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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Monahans TX (Texas)

You are on the right page if you are searching for the best things to do in Monahans TX. Monahans, Texas, is not your typical tiny town; it is full of eccentricities, charm, and unexpected delights.

There may seem to be little to do in Monahans, which has a population of just over 7,000, but boy, are you in for a treat!

First, Monahans is the location of the renowned Sandhills, a vast sandbox spanning kilometers. The Sandhills are the ideal location if you want to fulfill your childhood aspirations of becoming a desert explorer. Don’t worry if you get lost; follow the sound of excited tourists screaming.

But that’s not all; the Ward County Museum also houses a wealth of information on Monahans’ past. This museum contains everything, from dinosaur bones to classic cars. Monahans is reputed to be one of Texas’ most haunted towns, so if you’re lucky, you might even see a ghost or two!

You can visit La Tienda if you’re hungry because you’ll find the best Tex-Mex on this side of the Rio Grande. Try the hot salsa if you’re daring, but make sure you have a gallon of milk on standby.

This article will explore 20 exciting activities to do In Monahans, Tx.

What are the fun things to do in Monahans TX (Texas)?

#1. Embark on an unforgettable adventure at Million Barrel Museum

things to do in Monahans TX

Have you ever heard of a museum that’s a “barrel of laughs”? Well, the Million Barrel Museum is just that – a one-of-a-kind attraction that will leave you feeling barrel-ly able to contain your laughter. 

This museum is not just any ordinary museum; it’s an oil museum! With a collection of over a million barrels, it’s no wonder they decided to name it the Million Barrel Museum.

So come on down and experience the hilarity of learning about the history of Azerbaijan’s oil industry in a giant metal container. It’s sure to be a barrel of fun!

Address: 400 Museum Blvd, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#2. Enjoy a day at Out West Bistro & Bar

things to do in Monahans TX

Do you fancy yourself a cowpoke? Or you’re looking for some grub to make your taste buds yee-haw. Look no further than Out West Bistro & Bar, where the whiskey flows like a river, and the BBQ is hotter than a prairie wildfire. 

Saddle up and mosey on down to our saloon-style joint, where the only thing they take seriously is having a good time.

Whether you’re in the mood for some down-home cookin’ or a cold one to wet your whistle, we’ve got you covered. So don’t be a city slicker – come down to Out West and live a little!

Address: 1600 North Main Avenue, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#3. Pass the time at TK’s Pool Hall & Bar

things to do in Monahans TX

Attention pool sharks, beer enthusiasts, and all-around fun-seekers! Are you ready to sink some balls and throw back some cold ones in one of the most incredible spots in town? 

Look no further than TK’s Pool Hall & Bar! This is where the only thing sharper than the pool cues is the wit of our hilarious bartenders.

Come for the games, stay for the drinks, and leave with a new set of friends and stories you’ll be laughing about for days. 

So grab your buddies, cue some tunes, and let the good times roll at TK’s Pool Hall & Bar! Add this to your list of fun things to do in Monahans, Texas, this weekend.

Address: 707 East 4th Street, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

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#4. Play a round of golf at Ward County Golf Course

things to do in Monahans TX

Pay attention, golfers and partygoers! For the ultimate golfing experience, get ready to tee off at the one and only Ward County Golf Course.

Even the best players will need help with this beautiful course, located in the heart of North Dakota and offers gorgeous fairways, breathtaking views, and a complex layout.

Guys, that’s not all, though. The clubhouse offers some of the best cuisine and drinks on this side of the Mississippi, so you won’t want to leave.

Grab your clubs, put on your best golf gear, and join us for a round of golf you will remember. This is also one of the hidden gems in Monahans, Texas.

Address: 2028 Texas 18, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#5. Break a sweat at Admiration CrossFit

things to do in Monahans TX

Happy day! Are you tired of frequenting the same dull gym? Do you often stare at the clock, counting the minutes until you can leave? 

Not to worry, Admiration CrossFit is here to shake things up and bring workouts back to being enjoyable! They are more than simply a gym; they are individuals passionate about pushing themselves and collaborating to accomplish our objectives. 

Thanks to their challenging exercises, expert coaching, and supportive environment, you’ll be amazed by your capabilities. 

So, are you ready to have fun while working up a sweat? Start up Admiration CrossFit now! Remember to add this to your list of fun things to do in Monahans, Texas, today.

Address: 116 East Sealy Avenue, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#6. Experience the tranquil charm of Country Club RV Resort

things to do in Monahans TX

Are the same old boring camping activities making you sick and tired? Want to add some luxury and pleasure to your outdoor activities? Then look no other place than the Country Club RV resort, one of Monahans, Texas’s best places to visit.

In Country Club RV Resort, you may exchange your sleeping bag for a plush king-sized bed and your mosquito bites for margaritas; there is no need to look further. The resort offers all five-star hotel amenities and is surrounded by stunning natural scenery. 

Pack your luggage and grab your sense of humor because you’re about to go on a brand-new camping vacation.

Address: 2000 North Main Avenue, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#7. Have fun with your friends at The Archway Club

things to do in Monahans TX

Welcome to The Archway Club, where you may let loose and let your hair down while putting your problems behind you. 

In the club, you may have a wild night out with friends or make new friends while dancing. With beverages that will make you dance, music that will make you move, and an atmosphere that will make you forget all your problems, you’ll ask why you haven’t been here sooner! 

So come on in, and let’s get the party started!

Address: 1804 East Sealy Avenue, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#8. Explore the enchanting world of Monahans Sandhills State Park

things to do in Monahans TX

Do you ever feel stuck in a boring, sandy rut? Well, have no fear because Monahans Sandhills State Park is here to shake things up (literally). 

This wacky wonderland is home to some of the wildest dunes on this side of the Mississippi, and if you’re looking for a unique adventure that will have you laughing and screaming in equal measure, look no further.

Whether you’re seasoned sandboarding or just looking to take some epic Instagram pics, Monahans Sandhills State Park is the place to be. 

So grab your sunscreen, hold onto your hats, and get ready for a ride you’ll always remember (or want to wash out of your clothes)!

Address: Exit 86, 2500 Interstate 20, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#9. Get fit and have fun at Fitness 8:28

things to do in Monahans TX

Are you looking to get fit but want to maintain your love for food and fun? Well, get ready to have your cake and eat it too (in moderation)! Introducing Fitness 8:28 – the revolutionary workout program that promises to have you sweating and laughing your way to a healthier you.

Say goodbye to boring treadmill runs and repetitive weightlifting routines and hello to dance parties, interactive games, and friendly competition. Fitness 8:28 is not your average fitness program; it’s a lifestyle that encourages you to embrace your unique quirks and passions while achieving your fitness goals.

So, whether you’re a pizza-loving couch potato or a fitness fanatic, Fitness 8:28 welcomes you with open arms (and a high-five). Get ready to unleash your inner athlete and blast while doing it. Are you ready to join the movement?

Address: 1510 East Sealy Avenue, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

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#10. Enjoy the city’s best coffee at the Main Street Cafe

things to do in Monahans TX

Have you ever walked into a cafe and thought you were in another country? 

However, Main Street Cafe is different from that. They compensate for our lack of interdimensional portals, though, with necessities like food, drink, and laughter.

They won’t ask you about your forthcoming wedding or weight, but our cafe is like a big, comforting hug from your favorite aunt. 

The food is hot, the coffee is fresh, and the jokes are, well, jokes at the Main Street Cafe. However, we promise that they will make you grin.

Address: 720 S Main Ave, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#11. Eat a delicious meal at Pho, an Italian

things to do in Monahans TX

Well, well, well, have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined the savoriness of Italian cuisine with the aromatic flavors of Vietnamese pho? 

It might sound like a food fusion nightmare, but trust me; it’s a match made in culinary heaven. Picture this: tender slices of beef in a steaming hot broth, infused with the richness of tomatoes, herbs, and spices, topped off with a generous sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Can you taste it? It’s pho-nominal! 

So why settle for one flavor profile when you can have the best of both worlds? Let’s dig in!

Address: 117 W Sealy Ave, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#12. Grab some tasty burgers at Super Burger

things to do in Monahans TX

Welcome to Super Burger, where the burgers are so supercharged with flavor; they’ll make your taste buds do the tango! 

Their burgers are so delicious they could tear a glass eye, and our secret sauce is so good we have to keep it locked up tighter than a bank vault. Trust us, after just one bite of our juicy, perfectly cooked beef patty nestled in a fluffy bun, and you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with any other burger joint. 

So come down to Super Burger and experience the burger magic for yourself! If you are looking for what to do in Monahans, Texas, you can eat delicious burgers at Super Burger.

Address: 304 E Sealy Ave, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#13. Enjoy your favorite meal at Bennigans of Monahans Texas

things to do in Monahans TX

Do you ever think nothing in life is noteworthy or interesting? Get ready for heat as I introduce you to Bennigan’s of Monahans, Texas!

This differs from your typical dining establishment; you may savor delicious burgers, crispy onion rings, and crisp beers while enjoying the cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

Not to mention the unusual layout, which will give you the impression that you are entering a rowdy Irish pub in the middle of Texas. Therefore, if you’re looking for a unique dining experience that will satiate your appetite and keep you engaged, head over to Bennigan’s of Monahans.

Address: 603 West, I-20, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#14. Grab some delicious meat at Pappy’s BBQ

things to do in Monahans TX

Hello there, meat lovers! Are you ready to be transported to a carnivorous paradise where the only thing hotter than the flames on the grill is the hilarious banter of the pit masters? 

Look no further than Pappy’s BBQ, where the brisket is juicy, the ribs fall off the bone, and the jokes are so good they’ll have you snorting sauce out of your nose.

Come for the smoky goodness, stay for the gut-busting laughter, and leave with a full stomach and a lighter wallet. Welcome to Pappy’s, where our meat is the only thing we take seriously!

Address: 1901 S Stockton Ave, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

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#15. Make your dining experience unforgettable at Bar-H Steakhouse

What do you get when you mix succulent sides, searing steaks, and a setting that makes you want to cuddle up in your napkin? Bar-H Steakhouse is the response!

You will start salivating as soon as you enter this carnivore’s paradise in the middle of the city. But the entire experience will make you feel ecstatic, not just the food.

Every aspect of the restaurant, from the welcoming personnel to the amusing décor (we won’t give anything away! ), has been thoughtfully designed to create an exceptional eating experience. 

So grab a seat and prepare for dinner with your taste buds dancing. We’re glad you’re here at Bar-H Steakhouse, where the steak is always rare!

Address: 901 S Stockton Ave, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#16. Pay a visit to Huddle House

things to do in Monahans TX

If you’re a fan of greasy spoons, then you’ve probably stumbled upon Huddle House at some point. 

It’s the kind of place where the coffee is always hot, the pancakes are always fluffy, and the conversation is always interesting.

You never know who you’ll meet at Huddle House, but you can bet they’ll have a story to tell (or a hangover to cure). It’s like Cheers but with grits instead of beer. 

So come on in, sit, and get ready to huddle up with the most eclectic group of breakfast lovers this side of the Mississippi.

Address: 2113 S Stockton Ave, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#17. Relax at Howard’s Drive Inn

Welcome to Howard’s Drive Inn, where you can have your burger and laugh it off too! This is one of the best places to visit in Monahans, Texas.

Their juicy, mouth-watering burgers are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings, but their one-of-a-kind staff really sets them apart. From the ketchup-loving clown to the beatboxing chef, you never know what kind of hilarity you’ll encounter at Howard’s. 

So buckle up, roll down your window, and get ready for a drive-thru experience that’s as entertaining as delicious.

Address: 600 S Main Ave, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#18. Take a day trip to the Great Wall Buffet

Welcome to the Great Wall Buffet, where you can eat like a warrior and conquer all your cravings! 

Their massive buffet makes the Great Wall of China look like a picket fence. With endless options and more food than you can shake a chopstick at, you’ll feel like you’ve won the battle of the buffet. 

So, come hungry and leave victorious at the Great Wall Buffet – where the only thing taller than our walls is the flavor!

Address: 602 S Main Ave, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#19. Enjoy a day at Fermin’s Restaurant

Do you want to experience a culinary journey that will tickle your taste buds, leave you wanting more, and possibly even make you question your existence? 

Look no further than Fermin’s Restaurant, where the food is so good; you’ll want to marry it (but don’t worry, we won’t judge).

Their menu is a fusion of traditional and experimental dishes, with flavors and textures that will surprise and delight even the most discerning palate. 

So come down to Fermin’s, and let us show you what real food magic looks and tastes like. Add this to your list of things to do in Monahans, Texas.

Address: 400 N Main Ave, Monahans, TX 79756, United States

#20. Enjoy the city’s best fast food at McDonald’s

things to do in Monahans TX

Pay close attention! You’ve come to the correct location if you enjoy greasy, tasty burgers, crunchy fries, and foods with dubious nutritional value. 

We’re talking about the legendary golden arches, the one and only McDonald’s, the giant fast-food chain that has come to be associated with gastrointestinal problems and forbidden pleasures. Everyone can find something they like at this renowned restaurant, from the Big Mac to the McFlurry. 

So sit back, unwind, and get ready to enjoy McDonald’s exciting cuisine. Just remember to keep an eye on your diet before you go.

Address: 1905 S Stockton Ave, Monahans, TX 79756, United States 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Monahans TX known for?

The breathtaking natural wonders in Monahans, Texas, are well known. The Monahans Sandhills State Park, a sizable swath of dunes that draws tourists from all over, is the reason for the town’s fame.

Adventurers can partake in pursuits like sandboarding, hiking, and picnicking in the picturesque desert setting. The Million Barrel Museum in Monahans highlights the town’s significant contribution to the oil industry and contributes to the town’s reputation for having a rich oil history.

Monahans offers a distinctive and unforgettable experience for nature lovers and history buffs, whether exploring the dunes or learning about the town’s heritage.

Is Monahans TX a good place to live?

The town of Monahans, Texas, is a beautiful place to live. It offers a high quality of life thanks to its welcoming neighborhood and reasonable cost of living.

Families and individuals seeking a close-knit environment will find the town’s tranquility and a strong sense of community ideal.

Monahans also has stunning natural scenery, including the magnificent sand dunes of Monahans Sandhills State Park, which offer many outdoor recreation opportunities.

Monahans, Texas, is a fantastic place to settle down and lead a relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle thanks to its small-town charm, affordable housing, and various amenities.

Is Monahans TX Safe?

Monahans, Texas, is regarded as a safe neighborhood. Residents and visitors can feel safe in their surroundings thanks to the area’s low crime rates and close-knit community.

The town takes pride in upholding public safety, which helps to create a calm and serene environment. Everyone feels safe in Monahans thanks to the welcoming community and attentive neighbors.

You can feel secure in Monahans knowing that safety is a top priority, whether you’re strolling through the dunes or taking in the sights of the town. Accept this Texas town’s charm with assurance and peace.

Plan Your Vacation To Monahans Texas

In conclusion, Monahans, Texas, is a must-visit location because it provides a delightful selection of events and attractions.

There is something for everyone to enjoy, from the captivating sand dunes of Monahans Sandhills State Park, where you can go hiking and sandboarding, to discover the town’s rich oil heritage at the Million Barrel Museum.

It’s a beautiful place to live or visit because of the friendly neighborhood and reasonable cost of living. Monahans offers a variety of activities, including outdoor recreation, historical exploration, and tranquil retreats. In Monahans, Texas, experience the best of this hidden gem and make lifelong memories.

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