Things To Do In Preston MN

20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Preston MN (Minnesota)

Looking for the best fun things to do in Preston, Minnesota? Then you are on the right page! The town of Preston in the city of Minnesota is an ever-lively community of Bluff Country in Southeastern Minnesota situated in the heart of the Fillmore County Seat, granting easy access to its visitors coming through from its neighboring significant cities.

Basically, it is a great town to be in for the fantastic vacation experiences and also for those looking to venture into a business endeavor.

Conceived by many to be a riverine town since it is situated along the Root River, Preston, Minnesota, is known for its beautiful and scenic environment blessed with some stunning views, which creates a perfect spot and makes it an ideal location for that very family-fun-filled vacation and holiday experience.

Fun Things To Do In Preston MN (Minnesota)

Always bearing in mind the fact that you’re going to get entertained and refreshed is more than enough reason why you should plan your trip to Preston, Minnesota. This town has a wide variety of entertaining, educational, and recreational activities to keep both its residents and visitors entertained.

Known as the home to many local attractions and places of interest, your stay in this very riverine area is undoubtedly destined to be a memorable one for you, with various places of interest with rich cultural presence and historical significance to visit.

Basically, tourists showing up in this town are all guaranteed to enjoy the following adventures: camping, hiking, horseback riding, and much more. Below, we have also outlined some of these fun places to be to engage in the activities and thrilling adventures aforementioned.

#1. Enjoy the great taste of beer at Trout City Brewing

Things To Do In Preston MN

Trout City Brewing is one of those rare breweries, specifically of the town of Preston, Minnesota, offering a blend of craft beer alongside culinary-inspired cuisine.

This brewing company is mainly a locally owned craft brewery fully operational and functional on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays between the hours of 11 a.m. and 8:30 p.m., with Sundays being between the hours of 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

What do they offer?

Trout City Brewing does offer delicious beers of great taste alongside the tasty bites of its meal menu’s.

Address: 132 St Anthony St., Preston, MN 55965, United States.

#2. Stop by the Branding Iron Restaurant in Preston, Minnesota

Things To Do In Preston MN

The Branding Iron Restaurant in Preston, Minnesota, is one of the highly regarded steakhouses of Preston, Minnesota. Its specialty is beefsteak, which is considered the favorite eating resort of its residents.

Operating both eateries and fast food services, there’s no better place to stop by to enjoy your favorite beefsteak they’ve got on offer than the Branding Iron restaurant of Preston, Minnesota.

What services do they render?

They offer the best beefsteak meal menus while also rendering takeout and delivery services that are reliable. So, if you are looking for the best place to eat in Preston, then we should check out the Branding Iron restaurant.

Address: 1100 Circle Heights Dr, Preston, MN 55965, United States.

#3. Enjoy the American dishes of The Sweet Stop & Sandwich Shoppe

Things To Do In Preston MN

If you actually consider or see yourself as a foodie, a trip to Preston, Minnesota, is not complete without a stop by the sub shop of The Sweet Stop & Sandwich Shoppe, which serves American-styled dishes as delicious and nutritious. You could ever demand.

It is safe to tag it as a fast food eatery since it basically offers nicely prepared sandwiches alongside fresh bread.

What do they offer?

The fast food eatery services of the sweet shop & sandwich shop do offer primarily Subs, soups, salads, and desserts.

Address: 110 St Anthony St S, Preston, MN 55965, United States.

#4. Visit the historic site of Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park

Things To Do In Preston MN

The historic site of Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park is one which came about the result of the collapsed highway, which ultimately brought about it being permanently closed in both directions, giving birth to a new place of interest in Preston, Minnesota.

This venue offers a guided cave tour that explores the formations and features of the cave.

What other adventure holds here?

This mystery state cave park also has a campground for camping and open spaces to enjoy Picnics. If you are looking for what to do in Preston, MN, then you should add the historic site to your list of things to do!

Address: 21071 County Rd 118, Preston, MN 55965, United States.

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#5. Go golfing at Old Barn Resort Course

Things To Do In Preston MN

The Old Barn Resort Course is one of the best places to visit in Preston. It is another sporting event center and place of historical significance to Preston, Minnesota, since it came about from a historic barn being transformed into a golfing resort.

This is an 18-hole golf course on which visitors are thrilled with the activities of targeting every shot into every hole; it is indeed an enjoyable course.

Why should I visit?

The old Barn resort course is actually made up of 276 site campgrounds, 38 38-bed hostels, restaurants, bars, and grills, an 18-hole golf course, an indoor/outdoor heated pool, and a biking trail, making the experience of being present at this resort worthwhile.

Address: 24461 Heron Rd, Preston, MN 55965, United States.

#6. Shop for collectibles at JuliaClaire Consignment & Variety

Things To Do In Preston MN

Julia Claire Consignment & Variety is a thrift and consignment store in Preston, Minnesota. It has now further advanced its operations as a gift shop, offering collectibles up for sale of consigned products and goods, mostly clothing accessories.

What do they offer?

JuliaClaire Consignment & Variety, a consignment and thrift store, offers quality clothing for gifting loved ones at a reasonable and affordable price.

Address: 152 Main St SW, Preston, MN 55965, United States

#7. Shop for your fishing gear with a driftless flyfishing company

Things To Do In Preston MN

Just as was aforementioned, it is a fact that the town of Preston, Minnesota, is a riverine region, meaning the fun activities of fish hunting are certainly the most prominent adventure held within its axis, which is where the services of the driftless flyfishing company come in to help.

Since the activities of fish hunting can’t be done with bare hands, the driftless flyfishing company comes in to provide tourists with gear to help in fish hunting and catching Trout.

What do they offer?

The driftless flyfishing company also offers the services of guided tours of fly fishing and kayaking trips.

Address: 208 St Paul St SW, Preston, MN 55965, United States.

#8. Go golfing at Preston Golf & Country Club

Things To Do In Preston MN

The Preston Golf & Country Club, situated right at the very center of Rolling Hills of Southeastern Minnesota, is a recreational facility that has now been modernized to accommodate golf courses for all levels, be it professional or amateur golfers, through its 18 holes of golf that wind through pine.

Why you should visit?

The Preston Golf & Country Club is the most beautiful and challenging golf course in Preston, Minnesota, and features 2,983 yards of golf.

Address: MN-16, Preston, MN 55965, United States

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#9. Visit the inviting American restaurant of B&B Bowl Restaurant And Lounge

Things To Do In Preston MN

The B&B Bowl Restaurant and Lounge eatery resort is more like a fantasy being brought Into reality, in which visitors and its residents as well get to settle down for lunch of its favorite American dishes in clean and nice environs.

This restaurant and bar also happen to come alongside 8 synthetic lanes of bowling! Should the game of bowling interest you?

What do they offer?

The American restaurant B&B Bowl Restaurant and Lounge offers burgers, wraps, pizza, and some other specials for immediate consumption.

Address: 401 Kansas St NW, Preston, MN 55965, United States.

#10. Spend this night at Country Trails Inn & Suites

Things To Do In Preston MN

The Country Trails Inn & Suites is the top-notch performing hotel and accommodation services of Preston, Minnesota, one of which has newly renovated rooms Coming at a reasonable and affordable rate.

This is undoubtedly a comforting place to relax that comes with a pleasant classic supper club alongside their ever-reliable grab-n-go food items services.

Why should you lodge at this hotel?

The Country Trails Inn & Suites caters to the needs of free wifi, breakfast, parking lots, and Jacuzzi suites for its visitors.

Address: 809 US-52, Preston, MN 55965, United States

#11. Explore the Harmony-Preston Valley State Trail

A trip to Preston, Minnesota, to pay a visit to The Harmony-Preston Valley State Trail is another recreational trail cutting through the abandoned railroads of this very region, one which tourists get to see through and explore its local wildlife.

Why should I visit?

Should you choose to visit, the following adventures of canoeing, kayaking, and biking lay in wait for you, though you can also choose to grab a cup of coffee at one of its nearby coffee shops.

#12. Stop by for your pizza takeaway at Casey

Things To Do In Preston MN

Casey’s Eatery Services is a fast food outlet in Preston, Minnesota, dwelling more on dishing daily specials. It is also known to be the go-to convenience store as it concerns all things pizzas of different delicacies.

This fast food outlet offers a blend of entertainment and dining experience with its offer of the freshest pizza toppings.

What do they offer?

Casey has one offer on their meal menu: made-from-scratch pizza, coffee, donuts, subs, sandwiches, and more.

Address: 875 Hwy 52 N, Preston, MN 55965, United States.

#13. Enjoy some relaxing moments at the JailHouse Historic Inn

Things To Do In Preston MN

In the quiet and calm environs that Preston, Minnesota, is known for, there’s no better place to enjoy some relaxing moments than the JailHouse Historic Inn, which has Victorian-style rooms & a cozy lounge.

Interestingly enough, it also has different room types, ranging from non-smoking rooms all the way down to suites and family rooms with their fantastic feature of air-conditioned spaces.

Why should you lodge at this hotel lounge?

The Jailhouse Historic Inn is the only hotel in the whole of Preston, Minnesota, offering the best bed and breakfast experience. Add this to your list of fun things to do in Preston, Minnesota, this weekend.

Address: 109 Houston St NW, Preston, MN 55965, United States.

#14. Enjoy comfort in the spacious rooms of the South Branch Suite-Lodging

The South Branch Suite-Lodging, present right above the driftless fly fishing company earlier, is one of the comforting spaces of Preston, Minnesota, known for its spacious and well-ventilated rooms.

With a living room that comes with a fireplace, the south branch suite lodging best defines basically what comfort is all about.

Why should you consider lodging here?

The south branch suite lodging hotel and Longues has provisions made for free wifi and coffee alongside towels, silverware, cooking pans and utensils, and a flat-screen TV.

Address: 208 St Paul St SW, Preston, MN 55965, United States.

#15. Explore and tour the National Trout Center

Things To Do In Preston MN

The National Trout Center is a non-profit organization in Preston, Minnesota, catering to the affairs of providing a sustainable supply of Trout for the children’s fishing pond.

It is regarded as a place of interest since this fishing arena is perceived to be a museum by many with the presence and exhibits of its freshwater aquarium.

Why you should visit?

For those interested in learning about the freshwater habitat of Trout, the National Trout Center is the place to be.

Address: 120 St Anthony St S, Preston, MN 55965, United States.

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Other Fun Places To Be In Nearby Minnesota

#16. Visit the bar of High Court Pub

Things To Do In Preston MN

The High Court Pub is an outdoor seating bar resort concentrating primarily on the pub services of offering beer, wine, and flavored drinks, mainly served and complemented with pizzas, of which the members of this very region are welcome to have a pleasant dining experience.

What do they offer?

The High Court pub does offer the best flatbread drinks, accompanied by live band music.

Address: 109 Parkway Ave N, Lanesboro, MN 55949, United States.

#17. Pick up burgers at the Beaver Bottom Saloon

Things To Do In Preston MN

The Beaver Bottom Saloon is a designated bar, restaurant, and liquor store on offer and catering for the delicious needs of both residents and visitors of this very region as it concerns their burgers, salads, Mexican food, pizza, wraps, Panini’s and other sandwiches desires.

What do they offer?

The meal menus of Beaver Bottom Saloon are made up of pork wings, pot stickers, chicken tenders, skin on fresh-cut French fries, cheese curds, and more; appetizing indeed.

Address: 98 Main St, Fountain, MN 55935, United States.

#18. Enjoy seasonal meals at Estelle’s Eatery & Bar

Things To Do In Preston MN

Estelle’s Eatery & Bar has a vast cultural presence since basically all of its meal delicacies are made and prepared from its local seasonal ingredients, with its meal menu and delicacies rotating and revolving around different phases, times, and seasons.

What do they offer?

The Estelle’s Eatery & Bar did offer a majorly seasoned burger topped with caramelized onions and smoked Gouda.

Address: 121 Main Ave N, Harmony, MN 55939, United States.

#19. Visit the historical museum of Whalan Museum

Things To Do In Preston MN

The historic Whalan Museum of Preston, Minnesota, is seen as another place of attraction, which is evident in the number of visitors it has been able to gather in recent times.

Here, one gets to behold the historic view of the bustling railroad community and home, well-detailed using arts and crafts.

Why should I visit?

Here, tourists get to purchase each one of its exhibited arts and crafts from its nature and wildlife photographers.

Address: 224 2nd Ave, Lanesboro, MN 55949, United States.

#20. Walk into the wine-tasting rooms of Sugar Creek Vineyard and Meadery

Things To Do In Preston MN

The wine-tasting rooms of Sugar Creek Vineyard and Meadery are the go-to arenas for grabbing your glass of its tasteful wine flavored with grapes, which also came about using locally sourced honey fermented to perfection to prepare.

This very wine-tasting room produces distinctively artisan wine in a calm and cool environment to relax and enjoy its flavors.

What do they offer?

The Sugar Creek Vineyard and Meadery offers tasteful wines made from locally sourced grapes and honey.

Address: 23661 County 8, Fountain, MN 55935, United States.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best Time to Visit Preston, Minnesota?

Summertime is the best season to visit Preston, Minnesota, especially in July and August when the weather is at its warmest. But, since tourists frequently swarm to well-known locations in the summer, you can entirely skip June through August.

The shoulder seasons are fall and spring, with fall being one of the greatest seasons to visit Minnesota. Although winter is regarded as the off-season, keep in mind that you’ll be exposed to snow and cold.

It’s a great time to visit Preston because of the ideal warm weather. 91°F is the highest temperature that was measured during this time. In July and August, the average temperature is roughly 68°F.

What is Preston, MN, known for?

Preston, Minnesota, is a great place to visit for families, as it is known as ‘Minnesota’s Trout Capital.’ It is situated in the picturesque Historic Bluff Country along the Root River.

There are plenty of activities to do here, such as visiting the Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park, Historic Forestville, Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery, and the Preston Golf Course. It is a great place to have fun and learn something new.

Is Preston, MN, an excellent place to visit?

Preston, Minnesota, is a great place to visit, yes. Preston, a family-friendly destination with a range of fun, instructive, and recreational activities, is known as “Minnesota’s Trout Capital.” It’s in southeastern Minnesota, right in the middle of the Bluff Country.

The majority of people who live in Preston own their homes, and the area offers a suburban-rural mixed atmosphere. Preston is home to a large population of conservative families, young professionals, and retirees.

Preston, then, has something to offer everyone, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just seeking a tranquil retreat.

Plan Your Vacation To Preston, Minnesota

In conclusion, the top attractions to visit in Preston, Minnesota, are many, and the exciting and recreational activities that come with being at such places are as fun and thrilling as they come.

There should be no doubt about considering planning your trip to Preston, Minnesota, if you want to have a fantastic vacation experience.

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