Rage Rooms In Los Angeles

Exploring The Best 8 Rage Rooms In Los Angeles

Rage Rooms offer Los Angeles locals and visitors alike a singular, stress-busting experience. Located within this sprawling metropolis, these out-of-the-ordinary spaces provide the perfect opportunity for people to release built-up tensions.

Just a short drive from downtown’s hustle lies the chance for stress relief, where people bottle up frustrations no more.

The Rage Rooms of L.A. feature a variety of themed spaces, each with their own distinctive vibe. Whether you prefer a post-apocalyptic ambience or vibrant graffiti art, there is a room to suit everyone’s stress relief needs. These imaginative spaces cater to a diverse clientele seeking out new ways of letting go.

As a trend that continues to gather steam, Rage Rooms attract Angelenos from all walks of life. Everyone, from thrill-seekers to overworked professionals, utilizes them as an escape from the daily grind. Their popularity speaks volumes about humanity’s timeless need to blow off steam. 

Top Rage Rooms In Los Angeles For Natives And Tourists

Studies continue to demonstrate the therapeutic benefits of expending energy in controlled, safe ways. Locals and tourists alike will find that few activities channel pent-up aggression more effectively than L.A.’s premier Rage Rooms.

Within their walls, visitors can demolish their worries in a secure, legal environment, making for an incredibly liberating experience. Here are some top-rated Rage Room choices for the people of Los Angeles.

1. Rage Ground

Rage Rooms In Los Angeles

Do you need to let off some steam? Rage Ground offers Los Angeles’ premier “rage room” experience for safe and legal destruction. Founded in 2019 by longtime friends Ryan Howard and Jim Fritz, Rage Ground opened its first LA rage room in West Hollywood and has since brought its cathartic demolition to locations in Downtown LA, Pasadena, and Long Beach.

In a Rage Ground session, participants suit up for safety with a protective jumpsuit, face mask, and gloves. Then it’s time to grab a baseball bat and go to town inside a room loaded with old electronics, discarded dishware, disused furniture, and other smash-ready items.

Destroy everything in sight during your timed session, usually 15 to 30 minutes, depending on package, under the supervision of an experienced Rage Master.

After your anger and stress are spent, Rage Ground handles the cleanup. All demolition tools and safety gear are provided. Rage Ground also offers add-ons like playlists to soundtrack your destruction as well as food, beer, and wine to refuel afterwards.

Visit Rage Ground for the most satisfying and secure way to vent anger in Los Angeles. Appointments fill up fast, so book your session online today.

Address: 120 E 11th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, United States.

2. BREAK ROOM LA: LA’s Rage Room & Axe Throwing

Rage Rooms In Los Angeles

If you’re seeking a confrontation with inanimate objects in Los Angeles, visit Break Room LA for rage room destruction sessions plus axe-throwing lanes. Established in 2021 by longtime friends Amanda Wu and Vincent Chang, Break Room LA opened downtown with rage rooms for smashing, followed by axe-throwing targets for hurling.

In a Break Room LA rage room, gear up in a protective jumpsuit, mask, and gloves before entering a demolition chamber loaded with discardable items like electronics, glassware, furniture, and more. Safely unleash fury during your 15- to 30-minute timed session with the provided baseball bats and sledgehammers. Break Room LA staff closely monitor and handle all cleanup.

When rage is spent, head to their axe-throwing cages to hone precision and relieve stress by tossing axes at wooden targets in classic lumberjack sport fashion. Break Room LA offers food, beer, and cocktails to enjoy axe throwing after a satisfying round of destruction therapy.

With LA’s top-rated rage room coupled with premier axe throwing, Break Room LA delivers the best legal release of anger and tension. Open late at night for those graveyard rage needs too. Visit Break Room LA in downtown Los Angeles today to book a session.

Address: 6473 Van Nuys Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91411, United States.

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3. Smash RX

Rage Rooms In Los Angeles

Craving chaos in Los Angeles? Visit Smash RX for the ultimate prescription via their fully-stocked “rage room.” Established in 2020 by creators Lucy Chao and Ryan Tan, Smash RX opened its original Venice outpost, offering safe, supervised demolition sessions by appointment.

Suit up in Smash RX’s protective gear, including thick coveralls, a face shield, and gloves. Then grab a baseball bat and destroy computers, monitors, dishes, furniture, and more items loaded in their smash room during 15- or 30-minute timed sessions. Play your own music or channel anger into art stations, which are also offered.

Sessions tap into a primal thrill while providing stress relief through legal and ethical means. Smash RX handles all clean-up and proper disposal after participants have obliterated everything in sight and released pent-up emotions. So if you are looking for Rage Rooms In Los Angeles check out the Smash RX.

Address: 920 E 4th Pl Suite 190, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States

4. Lumber Jack’s Axe Throwing

Rage Rooms In Los Angeles

If you’re looking to toss some axes in Los Angeles, head over to Lumber Jack’s Axe Throwing. Founded in 2018 by Steve “Chopper” Riley, a Canadian expat and avid axe-thrower, Lumber Jack’s opened their first axe-throwing cages in Glendale.

They have since expanded, with locations offering urban axe throwing in Pasadena, Long Beach, and coming soon to West Hollywood.

Step into one of Lumber Jack’s four axe-throwing lanes with a group of friends for an hour of timber-tossed entertainment. Each lane has painted wooden targets and boundary lines.

Lumber Jack’s provides axes for throwing plus gear like gloves and ear protection. Guests can bring food and drink while an Axe Master oversees safety and offers tips.

Leagues and tournaments with prizes like gift cards or entry to their annual Axe Fest event mean both friendly and competitive axe-flinging. Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are recommended, especially on weekends. For private events, Lumber Jack’s Axe Throwing offers full buyouts plus food and drink packages.

Address: 142 N Glendale Ave, Glendale, CA 91206, United States

5. The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience

Enter if you dare at The Basement, Los Angeles’ most immersive and terrifying live escape room. Created in 2020 by horror aficionado Elijah Reyes, The Basement offers an extreme 45-minute escape room experience guaranteed to thrill even seasoned scare fans.

The Basement’s interactive horror scenario starts as soon as you and your group descend the staircase into their underground lair built to look like a serial killer’s maze of terror. Navigate through disturbing sets and solve intricate clues to escape the live actor stalking you before time runs out. 

This intense escape room delivers startling scares, anxiety-inducing atmosphere and puzzles to solve in a genuinely creepy environment. The Basement also offers a tamer “Lights On” daytime option perfect for first-timers seeking a good scare.

Address: 3416 Motor Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034, United States

6. Crimes of Passion

For mystery lovers seeking an intriguing live escape room in Los Angeles, visit Crimes of Passion. Founded in 2019 by Andrea Suarez, a 10-year veteran of LA escape rooms and magician Victoria Desangles, Crimes of Passion imagines a seedy 1940s world filled with gangsters, gumshoes, and femmes fatales.

You and your group take on the role of detectives dispatched to investigate shady dealings at The Red Diamond Club, an exclusive casino, cocktail bar and hotel. You have one hour to search for clues, crack codes, solve puzzles, and ultimately catch the culprit.

With elaborate sets and vibrant character actors, Crimes of Passion offers an exciting, noir-style adventure set across the property’s prohibition era speakeasy, backstage burlesque club, hotel lobby, and other atmospheric rooms. Can you break the case in time?

Crimes of Passion delivers a wonderfully escapist and interactive experience like stepping into a mystery novel come to life. Come curl the pearls of immersive theater with Los Angeles’ top-rated escape room. Solve the crime during your visit!

Address: 1114 N McCadden Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90038, United States

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7. Escape Room 66

Rage Rooms In Los Angeles

Time to catch a danger thrill and crack some clues at Escape Room 66, Hollywood’s premiere escape experience. Founded in 2018 by entertainment industry tech wizard Celia Davis and her husband creative director Marcos Damon, Escape Room 66 offers seven uniquely-themed and designed 60-minute escape room adventures.

In their museum heist room The Fine Art of Crime, you and your team must steal back stolen artworks before the exhibit goes public. Or navigate the tricky Isle of Deception set aboard a billionaire tech titan’s luxurious yacht. Sci-fi fans will gravitate to Ex Machina where you test an AI containment system in a robotics lab accident.

With inventive storylines and incredibly detailed sets, Escape Room 66 delivers exciting, interactive mysteries and challenges. Can you handle the thrills and solve the puzzles before you’re out of time? Benefit from private rooms just for your group to work together or against other teams.

For cagey fun in tinsel town visit EscapeRoom66.com to check available rooms and reserve your adventure. With Los Angeles’ top escape rooms and staff, Escape Room 66 makes cracking the case supremely rewarding.

Address: 6660 Sunset Blvd #2720, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States

8. Shot of Art

For an artistic night out in Los Angeles, visit Shot of Art BYOB paint and sip studio. Founded in 2019 by working LA artist Gabby Lopez, Shot of Art offers guided painting classes in a relaxed, social atmosphere.

Bring your own beer or wine to enjoy while a professional artist leads you step-by-step through that evening’s featured painting. Shot of Art provides all the canvases, brushes, paints and aprons – you provide the beverages and fun! No experience necessary.

Shot of Art offers public paint nights or private parties for birthdays, bachelorettes, corporate events and more. Located in Glendale with a second Sherman Oaks studio opening soon, each location features an art bar plus big communal tables so you can admire friends’ Monet-in-the-making skills.

For creativity with cocktails, check out Shot of Art’s calendar for themed paint nights like Christmas crafting or their galaxies glow painting. With upbeat music and a relaxed vibe, Shot of Art makes art approachable and entertaining. BYOParty to Shot of Art today.

Address: 223 N Jackson St, Glendale, CA 91206, United States

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