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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Pembroke VA (Virginia)

Looking for the best things to do in Pembroke VA? Pembroke, Virginia, known as the Gateway to the Cascades, has a population of just over 1,000 people and is known for its natural habitat of waterfalls, which is ideal for picnics.

In keeping with its natural habitat, it has a 4-mile round-trip hiking trail that goes through its different recreation areas. These areas are where most of its outdoor activities take place, such as nature walks, boating, tubing, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hunting, and camping.

Furthermore, the city of Pembroke, Virginia, has some attractive places of interest that are always welcoming to its visitors, such as an Olympic-sized pool for its swimming-related activities, various sporting event centres to take up each of its golf courses, and many other activities.

Other matters of interest could also come in the form of visitors attending each one of its hosted events, the most prominent of which are its Heritage Festival, Ruritan Fish Fry, and Christmas Parade.

There are a lot of fun things to do in the city. Continue reading below for more fun things to do in Pembroke, Virginia!

What are the Fun Things To Do In Pembroke VA (Virginia)?

#1. Go hiking at the Cascade Falls

things to do in Pembroke VA

Hiking at Cascade Falls through its traverses rocky streams measuring a staggering 69 feet is also a memorable experience. However, it also has a 150-foot waterfall in its pool area for some adventure swimming.

What to expect?

Right over here, visitors should expect to hike through its scenic route while also beholding the beauty of its Cascade Falls.

Address: 2068 Cascade Dr, Pembroke, VA 24136, United States.

#2. Hold worthwhile fellowship at the Pembroke United Methodist Church

things to do in Pembroke VA

The Pembroke United Methodist Church is one of the most impressive citadels of worship in the whole of the city of Pembroke, Virginia, where one could stop by to catch up with some moments of devoted worship and fellowship.

What to expect?

Since it is an established citadel of worship present on the ground to address and attend to the need of broken community members seeking healing, it is the ideal place of prayer for devoted worship and fellowship.

Address: 5908 Virginia Ave, Pembroke, VA 24136, United States

#3. Patronize the services of New River Outdoor Co

things to do in Pembroke VA

This, unlike others, isn’t a recreational place of interest but rather a body tasked with rendering services in different forms.

As one of the best places to visit in Pembroke, Virginia, they offer canoe and kayak trips through the shores of the new river; so should that be an adventure that interests you, you should consider patronizing their services also.

What have they got to offer?

The new river outdoor co provides guided tours for the following fun adventures: fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

Address: 281 Bales Rd, Pearisburg, VA 24134, United States

#4. Day tour at the Tangent Outfitters

things to do in Pembroke VA

The Tangent Outfitters, offering some day tours as well, is yet another recreational body, just like New River Outdoor Co., which provides guided tours for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking in the city of Pembroke, Virginia.

Why should you consider patronizing their services as well?

They are considered the best for hosting your favorite fishing guide tour services, with provisions also made for its quality equipment rentals.

Address: 201 Cascade Dr, Pembroke, VA 24136, United States.

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#5. Go rafting at the New River’s Edge

things to do in Pembroke VA

The New River’s Edge is another perfect spot for all things water-based and related adventures in Pembroke, Virginia, most specifically when it comes down to whitewater rafting at the beautiful banks of the New River in Pembroke Virginia.

What have they got to offer as well?

They also offer canoe and kayak rental services in the city of Pembroke. Should that be an adventure that interests you as well? If yes, add this to your list of things to do in Pembroke, VA, this weekend.

Address: 665 Rocky Hollow Rd, Pembroke, VA 24136, United States.

#6. Grab your portion of smoked meat at Bluegrass BBQ

things to do in Pembroke VA

The Bluegrass BBQ, as the name suggests, is another restaurant in Pembroke, Virginia, that serves delicious Southern food.

What do they offer?

They’ve got barbeque on offer in its different forms: pork ribs, chicken, steak, beef brisket, numerous fixings, and well-flavored barbecue sauce. If you are asked what to do in Pembroke, Virginia, tell your friends to visit Bluegrass BBQ.

Address: 609 Snidow St, Pembroke, VA 24136, USA.

#7. Go golfing at the Castle Rock Golf & Recreation Facility

things to do in Pembroke VA

Joining other visitors or perhaps residents in enjoying the funs and thrills the sporting adventure of golfing has got to offer.

Castle Rock Golf & Recreation Facility is also another experience that might as well be a memorable one for you to witness with its stats scorecard and course layout ensuring you live this moment to the fullest.

What other adventure holds here?

Since it also serves as a recreational facility with an Outside shelter, picnic tables, charcoal grills, and toilets, it is also an ideal spot to hold picnics. Be sure to have fun here!

Address: 900 Castle Rock Dr, Pembroke, VA 24136, United States.

#8. Enjoy the best of Mexican dishes at El Charro

things to do in Pembroke VA

El Charro, just as the name implies, is another Mexican-themed eatery and restaurant service occupying the regional axis of Pembroke, Virginia.

This is one of the perfect spots for family and friends to hang out with the fast service of its sumptuous meals and drink specials!

What have they got to offer?

The El charro is exclusively for the best Mexican dishes, with a Mexican meal menu rare to find anywhere else. Add this to your list of the best places to visit in Pembroke today.

Address: 700 Douthit Ferry Rd, Pembroke, VA 30120-8465.

#9. Participate in the annual convention of, the Ice and Fire Con

things to do in Pembroke VA

The Ice and Fire Con is more of a festival-themed event with events centred on A Song of Ice and Fire in Game of Thrones activities.

According to the desires of fans made up of local residents, visitors, or tourists, tickets are also put up for sale for the occasion.

What does this experience look like?

This experience is more like a premier event themed around George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series and HBO’s Game of Thrones.

#10. Enjoy Mexican delicacies at the Riviera Mexican Grill

things to do in Pembroke VA

Unlike the rest, the Riviera Mexican Grill is an entirely different eatery and restaurant in Pembroke, Virginia.

It mainly dwells on offering the most sumptuous of best Mexican Food to both the indigenes of Mexico and foreigners looking to try out a different meal menu.

What have they got to offer?

They’ve got mainly fish tacos under an even more surf-themed decor.

Address: 5870 Virginia Ave, Pembroke, VA 24136, United States

What are the best Things To Do Near Pembroke, VA (Virginia)?

#11. Shop for collectibles for the festive season at Joe’s Trees Farm

things to do in Pembroke VA

Joe’s Trees Farm is more like a shopping mall designated for selling festive season-related wares and products, most notably offering and providing beautiful Christmas trees for such celebrations.

What have they got to offer?

They’ve got the following holiday-related wares and products: Cut Christmas trees, custom wreaths, fresh pumpkins, and every other family holiday present.

Address: 5110 Cumberland Gap Rd, Newport, VA 24128, United States.

#12. Shop for organic farm produce at Glade Road Growing

things to do in Pembroke VA

The Glade Road Growing is a family-operated farm situated in the Heritage Park area of Pembroke, one that is specifically known for growing and offering for sale the best of its naturally grown farm produce in the city of Pembroke for healthy and nutritious consumption.

What have they got to offer?

Glade Road Farm has the best naturally grown farm produce available in fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

Address: 2351 Glade Rd, Blacksburg, VA 24060, United States.

#13. Settle for newly crafted beers at the Rising Silo Brewery

things to do in Pembroke VA

The Rising Silo Brewery is another great and fun place to be in the city of Blacksburg, Virginia, for lovers of beers, as it is considered the only farm brewery present in the region that uses a blend of organic malts, well-water, and solar energy in producing each one of its crafted beers.

Why should you stop by this brewery?

It’s the perfect place to hang out, drink, and eat because it has a wide range of food specialities and craft beers.

Address: 2351 Glade Rd, Blacksburg, VA 24060, United States.

#14. Enjoy picnics at the Sinking Creek Covered Bridge

things to do in Pembroke VA

The Sinking Creek Covered Bridge is a standing-like bridge in the Virginia region with two picnic tables.

It’s been set up in the traditional country setting of a foot-long red wooden bridge with a tin roof, which visitors could come over to have an excellent time out in the company of family and friends.

What makes this venue stand out?

Aside from having a beautiful setting in its standing bridge structure, it also has a peaceful and calm environment, perfect for a picnic.

Address: 901 E. Cary St. Suite 900. Richmond, VA 23219.

#15. Enjoy locally sourced dinner at The Palisades Restaurant

things to do in Pembroke VA

The Palisades Restaurant is another great and fun place to be, offering the eatery services of a wide variety of locally made dishes and meal delicacies in Virginia, providing that casual and elegant dining experience for visitors and tourists, to be precise.

What to expect?

Visitors should expect their appetizing desires to be met with its meal delicacies made with locally sourced ingredients and live band music to make the experience memorable.

Address: 168 Village St, Eggleston, VA 24086, United States.

#16. Camp at the Steel Bridge Campground

things to do in Pembroke VA

Going camping is considered by many as an odd adventure to partake in since it is more or less old-fashioned. Little do they know it is another worthwhile adventure with a memorable experience to try out.

The steel bridge campground has also got interesting adventures lying in wait for its visitors to get them thrilled.

What other adventure holds here?

Camping at the steel bridge campground comes alongside the fun and thrilling adventures of fishing and boating, perhaps holding picnics.

Address: Paint Bank, VA 24131, United States

#17. Pick up chocolate bars at The Chocolate Spike

things to do in Pembroke VA

The Chocolate Spike is another ideal stopover location in the city of Blacksburg, Virginia, for visitors who enjoy confectioneries to pick up their favourite chocolate bars, with their delivery services enhancing the overall experience.

What services do they provide?

They’ve got to offer mouthwatering chocolate in their different modes of hand-crafted truffles, fudge, caramel nut spikes, glace fruit, cherry delights, buttercreams, and more.

Address: 820 Heather Dr, Blacksburg, VA 24060, United States.

#18. Pay a visit to the Museum of Geosciences

things to do in Pembroke VA

The Museum of Geosciences is another place of interest for scholars or researchers who have a study to carry out on topics concerning the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities fields of study and need a large variety of specimens to support such a purpose.

What iconic objects is this museum known for?

The geoscience museum has a comprehensive collection of samples of rocks, fossils, minerals, soft sediments, buildings, and decorative stones that are more or less academically beneficial.

Address: Derring Hall, 2062, 926 W Campus Dr, Blacksburg, VA 24061, United States.

#19. Enjoy the business-friendly environment of Holiday Inn Express & Suites

things to do in Pembroke VA

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites is another housing and accommodation service in Blacksburg, Virginia. It boasts of having one of the best reservations of spacious rooms in addition to gym and fitness facilities that best suit the business-friendly environment of its visitors.

What have they got to offer?

Since it is a unique hotel, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites offers complimentary breakfast, free WiFi, and free parking to meet the comfort needs of its visitors.

Address: 1020 Plantation Rd, Blacksburg, VA 24060, United States.

#20. Visit the recreational facilities of Christiansburg Aquatic Center

things to do in Pembroke VA

The Christiansburg Aquatic Center is another renowned amusement park in Christiansburg, Virginia. It serves as a recreational facility for its residents and visitors regarding fun and thrilling swimming and diving activities.

What to expect?

This is another exciting place to pay a visit to for both beginners and professional swimmers.

Address: 595 N Franklin St, Christiansburg, VA 24073, United States.

What is Pembroke VA known for?

The community is well-known for its yearly celebrations, such as the Pembroke Fall Festival, which takes place in October and includes a parade, food vendors, and live music. for individuals who like small-town life and the beautiful outdoors.

The town is also known for its beautiful scenery, including the Pembroke Valley, which offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Pembroke also has a strong agricultural tradition, with many local farms producing crops such as tobacco, corn, and wheat. Pembroke is a fantastic spot to call home.

Is Pembroke VA a good place to live?

Pembroke, Virginia, is a small town with a small community, historical landmarks, stunning landscapes, a long agricultural legacy, and yearly festivals. It might be an excellent location to live for individuals who want a quiet, rural lifestyle.

Since it’s a small town, it may have only some of the conveniences and possibilities of a bigger city, so Pembroke, VA, is an excellent place to live.

Plan Your Vacation To Pembroke, Virginia

In conclusion, the city of Pembroke, Virginia, offers a wide range of ways to relax during the holidays. For example, the city’s many outdoor activities give each person a unique holiday experience. Always remember that Busy Destinations got you covered!

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