Things to Do in Norfolk VA

20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Norfolk VA (Virginia)

Are you looking for the best things to do in Norfolk VA (Virginia)? Well, planning your trip to the waterfront city, one of the oldest in this very state of Virginia, with its huge cultural presence and historical significance, should be seen as your top priority since it affords you the opportunity to be part of that eventful vacation experience you’ve always craved for.

Indeed, being one of the oldest cities in Virginia and boasting substantial historical significance, there should be various places of interest for history-rich attractions that visitors generally and tourists, in particular, might want to tour and explore, be it site-seeing or purely having an in-depth view of this great state of Virginia.

What Are the Best Things to Do in Norfolk VA (Virginia)?

The city of Norfolk, Virginia, breathes cultures and ideas, abounding with unique places of attraction that are testament to its rich culture and history, with the most common of such places being the Naval Station Norfolk, the Battleship Wisconsin, and the Virginia Zoo.

Moving forward, a city that has bragging rights as it concerns richness in culture and history should also boast of having a vast number of museums within its region and axis.

As regards this, the city of Norfolk, Virginia, isn’t exempt either, with a few museums spread across the city, the most popular of them all being the Chrysler Museum of Art.

Furthermore, a whole lot of tourist opportunities abound for tourists, specifically on the water since it is a waterfront city, providing a medium for solving logistics problems as one can take a boat to get to their desired destinations.

Starting from its uniquely built museums and theaters galore all the way down to its historical landmarks and picturesque parks, below are the fun things to do in Norfolk Virginia.

#1. Tour the Norfolk Botanical Garden

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

The Norfolk Botanical Garden is one of the unique attractions of this very city, made up of over 50 incredible and beautiful gardens that gather the attention of visitors within its environs and from neighboring cities.

Operating on all seven days of the week, this very botanical garden in Norfolk can be visited anytime. However, that very consideration might be halted a bit in its seasonal gardens.

Why should I visit?

Here, one can choose to be part of its garden story times, tea parties, and kayaking tours.

Address: 6700 Azalea Garden Rd, Norfolk, VA 23518, United States

#2. Enjoy the guided tours of the USS Wisconsin

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

The USS Wisconsin is the epitome of a naval battleship docked in Norfolk, Virginia, one that is also perceived as a fantastic place of interest since it offers self-guided or guided tours for folks who have a deep interest in maritime history.

Basically, it is made up of five battle stars in reference to its tour of World War II Operation Desert Storm in the 1990s, making a bold stance of it as well as being a place of attractions.

Why you should visit?

Here, one gets to have an in-depth view of its military museum since its naval battleship has now been stationed as a museum.

Address: 1 Waterside Dr, Norfolk, VA 23510, United States.

#3. Go on a shopping spree at Selden Market

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

For the very best local shopping experience, the Selden Market is that very place to be, with a vast number of merchants and vendors present on the ground, meaning tourists would literally get to find any product they desire.

Interestingly enough, this very market isn’t just restricted to the sales collectibles only as there are also present on-ground food purveyors as well.

Why you should visit?

The Selden market also has different sub-categorized markets of candle makers, luxury lingerie, pastry makers, jewelers, and leather crafters, meaning tourists have a selection of choices to make. So, if you are looking for the best places to visit in Norfolk, Virginia, then go to Selden Market.

Address: 208 E Main St, Norfolk, VA 23510, United States.

#4. Stop by at the Chrysler Museum of Art

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

Your visit to this historically significant city of Norfolk, Virginia, is complete with a stop by any of its museums, with one of such many museums being the Chrysler Museum of Art, an amazingly built art museum.

Presently, the Chrysler Museum of Art boasts of having close to 50 galleries with over 30,000 exhibited works of art on display.

What should one expect to see?

Here, visitors get to see through its various exhibits of glass, decorative arts, photography, and beyond. If you are looking for what to do in Norfolk, Virginia, then you should check out the Chrysler Museum of Art.

Address: 1 Memorial Pl, Norfolk, VA 23510, United States.

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#5. Visit the Ocean View Beach Park

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

If you are looking for fun things to do in Norfolk, VA, this weekend, then you should visit Ocean View, Beach Park. In recent years, the Ocean View Beach Park in Norfolk, Virginia, has become a popular tourist destination due to its open resort and public park with breathtaking views of the ocean.

Tagged as “the jewel of Ocean View,” Ocean View Beach Park also has a picturesque white sand beach perfect for taking pictures, though one might also choose to enjoy a Picnic in its open green space.

What types of adventures hold here?

The Ocean View Beach Park is basically known for hosting outdoor concerts, all in their different forms of beach parties, barbecues, dance parties, family nights, and festivals.

Address: 100 W Ocean View Ave, Norfolk, VA 23503, United States.

#6. Visit the historic home of Moses Myers House

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

The Moses Myers House is one of substantial historical significance. It was. Built-in the 19th century in honor of the Jewish merchant Moses Myers, it offers self-guided or guided tours as well as walking the halls of its perfectly maintained and restored historic home.

Why should I visit?

Aside from going sightseeing for its furnishings and decor, which has remained intact for ages, one also gets to be part of its guided tours to have an in-depth view of the historical significance of the Jewish population.

Address: 323 E Freemason St, Norfolk, VA 23510, United States.

#7. Explore the fine art collection of the Hermitage Museum and Gardens

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

The Hermitage Museum and Gardens is another fantastic place of interest you should prioritize visiting, a visit which eventually turns out to be really worth it while also enjoying its multi-faceted historical experience.

Made up of beautiful gardens complemented by their epic fine art collection, your stay right over here at the heritage museum and garden should be really worthwhile.

What should one expect to see?

Paying a visit to this very center of attraction, one gets to feast their sight exploring each one of its properties of mostly exhibits of epic fine art collection.

Address: 7637 N Shore Rd, Norfolk, VA 23505, United States

#8. Check-in at the colorful neighborhood of Neon District Murals

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

The Neon District is the colorful neighborhood of Norfolk, Virginia; one which has its walls and other surfaces dominated by paintings of street art, one which is captivating for the eyes to behold.

On the flip side, it also has its own outdoor spaces and public resorts perfect for hanging out and enjoying Picnic as well.

What should I expect?

Visiting Its public spaces affords you the opportunity to tour and explore its large-scale murals coupled with its tiny displays of art.

Address: Norfolk, VA, United States.

#9. Settle for a glass of beer at Benchtop Brewing Company

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

The Benchtop Brewing Company is a designated brewery in Norfolk, Virginia, embracing the cultural significance of the region since it undergoes a blend of cultural, scientific, and creative processes In the preparation of its crafted beer.

Moving forward. The Benchtop Brewing company also has built-in tasting rooms with a comfortable atmosphere that is gathering the interests of visitors both locally and abroad.

What do they offer?

The benchtop brewing company does offer perfectly crafted and bold brews In their different forms of IPAs and pilsners.

Address: 1129 Boissevain Ave, Norfolk, VA 23507, United States.

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#10. Explore the personal art collection of Barry Art Museum

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

The Barry Art Museum is that one museum house you should check out if you still need to consider doing that.

It is presented right on the very campus of the citadel of learning of Old Dominion University; this very museum is charged with housing the personal art collection of founders Carolyn and Richard Barry.

Talking about personal art collections, the Barry Art Museum mostly dwells on exhibiting glass sculptures and modernist paintings by some of its local American artists.

What services do they render?

The Barry Art Museum offers guided tours alongside regular educational programs. So, if you are looking for the best things to do in Norfolk, VA, today, be sure to add this museum to your list.

Address: 1075 W 43rd St, Norfolk, VA 23508, United States.

#11. Behold the beauty of its waterfronts from Elizabeth River Trail

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

Though this might seem to appear weird, it is also seen as one of the coolest things to try out in Norfolk, Virginia, as the Elizabeth River Trail is the ideal location to present to catch the stunning view of its beautiful waterfront.

That aside, since it is present in the heart of this very waterfront region and also has miles of scenic pathways along the picturesque Chesapeake Bay, one might likely flash the cameras around for some photo-taking sessions.

What other adventures hold here?

The following adventures of taking a stroll and walking, running, cycling, and skating do hold on its beautiful trails.

Address: 101 W Main St #1000A, Norfolk, VA 23510, United States.

The Freemason Abbey Restaurant, present in an old church building in Norfolk, Virginia, is one of the top-notch performing local restaurants of this very region. It is an inviting eatery offering mostly fabulous brunch, children’s, and cocktail menus.

#12. Enjoy the sumptuous meals of Freemason Abbey Restaurant

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

Basically, for that fantastic dining experience in the company of family and friends, walking into the Freemason Abbey restaurant might turn your fantasy into a reality.

What do they offer?

The Freemason Abbey meal menu is made up of a vast number of selections, such as frog legs, alligator ribs, and venison saddle. So, if you are looking for the best places to eat, be sure to check out Freemason Abbey Restaurant.

Address: 209 W Freemason St, Norfolk, VA 23510, United States.

#13. Cruise along with American Rover Sailing Cruise

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

Wondering or pondering on various ideas of activities to engage with while in Norfolk, Virginia, how about trying out some of its watersports adventures, one which you can fully enjoy while cruising along with American Rover Sailing Cruise?

Basically, the American Rover sailing cruise has different packages as it concerns its public, private, and sunset cruises depending on one’s budget.

What do they offer?

The American Rover cruise offers water tours of the scenic spots in town. This is also one of the best places to visit in Norfolk, Virginia!

Address: 333 Waterside Dr, Norfolk, VA 23510, United States.

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

The Glass Light Hotel & Gallery in Norfolk is that very place to stay to calm your nerves down with its top-notch accommodations made up of over 113 gorgeous guest rooms.

Furthermore, it has also got its in-house facilities of valet parking, a fitness room, and more.

What’s unique about this rest?

The Glass Light Hotel & gallery is the ideal location to catch a good night’s rest after one has toured the city throughout the city.

Address: 201 Granby St, Norfolk, VA 23510, United States.

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#15. Explore the wildlife of Virginia Zoo

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

The Virginia Zoo also makes our list of one of the fun places to be in Norfolk, Virginia, one which also has the reputation of captivating the interests of visitors, be it its residents or tourists, particularly with its wildlife scenery.

Talking about wildlife scenery, the Virginia Zoo was set up to preserve wildlife and their habitats, meaning one should gear up and get prepared to come across different wild species of tortoises, turtles, lions, lizards, frogs, otters, bears, and so much more.

What services do they render?

Though the Virginia Zoo has a vast number of beautiful gardens at which one can chill out, it primarily caters to organizing unique and impactful programs as it concerns childhood presentations, animal presentations, behind-the-scenes tours, and even zoo camps.

Address: 3500 Granby St, Norfolk, VA 23504, United States.

#16. Enjoy the game of baseball at Harbor Park

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

Standing adjacent to the picturesque Elizabeth River, the Harbor Park of Norfolk, Virginia, is one of the sporting attractions and places of interest of Norfolk itself, housing most of its minor league baseball games of this very region as well.

This park itself is perceived as the perfect spot by many to have your idle time well spent gazing through the amusement and fun that comes with this thrilling game of baseball.

Why you should visit?

The harbor park is one of the finest baseball fields with a scenic backdrop and excellent acoustics, allowing you to enjoy its game of baseball to the fullest.

Address: 200 Park Ave, Norfolk, VA 23510, United States.

#17. Coastal Food Tours

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

Tours generally do take different forms, this included as well. The reason for those who brag all day long about being a foodie is making your reservations with Coastal Food Tours to cruise along with its food tours, which also makes our list of one of the coolest things to try out in Norfolk, Virginia.

This particular food tour in question does afford you the experience of having the feel of the taste of its great local eats throughout your stay in this very city of Norfolk, Virginia.

What services do they render?

The coastal food tours do offer guided and curated food tours, basically as it concerns bar crawls and coastal cuisine.

Address: Norfolk, VA, United States

#18. Grab a glass of beer at Smartmouth Brewing Company

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

The Smartmouth Brewing Company is highly respected by residents and visitors alike of Norfolk, Virginia. It is also seen as an ideal location to hang out with friends while enjoying the great taste of its brew.

Walking into its wine-tasting rooms does bring about that heavenly feeling since one gets to enjoy its beer of local culture and ingredients sourced from this very region itself.

What do they offer?

The Smartmouth brewing company offers tasteful beers in different forms of IPAs, pilsners, seasonal selections, stouts, and pale ales.

Address: 1309 Raleigh Ave, Norfolk, VA 23507, United States.

#19. Stop by at the Town Point Park

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

The town Point Park, just as the name insinuates, is a beautiful seven-acre city park of Norfolk, one which houses all the weekend outdoor adventures of this very region at a cheap and affordable rate.

Talking of its weekend outdoor adventures, the most prominent of them all are its concerts and festivals being held along its magnificent Elizabeth River.

Why should you visit?

Right over here as well, one gets to explore its beautiful fountains made up of incredible public artwork, though one might choose to enjoy a scenic picnic.

Address: 113 Waterside Dr, Norfolk, VA 23510, United States.

#20. Enjoy Yoga at Hot House Yoga

Things to Do in Norfolk VA

A family-run yoga studio called Hot House Yoga can be found at 738 W 22nd St Ste 12, Norfolk, VA, 23517. The Yax Family founded it in 2005 with the goal of giving the locals a thorough mental, emotional, and physical awakening. They think that yoga can do more for people’s lives than make them more flexible.

Hot Yoga and Hot Vinyasa are just two of the classes that are offered at the studio. They have created targeted training activities that significantly quicken the learning curve. In terms of poses, the classes are uniform. To help you concentrate on your poses, the yoga studio is set up with dots.

Hot House Yoga is open Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For new students and locals, they also offer a 14-day transformation challenge.

Positive feedback about the studio has been given to its professional instructors, spotless facilities, and efficient workouts. One reviewer noted that the music is lively and upbeat, and they do an excellent job of controlling the temperature during heated flow classes.

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What is the best time to visit Norfolk, VA?

For ideal weather, April 2nd to May 27th is the best time to visit Norfolk, Virginia. The average temperature and humidity levels during this time of year are pleasant enough for outdoor activities.

The months in Norfolk with the least likelihood of heavy precipitation, though, if you’re looking for dry weather, are April, November, and October. In mid-to-late November, there is the slightest chance of rain or snow.

Please be aware that the weather can change, so it’s a good idea to check the forecast before making travel plans. Have fun when visiting Norfolk! 😊

What is Norfolk, VA Known For?

The city of Norfolk, Virginia, is well-known for its thriving cultural scene and its historical significance. It is the location of NATO’s North American Headquarters as well as Naval Station Norfolk, the most significant naval base in the world.

Along with the Virginia Opera, Virginia Stage Company, Virginia Symphony, Virginia Arts Festival, Chrysler Hall, Chrysler Museum of Art, General Douglas MacArthur Memorial, and Nauticus, the National Maritime Center, the city is also a center for the arts and culture.

In addition, Norfolk is well-known for its medical and educational facilities, which include the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters, Norfolk State University, Old Dominion University, and Eastern Virginia Medical School.

With seven miles of beachfront on the Chesapeake Bay and 144 miles of shoreline along its lakes, rivers, and the Bay, the city’s natural beauty is yet another highlight.

It is known for having many trees and flowers in its neighborhoods, and it has been named a Tree City. Living or visiting Norfolk is a unique experience because of all these features.

Is Norfolk, VA, an excellent place to live?

Living in Norfolk, Virginia, is often seen as desirable due to its affordable housing, employment opportunities, and cultural attractions. The cost of living in Norfolk is lower than the national average, making it an excellent option for many.

There are also a number of academic institutions in the city, such as Norfolk State University and Old Dominion University, providing a range of postsecondary education options. The job market in Norfolk is also expected to grow by 31.2% over the next decade.

When it comes to leisure activities, Norfolk has three beach parks, as well as a variety of festivals and live music events throughout the year.

Additionally, the city is home to a number of cultural organizations, including the Chrysler Museum of Art and the Virginia Opera. Despite some of the drawbacks, such as traffic congestion and hot summers, many locals believe that the benefits of living in Norfolk outweigh the negatives.

Plan Your Vacation To Norfolk, Virginia

In conclusion, if you’ve never considered planning your trip to Norfolk, Virginia, you should consider doing so right at this very moment since the city has some exciting attractions to keep you thrilled and entertained.

Talking about attractions, Norfolk, Virginia, has the best-performing eateries and restaurants and amazingly built museums and picturesque parks of enormous culture and diversity presence as well.

What are you waiting for? Book your trip now.

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