaper sells a wide range of nectar and pulp sugar-free chocolate bars, typically accompanied by gift and greeting cards.

Address: 308 Market St SE #3, Roanoke, VA 24011, United States

#20. Go dining at Patio Options in VBR

things to do in Paint Bank VA

For those looking to spend some lovely time out on the outskirt of the city of Tavern with the moon out in the sky, the Patio option in VBR is that place to be, with its fantastic outdoor dining options creating that perfect setting to eat and drink according to tourists appetizing taste.

What do they offer?

This outdoor arena restaurant offers all things breweries and wineries products to its residents staying within its vicinity, visitors in general, and tourists coming over for their own tour experience of the city.

Address: 1420 W 1st St. Quiet Pint Tavern

What is Paint Bank Virginia Known For?

The city of Paint Bank, Virginia, is known for its hotel resorts, various centers of attractions, and restaurants, meaning that if your aim and purpose in going on a tour lie on the basis mentioned above, then the city of Paint Bank, Virginia, is the ideal place for you to be at.

What is there to do in Paint Bank?

The Paint Bank General Store sells various goods, including groceries, fuel, buffalo meat, penny candy, soda, beer, and wine.

The shopping experience upstairs is unique because it has a swinging bridge that lets you see our animal show, which has a bubbling creek as you walk over it.

What county is Paint Bank Virginia in?

The unincorporated village of Paint Bank is located in the northern part of Craig County, Virginia. It is located northwest of the county seat town of New Castle, where State Routes 18 and 311 intersect. The community is situated halfway between Peters Mountain and Potts Mountain.

Plan Your Trip To Paint Bank, Virginia

If you are searching for the best things to do in Paint Bank, Virginia, this article has everything you need to know.

Tourists may enjoy a range of activities like the Natural Bridge of Virginia, hiking in the George Washington National Forest, fishing in the James River, and taking a picturesque drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway are just a few of the most incredible things to do in the region.

Paint Bank, Virginia, is a fantastic location for outdoor adventure and natural beauty since there are many things to do there.

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