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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Burgaw NC (North Carolina)

Are you searching for the best things to do in Burgaw NC? Burgaw is indeed a good town year-round. You’ve probably heard of this urban legend from locals.

It has long been a commonly held belief that Burgaw is one of the most amazing places to visit in the United States. It has been said to be a historic place with several great sites.

Finding the reality behind this is the reason for the composition of this piece. If you read this article carefully, you will have learned more than 20 things to do in Burgaw by the end.

Why Visit Burgaw NC?

There are chances that you were only told, and you don’t know why Burgaw is the place to choose for your next tour. It is the first topic we would consider on this page.

Burgaw is a historic town with an exciting history. The city, which was later incorporated in 1879, grew from a Wilmington & Weldon Railroad train depot in the 1850s.

It was named after some Indians who lived in a creek in western Pender, North Carolina. Burgaw is a relatively quiet area, with a reasonably large population of less than 4,000 as of the 2010 census.

It is made up of many well outstanding museums, indoor playing centers, beaches, and vineyards. A place with all of these may be your preference because it can enhance learning, inspiration, creativity, and a healthier life.

Lastly, you should visit Burgaw because you want to feel loved. It is widely held that the inhabitants are caring and friendly people.

What are the Things To Do In Burgaw NC (North Carolina)

#1. Full Day Family Entertainment at North Carolina Blueberry Festival

In 2003, some residents started the Blueberry Festival, an interesting annual community event, as a way to boost local pride. This is a yearly event attended by thousands of people at 106 E. Wilmington Street in Burgaw.

The NC Blueberry Festival has been reported to be the best of its kind. Reviewers have noted how much they would like to attend the event again. If you plan on visiting Burgaw this year, following this festival is one of the things, you want to do.

Except for trained service dogs accompanying people with disabilities, the organizers of the event advise that such crowded occasions are not pet-friendly and, as such, none should be brought around.

Address: 106 E Wilmington St, Burgaw, NC 28425, United States

#2. Sample Wines in Bannerman Vineyard & Winery

things to do in Burgaw NC

How much do you like drinkable liquids? If you are a fan of drinks, especially wines, you should try wine sampling at Bannerman Vineyard & Winery when visiting Burgaw.

If you prefer some wines over others, you should know when the fruit used to make those wines will be ripe and ready for consumption.

Recall that we had earlier talked about the North Carolina Blueberry Festival, which usually occurs in June. If you go to Bannerman Vineyard by this time, sample a good-tasting blueberry wine.

When you visit during spring, you will have sweet strawberry wines to sample. Additionally, the vineyard was established by the Bannerman family.

Address: 2624 Stag Park Rd, Burgaw, NC 28425, United States

#3. Pay Some Visit To The Amusements of Rochester

things to do in Burgaw NC

Amusements of Rochester is one of the best places to visit in Burgaw, NC. It can be traced back to Rochester, New York, as one of the best carnival programs for bringing family members of all ages together.

The platform ensures a secure and enabling environment for every family meeting together. When you visit its midway, you will find babies, teens, their parents, and grandparents.

Everyone will be treated with care. The program helps foster unity and promote the culture of the people.

Address: 4815 NC Highway 53 E Burgaw, NC, 28425-3511 United States

#4. Pay A Visit To Historic Burgaw Train Depot

things to do in Burgaw NC

Visiting the Historic Burgaw Train Depot is one of the things you should ensure you do if you are reasonable to be in Burgaw someday. The venue is a historic train station with friendly people and picturesque surroundings.

The depot, located in the heart of Pender County, was built in 1850 and later incorporated in 1898. It is part of the North Carolina Civil War Trails, owing to the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad.

If you love history, be sure to visit this ancient construction in Burgaw. It made it to the 1986 National Register of Historic Places list. So when you are searching for what to do in Burgaw, NC, be sure to add Burgaw Train Depot.

Address: 115 S Dickerson St, Burgaw, NC 28425, USA

#5. Ride On Horses At Victory Land Dressage

things to do in Burgaw NC

You never really had this kind of thought. Indeed horse riding is one of the things people, especially women, seldom think of when considering what to do when they hang out with loved ones or take themselves out.

What is cool here is that riding on horses, regardless of whether you possess one, at the Victory Land Dressage is a thing anyone can do in Burgaw.

The platform lets horses and riders train together with all the care and attention they need. If you have any, it is time to go to Victory Land with your horse(s) for a better horse-keeping and riding experience.

Address: 3341-05-2589-0000, Burgaw, NC 28425, USA

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#6. Throw A Party At Old River Farms

things to do in Burgaw NC

Old River Farms has a 4,000-square-foot wedding barn and is one of the best places to hold a stress-free and fun party in Burgaw.

Apart from the place of nature, the farm has a space that holds over 150 seating at a go.

Even though this is one of the best places for your birthday parties, wedding, retirement parties, graduation parties, as well as parties for military service members, Old River Farms’ expensiveness, must be admitted. It charges anywhere around $3,000 to host parties.

You may, however, get discounts for small parties. Add this to your list of best things to do in Burgaw, North Carolina today.

Address: 8711 Old River Rd, Burgaw, NC 28425, USA

#7. Eat at Bandana’s Family Restaurant & Grille

things to do in Burgaw NC

What to eat and, of course, where to have or take it may be a thing causing headaches when one is out of one’s comfort zone.

All through this piece, we assume you are new to Burgaw or don’t know much about the environment yet.

In light of this, we are presenting Bandana’s family restaurant to you as one of the best places in Burgaw to get a perfect table service meal with your favorite liquor while you are in Burgaw.

There have been excellent reviews about the restaurant’s customer service. You have every reason to eat here!

Address: 602 US-117 Unit I, Burgaw, NC 28425, USA

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What are the Things To Do Near Burgaw NC (North Carolina)

#8. Have Fun at the Singletary Lake State Park

things to do in Burgaw NC

This park started as a park for a specific group of people, but it has since been expanded to let people who aren’t in that group camp there and do things like fishing, hiking (about a mile a day), and paddling.

The lake also allows campers to get into other nearby lakes (with restrictions), like Bay Tree Lake and White Lake.

Considering the activities in this camp, there may be better places to take your family for fun. If your friends are around, you can camp with them for some time.

Address: 6707 NC-53 E, Kelly, NC 28448, USA

#9. Burgaw MMA Fight Club

things to do in Burgaw NC

The MMA performance you may be used to watching online is now a fight club in North Carolina – something you can watch live upon your visit to Burgaw.

The event was in Louisville (since its establishment in 1993) until the founder, Gavin Wuerth, relocated to Burgaw, where he saw fit to continue the journey.

The club, situated at 605 E Fremont St, Burgaw, NC 28425, offers a variety of fight performances and training from time to time.

It is known to be one of the oldest MMA gyms in the history of America. Do not miss out on this fight club if you are privileged to be in Burgaw.

Address: 605 E Fremont St, Burgaw, NC 28425, USA

#10. Putt Putt White Lake

things to do in Burgaw NC

With the assumption that you are now in North Carolina, playing golf at Putt Putt White Lake is the next thing you want to do with your friends and family.

You can choose to play the game with or against anyone for fun. Playing the game improves people, especially children’s confidence and coordination as they believe they are getting better each time they attempt targeting the hole. What’s more?

#11. Watch Animals In Lynnwood Park Zoo

things to do in Burgaw NC

Did you leave California or elsewhere for Burgaw? Then watching the wild animals camped in the Lynnwood Park Zoo can make your stay significant. Your love for nature might also have gone beyond being around greenery (as many do) to observing animals.

Also, going to zoos and watching animals can make you a better person (this might be hard to notice). A 2016 report reveals that watching animals in zoos can increase one’s love for animals and help one make a difference in the contemporary world.

According to the ideas of German philosopher Immanuel Kant, a person becomes more caring and rational if he respects animals more than the average human. You still don’t grasp it? Add this to your list of fun things to do this weekend in Burgaw, North Carolina.

Address: 1071 Wells Rd, Jacksonville, NC 28540, United States

#12. Go On a Tour To Sampson County History Museum

things to do in Burgaw NC

Sampson County is one of the best places to visit in Burgaw, North Carolina. It has always been a place of history, as the name suggests. It has a few buildings that are worth seeing.

A recent source that looked into it confirmed that the museum is a beautiful place to be in leisure time.

Your tour of the place will be guided and free unless you wish to donate for the upkeep. Many who love stuff like this have contributed to the improvement of the museum in the past, and it has indeed seen one.

Sampson now has a new building that houses military histories.

Address: 313 Lisbon St, Clinton, NC 28328, USA

#13. Carolina Beach Family Campground

things to do in Burgaw NC

The campground is lovely to be with your friends and younger ones. It will be more fun for you if you are tired of your monotonous private life.

At the campground, you will hear lively screams of joyous children and have access to excellent camp facilities like trailers, tents, camper cabins, music, hot showers, etc.

Orton Plantation (about 1.7 miles away), Brunswick Town, and Fort Anderson State Historical site are nearby attractions you could pay a visit to from Carolina Beach Family Campground. Be sure to check it out, all you need in the camp as a family is available here.

Address: C Rd, Carolina Beach, NC 28428, United States

#14. Go To Cape Fear Riverboats For Family Fun

things to do in Burgaw NC

Let’s take a different view. There’s a chance you’re tired of restaurants and the like because those are things you’re used to in your hometown (or wherever you came from).

In this respect and as we pretend to know your mind, going for a 1-hour river tour in Cape Fear Riverboats will be nice.

Experienced captains touring with you through every scenic drive will discuss the culture, legends, and history of several places of sight. At the same time, your journey through sites like Eagle Island, Battleship USS NC, and others on the boat. How is this something unique you want to do?

A tour like this will be good for increasing your knowledge of the nature and history of the state. If you are lucky enough to be a travel blogger or photographer, it will make more sense and be a great plus.

Address: 101 S Water St #1, Wilmington, NC 28401, USA

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#15. Visit The Battleship USS NC

things to do in Burgaw NC

Here is another museum for lovers of history and curious individuals. Recall that in the previous item on our list, Battleship was mentioned as one place with profound history and culture.

Seeing a Battleship from afar is not as effective as entering it with your legs for research and entertainment purposes.

This museum has been established with a unique purpose. It collects and interprets every ship named North Carolina.

It came about as the actualization of a 1961 idea in honour of the 11,000 North Carolinians who lost their lives in the second World War. So when you are asked what to do in Burgaw, North Carolina, tell them to visit the USS Battleship.

Address: 1 Battleship Rd NE, Wilmington, NC 28401, USA

#16. Visit Hullabaloo in Hampstead

NC Hullabaloo is an excellent indoor playspace for children, a place you can take your children to for a memorable stay in Hampstead. What’s more, the weather does not matter, remember it offers indoor activities.

Bring the first of its kind, and Hullabaloo is also a historical place for your kids to visit. Helping your children have experiences like this as they grow can make them turn into happier and healthier individuals in society.

It also creates room for accomplishing the right thing at the right time in their lives, as they will soon be beyond this.

Address: 16406 Hwy 17 #8, Hampstead, NC 28443, United States

#17. Learn Some Art History At The Greenville Museum of Art

things to do in Burgaw NC

Greenville will make the last museum on this list. The museum has works by well-known American landscape artists from as early as 1860 so that history can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Anyone of age can visit this place, but it makes more sense for older children. Because works of art can inspire people, this will be a better place to visit for people with creative careers, such as writers.

Address: 802 Evans St, Greenville, NC 27834, USA

#18. Enjoy A Day At The Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park

things to do in Burgaw NC

Enjoy all experiences you can’t have back home at Jungle Rapids while you are in Burgaw.

With rock climbing walls, laser tag, kids jungle, mini bowling, mini golf, jungle gym, and a lot more features that Jungle Rapids offer, it can stand as one of the best venues to throw your birthday party with loved ones.

You would have a restful day with people when you hang out in the water park. Go with kids. It is designed for people of every age group.

As you might have expected of a place like this, you will only gain access if you have passed and tickets.

Address: 5320 Oleander Dr, Wilmington, NC 28403, USA

#19. Go to Murray Turner Blueberry Farm

things to do in Burgaw NC

Over the years of establishment, Murray has been more of a fun place to eat, selling muffins, cakes, popsicles, pies, and jams alongside blueberries.

The organization is a family-owned and operated business supplying blueberries within and outside the state from mid-May through July.

It could be your first time eating fresh from the farm blueberries, take it! It produces numerous blueberries annually with acres of land. Because their operation is seasonal, call them before going to the farm to ensure the best of people’s service.

Address: 180 Murray Turner Farm Rd, St Helena, NC 28425, USA

#20. Bounce at Jump in Jax

things to do in Burgaw NC

Lastly, as the name suggests, this indoor play center in North Carolina is made for children around age 1-12 to have fun with their peers, especially jumping and bouncing all day, using the available facilities.

Many of the items on our list are things that adults should do, and one reason you should take good note of this. When you’re in Burgaw, let your kids enjoy their stay hanging out at Jump in Jax.

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What is Burgaw North Carolina known for?

Burgaw, North Carolina, is a small Pender County community best known for its fascinating past and warm Southern hospitality.

The Burgaw Train Depot Museum and the Pender County Courthouse, which date from the late 1800s, are among the city’s many historical sites.

The town also holds many yearly occasions showcasing its rural roots, such as the Burgaw Peanut Festival and the Pender County Agricultural Fair.

Burgaw is a genuine Southern gem and a must-visit location for history buffs and tourists alike because of its charming streets, important historic sites, and welcoming community spirit.

Is Burgaw North Carolina a good place to live?

If you want to live in a small town with a strong sense of community, Burgaw, North Carolina, is a great choice. It has a laid-back, leisurely pace and is renowned for its amiable residents.

Residents can easily enjoy all that the town has to offer thanks to the town’s many amenities, which include stores, restaurants, and parks. Being an affordable option for those looking to settle down, Burgaw has a low cost of living.

Additionally, the region is surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery, including rivers, lakes, and forests, which is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Burgaw is a quaint, reasonably priced town that provides its citizens with a high quality of life.

Plan Your Vacation To Burgaw North Carolina

Burgaw has many beaches you have always wanted to visit, so do not hesitate to do so when the opportunity arises. Burgaw is surrounded by beaches (such as Carolina beach) and historic sites.

From the idea of Budget Travel, Burgaw is where you will find some of the most awesome boardwalks in America.

In a nutshell, you should eat, have fun, research, learn, and engage in various spontaneous activities you’d find the natives doing when you go to Burgaw. Our list is a breakdown of the things you should do in Burgaw.

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