Things To Do In Urbanna VA

20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Urbanna VA (Virginia)

Are you looking for the best things to do in Urbanna VA? Do you want to experience a place with both exciting city life and beautiful nature? If so, consider spending some time in Urbanna, Virginia! 

This charming town off the Chesapeake Bay is rich in history and delightful. With a bustling downtown area, quaint shops, breathtaking views of the riverfront, and an abundance of activities, there’s something for everyone in this unique coastal haven!

Home to fantastic beaches, fascinating museums, and fabulous restaurants, Urbanna has something for everyone. From fishing and kayaking off the pier to exploring the many sites in town, there are plenty of activities here that can keep visitors entertained for days.

Whether you’re looking to relax on the sand or explore local culture through festivals and events, this historic small town just outside of Williamsburg makes a great destination spot when you’re ready for a change of scenery.

Keep reading below for more information and fun things to do in Urbanna, Virginia!

What are the Best Things To Do In Urbanna VA (Virginia)?

#1. Partake in the Urbanna Oyster Festival

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

The Urbanna Oyster Festival is a food-themed festival held annually in the city of Urbanna, Virginia, in November, in a picturesque town along the Rappahannock River, with its most notable events being wine tasting and craft beer tasting.

What to expect?

Since this is an annual food-themed festival, people can try raw, steamed, roasted, Rockefeller, fried, and stewed oysters for the first time.

Address: Virginia Street & Cross Street Urbanna, VA 23175

#2. Go Shopping for Gifts and Collectibles at the Low Tide Boutique

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

There’s a famous saying that goes, “There’s not much sense in traveling to a faraway land from home without shopping for gifts and collectibles for the family, close relatives and friends left back home.

This is precisely where the Low Tide boutique makes shopping for gifts and collectibles much easier for tourists as they get to pick up fantastic items of gifts, most notably pieces of jewelry.

What do they offer?

As was already said, you can buy clothes, accessories, jewelry, and things for the home as gifts for your loved ones.

Address: 260 Virginia St, Urbanna, VA 23175, USA

#3. Charter a cruise to explore the beaches of the city at its fullest

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

Unlike every tourist center or attraction to be discussed here, which has got to do with a physical location, there is something for you here if you are looking for what to do in Urbanna, Virginia.

This offers something different as it has got to do with services rendered by the Urbanna’s charter services of Golden Age Cruises for tourists and visitors to come to explore the sunrise and sunset of its various beaches.

What do they offer?

This Golden Age Cruises rental service is more like a complete package that includes onboard dining and can accommodate its users. On subsequent occasions, it is used in hosting events such as holiday outings or wedding ceremonies.

#4. Settle for an amazing dining experience at something different

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

The iconic city of Urbanna, Virginia, houses various restaurants within its axis and landscape. Still, amidst all that, one that stands out is Something Different restaurant in which both its residents and visitors, in general, can feel its unique formal dining experience over a hearty meal.

What to expect?

Visitors can partake in its dining experience of amazing meal delicacies made up mostly of pit-smoked meats and specialty sandwiches, as well as signature beverages and beers, all while listening to the exciting vocals of its talented local artist.

Address: 213 Virginia St, Urbanna, VA 23175, USA

#5. Behold the beauty of fine art at the Nimcock Gallery

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

If you are looking for the best places to visit in Urbanna, VA, The Nimcock Gallery Is the ideal place for all those fascinated and interested in the beautiful work of Fine art.

This center of attraction has been considered captivating by tourists because it houses s Fine Art Gallery and Artisan jewelry studio, all specializing in the beautiful work of fine art.

What should one expect?

This is a home for all things art, paintings, prints, furniture, and antiques for your home decor. So for all those looking forward to shopping for items of this nature, this is what to expect.

Address: 31 Cross St, Urbanna, VA 23175, United States

#6. Don’t miss out on the Arts in the Middle festival

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

Art in the middle festival is yet another annual festival organized in the city of Urbanna, Virginia, to celebrate the beautiful work of fine arts and every other craft-related work.

According to the organizers of this particular festival, this is a collaborative fine arts festival bringing together artists from the Middle Peninsula and beyond to showcase their works.

Why should you attend?

Suppose you’re a lover of fine art or get fascinated by crafts in general. In that case, consider gracing this festival with your presence as you get to witness Over 100 Artisans displaying their skills for sale, of which you might be moved to acquire one for yourself.

This weekend, be sure to add this to your list of things to do in Urbanna, VA!

Address: 5123 Old Virginia Street Urbanna, VA 23175

#7. Catch up with some casual dining experiences at Portside Grill

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

Catching up with casual dining experiences has now been made much easier by the eatery and restaurant Portside Grill.

This restaurant is for its residents and visitors who can settle for their delicious meal delicacies while feasting their sight and beholding the beautiful Views of its land and water-surfaced area.

What are they known for?

According to the management of this very brand, Portside grills offer a range of international cuisine in a beautifully renovated restaurant while catching up with the beautiful views of its environs.

Address: 25 Cross St, Urbanna, VA 23175, USA

#8. Exploring the beautiful waterfall of the city with Urbanna cruises

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

Discovering the beautifulness and the flourishes of the Middle Peninsula’s Waterfalls In the city of Urbanna, Virginia, has now been made more accessible for all with the presence and services of the Urbanna cruises.

These assist travelers and visitors in creating a lifetime memorable experience of beholding this very city’s stunning waterways and waterfalls.

Why should you employ their services?

The sole reason one should employ the services of Urbanna cruises is that they assist tourists and visitors in discovering the beauty of the Middle Peninsula’s Waterways through cruising with them.

#9. Worry less about health-related issues with Marshall’s Drug Store

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

For those battling with one health-related issue or the other and coming over to the city of Urbanna, Virginia, to catch up with some tour experience, well, they have been given little to worry about as regards their medications with the presence of Marshall’s drug store.

That very old-fashioned family drugstore that offers counter medications.

What else should one expect?

Apart from offering over-the-counter medication, the Marshalls drug store also offers and dwells on all things like makeup and beauty products, alongside other school and business supplies.

Address: 50 Cross St, Urbanna, VA 23175, USA

#10. Go get a shopping spree for clothing apparel at R.S. Bristow’s Store

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

The “Home of Good Goods” is precisely what its motto reads, a statement that has seen it stand the test of time, making it the only surviving general store in this landscape.

Generally, this is a store and retail outlet to shop for all things unisex clothing apparel and pieces of jewelry to add, alongside some other gifts and collectibles being displayed on its glass display cases and towering shelves.

What are they offering?

Here, items of the nature of all things fashion wear, such as clothing and jewelry, are being offered for sale. This is also one of the best shops in Urbanna, VA.

Address: 200 VA-227, Urbanna, VA 23175, USA

#11. Find your next meal at The Half Shell Grill

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

As one of the best restaurants in Urbanna, VA, the Half Shell Grill is yet another fantastic eatery, a restaurant for tourists to find their next meal, which majorly constitutes meal delicacies from seafood products in the company of either their families or friends.

This is the best and ideal seafood restaurant tourists could visit in Urbanna, Virginia.

What do they offer?

Since it is a seafood restaurant, they offer meal delicacies in its different variety of Beverages, Appetizers. Soup & Salads, Sandwiches, Grilled. Tacos, Little Shells, Dessert, and a lot more.

Address: 250 Virginia St, Urbanna, VA 23175, United States

#12. Feel the craving taste of Barbeque at Virginia BBQ

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

The Virginia BBQ is the resort for tourists to feel and catch up with the craving taste of Barbeque. This eatery brings foodies from different parts of the globe together to have a bite of the delightful taste of its Barbeque.

What do they offer?

Since it is the last resort and home of all things Barbeque, the Virginia BBQ offers Barbeque in its different forms of spiced red sauce and Shenandoah chicken.

Address: 213 Virginia St, Urbanna, VA 23175, United States

What are The Best Things To Do near Urbanna Va?

#13. Explore the adventure of Bay Country Kayaking

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

Bay Country Kayaking is the place to be for all those looking forward to catching up with the fun and thrills of the waterside, as it is that family-owned and resort-operated kayak eco-tour that provides tourists with a platform to live up to some memorable experiences of coastal California’s scenic waters.

What do they offer?

According to what its mission statement reads, they offer narrated, guided tours in New Quarter Park and other area locations.

Address: 1000 Lakeshead Drive Williamsburg, VA

#14. Get a feel of the taste of Italian delicacies at Anna’s Pizza

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

Anna’s Pizza is an Italian-themed restaurant occupying the axis and landscape of Poquoson in the iconic city of Urbanna, Virginia that dishes out Italian classics and delicious local meals.

Interestingly enough, though it is mainly visited by Italians touring the city, it is also accommodative and captivating for tourists who are not of Italian descent.

What do they offer?

They offer delicious meals of Italian classics, delicious and fresh flavored fruits, and vegetables, giving tourists that appetizing taste precisely as they want.

Address: 2281 SW Martin Hwy, Palm City, FL 34990

#15. Get served locally-made dishes at Adrift

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

This is the ideal place for all those interested in spicing up their dining experience with some indigenous meal, as right over here at the restaurant Adrift, visitors and tourists get a taste of the rich nature culture of the city of Urbana, Virginia, through its culinary delicacies.

What should one expect?

Right over here, visitors and tourists catch up with some locally made dishes mainly of American descent, mostly consisting of pizza and drinks.

Address: 572 Rappahannock Dr, White Stone, VA 22578, United States

#16. Get a perfect place of rest at Chasepeak inn

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

The Chasepeak Inn is a relaxation hub and hotel resort in Urbanna, Virginia, with a serene and calm environment. It is considered a perfect place of rest with its elegant nature-inspired room settings that give visitors a very coastal feeling.

What to expect in Chasepeak Inn?

This is more like a comforting space in a home far away from home that has a yoga studio and an outdoor space for visitors to explore the fun adventure of biking or kayaking! This is also one of the best places to stay in Urbanna, VA.

Address: 605 2nd St, Chesapeake City, MD 21915, USA

#17. Shop at the thrift shops of the Animal Welfare League

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

On a pocket-friendly budget for tourists coming over to tour the city of Urbanna, Virginia, a shopping spree at the Animal Welfare League thrift store might be the only affordable option left for them to try out.

What do they offer?

The Animal welfare League thrift store offers a wide range of quality up for sale at a discounted price in different natures and form furniture, kitchen gadgets, household goods, rugs, small appliances, dishes, utensils, and cookware, decorations, clothing, shoes, lamps, jewelry, toys, pet items, books, and more!

Address: 572 Rappahannock Dr, White Stone, VA 22578, United States

#18. Enjoy a crafty draft beer at Willaby’s Café

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

The Willaby Cafe is another eatery and restaurant on the shores of Whitestone Beach in the city of Urbana, Virginia. It serves locally made food and craft draft beer in beautiful outdoor settings.

What services are rendered here?

This cafe frequently serves as an event center for various events, such as corporate picnics, family reunions, weddings, fundraisers, promotional events, and social and group gatherings.

Address: 327 Old Ferry Rd, White Stone, VA 22578, United States

#19. Grab a glass of wine at Gauthier Vineyard, Barhamsville

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

The Gauthier Vineyard, Barhamsville, is one of the few wineries tourists will come across during their stay in Urbana, Virginia. A place where whenever it pleases tourists, they can grab a bottle of wine

Why does this arena stand out?

The Gauthier Vineyards stands out from the rest in the sense that, with its calm and serene environment, it also serves as a relaxation hub in which tourists can grab a glass of wine while feasting their eyes on its surroundings, which include a fountain, gazebo, fire pit, and wrap-around porch.

Address: 5000 Farmers Dr, Barhamsville, VA 23011, United States

#20. Catch up with some outdoor adventure at Bethpage

Things To Do In Urbanna VA

The Bethpage is an outdoor arena primarily designated for travelers coming over to spice up their holiday experiences by getting thrilled with its various outdoor adventures at its Campground.

With provisions made for overnight camping accommodations and cabin rentals, basically for tourists who, one way or the other, might have gotten stuck in the city and have no other option than to pass the night there.

What else should one expect?

Visitors to this outdoor arena can also get a feel for its 1-hole mini-golf course, which is spiced up a little bit more by the presence of its ice creamery, which has over 20 different varieties of flavors.

Address: 679 Brown’s Lane, Urbanna, VA 23175, United States

What river is Urbanna Virginia on?

The Rappahannock River, which flows through Urbanna, Virginia, for about 184 miles from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west to the Chesapeake just south of the Potomac, is the longest free-flowing river in the eastern United States.

How many states border Virginia?

To the northeast, it shares a boundary with Maryland and the District of Columbia, the south with North Carolina and Tennessee, the southwest with Kentucky, and the north and west with West Virginia.

Plan Your Vacation To Urbanna Virginia

In conclusion, talking of adventures, there’s no way the name of the city (Urbanna, Virginia) will pop up.

From cruising up the Rappahannock River down to the Chesapeake Bay, all the way to witnessing the richness in culture of its festivals and getting blown up as well with the talents and crafts of innkeepers, shopkeepers, and chefs getting to interact with its townspeople.

The city of Urbana, Virginia, is the whole package itself. Explore this beautiful place and drop your ideas in the comment section below!

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