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20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Salem Indiana

Looking for the best things to do in Salem Indiana? Salem is a small town in the southernmost part of Indiana. It is known for its charming downtown and friendly people.

However, Salem is more than just its charming atmosphere. Both tourists and locals may enjoy the town’s numerous enjoyable activities. Salem offers a variety of activities and historical places for visitors.

Salem Park has picnic spots, playgrounds, fishing piers, and hiking routes for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can rent paddleboats or kayaks to explore the park’s lovely lake, which is also home to a lake.

There are many historical sites in the town, such as the Salem Pioneer Village, a living history museum that shows how people lived in the early 1800s, and the David Owsley Museum of Art, which displays American art and antiques.

Salem also hosts many annual events and festivals, such as the Salem Fall Festival, which includes a parade, food vendors, and live music. Additionally, the town features a bustling downtown with boutiques, eateries, and art galleries.

Salem has something to offer whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a history nerd, or just seeking a fun day out. Check out the best things to do in Salem, Indiana.

What are the Best Things To Do In Salem Indiana

#1. Shopping spree at the Destination Antiques

things to do in Salem Indiana

This is a shopping mall that has charming goods and products on its shelves being offered for sale, situated right at the heart of North Harristown Road in Salem, Indiana.

This shopping mall supersedes and take charge of the sales of different commodities, most notably items of arts and crafts nature such as vintage, handcrafted, and unique home furnishings, décor, and collectibles, all to meet visitors’ pocket-friendly budgets.

What do they offer?

Right over here at The Destination Antique, items of an Indiana antique nature, such as embroidered linens, glassware, wall art, and furniture, are available in significant quantities.

Address: 206 N Harristown Rd, Salem, IN 47167, United States

#2. Experience the wild adventure of Salem Speedway

things to do in Salem Indiana

For the record, the Salem Speedway is one of the best places to visit in Salem, Indiana. It is a 555-mile-long, paved oval motor racetrack in Washington Township, Washington County, where visitors and tourists come to experience the wild adventure of the many auto racing series going on at the same time.

What to expect?

As the name implies, it is a sporting arena that has existed for decades and occasionally hosts various auto racing events, some of which have been labeled as USAC, ARCA, etc.

Address: 2729 Hwy 56 West, Salem, IN 47167, United States

#3. Catch up with the mystery adventure of the 108 Escape

things to do in Salem Indiana

This is a scary place for the faint-hearted, as visitors are presented with a mystery puzzle to solve and come up with a solution for imaginary audiences, making the whole experience even more lively and challenging for the sharpest minds.

What to expect?

Visitors are expected to dress up as Dr Victor’s descendants with an imaginary audience of up to 10 people to come to investigate to solve or propose a solution to this puzzle right here.

Address: 108 S High St, Salem, IN 47167-2014

#4. Settle for a glass of beer at the West side Tavern

things to do in Salem Indiana

This is more of a relaxation hub in the heart of Old Town, where visitors can enjoy innovative cuisine at its finest with the exceptional ambience of the best-crafted cocktails accompanied by beers and whiskeys of various types as fine wines of multiple brands.

Why do they stand out?

To spice up their experience, visitors can get a beer bottle with their weekly treat of live band music and karaoke. Add this to your list of things to do in Salem, Indiana, this weekend.

Address: 1117 W Mulberry St, Salem, IN 47167-1560

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#5. Go through the exhibits of Arts at The Depot Railroad Museum

things to do in Salem Indiana

The Depot Railroad Museum is a great place to be if you are looking for what to do in Salem, Indiana, today.

It serves as a reserve for the great moments of a past era of Monon, preserving the rich history and culture of its upcoming generation, making it a center of attraction and a must-visit place for all those fascinated by iconic moments of historical nature.

What to expect?

The Depot Railroad Museum has two changing gallery spaces that house and preserve the colourful stories of the 125-year of history of the city.

Address: 206 S College Ave, Salem, IN 47167-1304

#6. Get swayed with the taste of wine at Hunter’s ridge winery

things to do in Salem Indiana

This is a place to be for lovers of wine and winery products in general, as the Hunter’s Ridge Winery is here to serve and give to its customers, which also happens to be both the residents and visitors, that pleasurable and memorable taste of its winery products of different range of flavours.

What do they offer?

Here visitors get to enjoy the feel of its winery products in its different forms of flavours of orange blossoms and honeysuckle, all the way to green apple and pineapple mixture.

Address: 9945 E Garrison Hollow Rd, Salem, IN 47167-6160

#7. Feel the rich history of nature at John Hay Center

things to do in Salem Indiana

The John Hay Center, which also happens to be a museum institution dedicated to the evergreen legacy of the legendary John Milton Hays in terms of gathering information on the historical feats of governance in the United States as a whole, is one for the researchers as men of the academic field.

What to expect?

As we emphasized, The John Hay Center houses the iconic Stevens Museum, where academic researchers generally come through to Forster their research work.

Address: 307 E Market St, Salem, IN 47167-2119

#8. Catch up with lunch at Misfit Bar & Grill

things to do in Salem Indiana

The misfit bar & grill is yet another relaxation hub in the heart of the city of Salem, Indiana, one which acts as a restaurant and bar cuisine replicating the “back to the bar” ideal way of treating its visitors with its method of dishing out crafted cocktails alongside unique meal delicacies.

What are they offering?

Over here, there’s a meal delicacy to meet its visitors’ appetizing taste and interest with its Delicious variety of burgers, garlic shrimp, macaroni cheese, fries, and a lot more.

Address: 51 Public Square, Salem, IN 47167, United States

#9. Chew through Asian delicacies at Thai Lotus Salem

things to do in Salem Indiana

This is another restaurant to be at while touring the Salem, Indiana, axis, a very welcoming place to be in general.

Thai Lotus Salem offers a Thai experience of Asian delicacy regarding its steam broccoli served alongside assorted meats, Thai peanut sauce, and other variables.

Why does this venue stand out?

Orders here are usually fresh, and the settings of this restaurant are beautifully decorated.

Address: 105 S Main St, Salem, IN 47167, United States

#10. Get a bowl of Chinese-flavoured meals at Peking Chinese restaurant

things to do in Salem Indiana

Just as the name implies, the Peking Chinese restaurant is a place for visitors to catch up with well-flavoured Chinese meals under a friendly setting of super clean ambience making it a whole package in its own right, defining what a great restaurant should represent.

What to expect?

Just as the vision and mission statement of the brand reads, Peking Chinese Restaurant has been established to serve delicious China-flavored meals to the more significant proportion of the Salem, Indiana, community and its neighbouring environs.

Address: 1345 S Jackson St, Salem, IN 47167, USA

#11. Shop for clothing apparel at Turtlefish clothing

things to do in Salem Indiana

This is a one-time stop for visitors and tourists in general regarding Graphic design and Printing on formal Wear, either to celebrate an occasion or to create awareness of a particular event still coming.

What do they offer?

They are regarded as the best and sure plug for all things custom print apparel, promotion, screen print, tee shirts, custom promotional items, custom gifts, company gear, polos, hats, travel mugs, and so on.

Address: 52 Public Square Suite 100, Salem, IN 47167, United States

#12. Check out the gift store of Heaven Sent Gifts

things to do in Salem Indiana

Heaven Sends Gifts is a wholesale outlet known for all things gifts, including home accessories and seasonal decorations. It is a shopping arena to visit for all those looking to compensate families going through hard times of loss and grief.

What to expect?

Right over here at the heaven send gifts, there is a wide variety of skills one could choose from in their different nature to reach out as a relief to those passing through hard times.

Address: 65 Westside Rd, Salem, IN 47167, USA

#13. Fly the route of Salem Municipal Airport

things to do in Salem Indiana

Flying down now to the city of Salem, Indiana, for that fantastic tour experience has been made more accessible for all with the presence of the Salem Municipal Airport, which serves as a medium of entry and exit for foreign visitors.

What to expect?

Here one gets to experience modesty and moderation at its very best, with the live flight arrival and departure information being provided alongside live flight delays and cancellations.

Address: 2593 IN-56, Salem, IN 47167, United States

Enjoy ice cream treats at Six Scoops Ice Cream ShopSix scoops ice cream shop usually acts more like a confectionary outlet. It’s a perfect avenue through which visitors and tourists are blessed with their dose of signature ice cream treats, ones that have a soothing and refreshing taste that sweetens their taste buds.

What to expect?

When it comes to enjoying ice cream in its various forms, the six-scoop ice cream shop has everyone covered with its selection of speciality items, some of which are free!

Address: 200 N Water St, Salem, IN 47167, United States

#15. Settle for Mexican delicacies at El Maguey Restaurant

things to do in Salem Indiana

If you are looking for one of the best Mexican restaurants in Salem, Indiana, you should go for El Maguey Restaurant.

This fantastic relaxation hub is taking the form of a restaurant this time, known for all things classical Mexican dishes. One is being served in a serene and comfortable environment.

Its menu comprises delicacies of Mexican cuisine, such as Nachos, Quesadillas, Burritos, Tacos, Fajitas, and more!

What do they offer?

The El Maguey restaurant of Mexican flavours and embodiment offers Mexican food and dishes, mainly served with the coldest drinks.

Address: 104 E Market St, Salem, IN 47167, United States

#16. Jump on fast food for a snack at the Long John Silver

things to do in Salem Indiana

Unlike the other eateries and restaurants mentioned and discussed earlier, Long John Silver is a fast food restaurant that serves some of the best seafood with natural ingredients sourced from the novel Treasure Island.

What to expect?

Here, potential customers, visitors and tourists experience the amazing taste of seafood prepared with natural ingredients.

Address: 402 S. Main Street, Salem, IN 47167, USA

What are the Best Things To Do Near Salem Indiana

#17. Go hiking at the Knobstone Trail

things to do in Salem Indiana

The Knobstone Trail is known for being the longest hiking trail in the city of Indiana. This makes it the perfect place for visitors and tourists to enjoy the adventure of hiking from the Deam Lake State Recreation Area to Delaney Creek Park near Salem, Indiana.

What provisions are being made over here?

Right over here, provisions have already been made for a trail map for those struggling to find their way through the trail’s general route and the area’s topography.

Address: 452 Deam Lake Rd, Borden, IN 47106, United States

#18. Enjoy the beautiful sight of Big Spring Nature Preserve

things to do in Salem Indiana

The big spring nature preserve is a leisure and outdoor arena that has been gathering visitors’ attention for ages now with the beautiful sight of its waterfall, which is just a stone’s throw from the parking area. So for those who want to behold nature in its beautiful form.

Why you should visit

Since this is a reserve making, it is a quiet, hidden natural area. So for those looking to spend some excellent time out alone.

Address: 8029 S Big Springs Rd, New Pekin, IN 47165, United States

#19. Experience the wild nature of life at Hoosier National Forest

things to do in Salem Indiana

The Hoosier National Forest is a government-owned institute of the United States Forest Service that spans 202,814 acres and welcomes visitors and tourists, in general, to partake in its diverse range of enjoyable activities.

What to expect?

Talking of enjoyable adventures, right over here, visitors could partake in the various fun activities of fishing, hiking or hunting as well.

Address: 811 Constitution Ave, Bedford, IN 47421, United States.

#20. Enjoy wild arcade racing at Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing Experience

things to do in Salem Indiana

The Kenny Wallace, Dirt Racing Experience, offers something entirely different from every fun adventure one can find in the city of Salem, Indiana, as tourists get to enjoy the wild adventure of arcade racing with its latest model of Sprint Cars.

What to expect?

Their ever-welcoming staff is present on the ground to ensure their Kenny Wallace dirt racing experience is worthwhile, as they put much effort into turning novices into experienced drivers.

Address: 476 E County Road 100 S Brownstown IN 47220

What is Salem Indiana known for?

Salem, Indiana, is well-known for various things, such as its quaint downtown, outdoor recreation activities, and historical sites.

The town, noted for its amiable locals and small-town charm, is situated in the state’s southern region.

Beautiful parks in Salem include Salem Park, which has picnic spots, hiking trails, a playground, and a fishing pier. The Salem Hills Golf Course, a golf course in the town, offers a difficult round of golf with stunning vistas.

Is Salem Indiana a good place to live?

Yes, Salem, Indiana, is an excellent place to live. The village is renowned for its cozy small-town atmosphere, welcoming locals, and close access to outdoor recreation activities.

The community offers excellent schools, a low crime rate, and a wide range of local attractions and activities to keep people interested and entertained. The downtown area is lovely, with a wide selection of stores, eateries, and art galleries.

Plan Your Vacation To Salem Indiana

Finally, when it comes to visiting or taking a tour of a city, Salem, Indiana, is a great place to be, with over 15 cities, towns, and suburbs open for exploration and every fun adventure that comes with it.

Both tourists and locals may have pleasure at the town’s many attractions. Everyone can find something to do in Salem, from outdoor activities to historical sights.

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