best things to do in Eustis Maine

20 Best & Fun Things To Do in Eustis Maine

If you are looking for the best things to do in Eustis Maine, then you are on the right page! Be it during the summer or winter, the urban town of the city of Maine is known for its lovely weather and temperatures.

Within Franklin County’s northeastern corner sits the small town of Eustis, Maine, which offers an abundance of outdoor activities and breathtaking scenery.

In terms of vacation experiences, Eustis offers something for everyone, be it an adventurous or restful break. The best things to do in Eustis, Maine, include the following:

What are the Best Things To Do in Eustis Maine

The town of Eustis, though relatively small, is highly respected for its abundance of mountain ranges, lakes, reserves, and recreation hills, all of which are surrounded by plantations of diverse flora and fauna.

Reasons why it leaves behind little or nothing at all as to why you shouldn’t consider planning your trip to this very town to be part of the various adventurous activities that come along with being at such places.

Highlighted below are the fun places and best things to do in Eustis, Maine:

#1. Go hiking at Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

The testimonies and reviews of tourists who had once visited in the past speak for themselves, a reason why there’s no doubting the fact that the northern forest canoe trail Is a top priority on the list of fun places to be for individuals who love hiking or kayaking, the Northern.

The fact speaks for itself; this trail’s staggering length is a 740-mile water trail that comes alongside a paddling route with a stunning view of its beautiful scenic environment.

Why should you stop by this open space?

Aside from hiking, the exciting adventures of paddling also lay in wait for visitors to engage with. However, some might show up for a site visit because of the beauty of its wildlife.

#2. Go Camping in the Woods at Cathedral Pines Campground

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

If you are looking for fun things to do in Eustis, Maine, then you should go camping in the woods. Trying out something entirely different is one activity that does get visitors and tourists, in particular, thrilled; one such activity is the camping adventures of the Cathedral Pines Campground.

The environs of this very campground are blessed with a shade of tall trees in its 300-acre property of the Arnold Trail, just a stone’s throw away from the Stratton Village.

Why you should visit?

The Cathedral Pines Campground is a modernized camping site that comes with electricity amenities for hot showers and laundry.

Address: 945 The Arnold Trl, Eustis, ME 04936, United States

#3. Go Fishing at Tim Pond Camps

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

Fishing at Tim Pond Camp should be among the best places to visit in Eustis, Maine. Having existed for over a century, as far back as the early 1850s, the Tim Pond Camps is also another highly regarded place of interest in Eustis, Maine, with substantial historical significance; one which in present times has been tagged the very go-to sporting destination for fishermen.

Though not necessarily a farmhouse, this camping ground has got Its pond, stretching for about a mile, one which certainly would create a lasting impression should you choose to engage in its fishing adventure.

What services do they render?

The Tim Ponds camp does offer Boats and fishing gear alongside its cabins for those looking to pass the night on this very camp.

Address: 197 Tim Pond Camp, Eustis, ME 04936, United States

#4. Visit the restaurant of Trails End Steakhouse & Tavern

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

The Trails End Steakhouse & Tavern isn’t just your regular stop by in Eustis, Maine, to chew through its mouthwatering meals, as one gets to walk into its bars and grills to enjoy the best of its hand-cut sirloin steaks as well as its inventive craft beer it has got to offer for the unique dining experiences of its visitors and tourists in particular.

The Trails End Steakhouse & Tavern is a well-known dining spot that has been serving its famous prime rib the same way for over 30 years. It’s a full bar and restaurant that serves lunch and dinner, and it’s a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

People have been giving it positive reviews, praising the prime rib and the excellent service. It’s a casual, no-fuss restaurant and bar, so if you’re ever in Eustis, Maine, Trails End Steakhouse & Tavern is definitely worth checking out.

Address: 59 Eustis Village Rd, Eustis, ME 04936, United States

#5. Try moose-watching along Route 27

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

What better place to enjoy the smoothening experience of moose watching than the public park of Route 27, an open resort that holds the bragging right of being one of few places you’ll get to catch up with moose in their large numbers of up to 76,000.

This shouldn’t be surprising since Route 27’s woods are one of the few recognized habitats of the moose, a rare species that is mainly spotted at nightfall or daybreak.

Why you should visit?

Here, visitors are afforded the opportunities to get close and personal with this very deer species, of which individuals are also at liberty to take photos of them. So, if you are looking for what to do in Eustis, Maine, then you should try Moose watching along Route 27.

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#6. Engage yourself with the Sugarloaf Marathon

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

Talking about sporting events, the adventurous and most thrilling one of them all, the Sugarloaf marathon, should actually find its way to such a list. This event ultimately is the oldest-running event in Maine.

This very marathon is held annually at the Cathedral Pines Campground of the far end of West Kingfield Road Ballfield, of which interested runners are expected to battle it out on its flat and uphill trails.

Why you should choose to be part of this experience?

The Sugarloaf Marathon offers visitors an entirely different experience since you get to partake in its ever-challenging running a racing course.

#7. Patronize the vacation rentals of Tea Pond Lodge & Cabins

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

The Tea Pond Lodge & Cabins is yet another magical place to be at in Eustis, Maine, based on reviews of tourists who had once visited in the past as well, which is evident in the fact that it boasts of being one of the top-notch vacation rentals services offering Lodging and Dining in a beautiful remote setting.

Subsequently, it has also got a beautiful and well-decorated cabin for families looking forward to staying overnight while also enjoying its special meal treats.

What other services do they offer?

The Tea Pond Lodge & Cabins is seen as the perfect spot for holding special events, and it is ideal for weddings. Add this among Eustis’s Maine things to do this weekend!

Address: Tea Pond Rd, Eustis, ME 04936, United States.

#8. Enjoy pizzas and salads at Brickyard Hollow

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

Visiting the brewpubs of Brickyard Hollow is an experience really worth it as well, as located right at the Flagstaff Landing in Stratton village in Eustis, this family-owned business caters to sorting out the appetizing demands of people in the region.

Talking of sorting the appetizing demands of both its residents and visitors, the Brickyard Hollow is well known for its services of offering Brewing craft beers and serving mouthwatering meals.

What do they offer?

The Brickyard Hollow has an enticing meal menu made up of appetizers, salads, pizzas, and entrees.

Address: 9 Tranquility Ln, Eustis, ME 04936, United States.

#9. Take part in the guided Flagstaff Lake Scenic Boat Tours

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

The Flagstaff Lake Scenic Boat Tours is one for all to enjoy, be it the residents of Eustis, Maine, or its visitors, of which a large number of them are tourists.

This is a luxurious guided tour that involves exploring the magnificent Bigelow Mountain Range and Preserve.

This very boat cruise affords tourists the opportunity to tour and explore its wildlife spotting and tales of the Flagstaff Lake area through its relaxing pontoon boat. This is also one of the best places to stay in Eustis, Maine.

#10. Visit the campground of Myers Lodge East

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

Want to have an excellent time far away from the shores and in the comfort of your home? Well, the accommodative space of Myers Lodge is that very place to be, one in which you get to have the feel of the cool breeze of nature under its trees.

It has got its campsite situated in the woods, making it a perfect place to stay during your summer trips.

Why should one visit?

The ideal location to enjoy the Perfect family vacation is the Myers Lodge East.

Address: Eustis, ME 04936, United States

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Other Fun Places To Be In Nearby Maine

#11. Enjoy the delicious meals of Hug’s Italian Cuisine

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

The Hug’s Italian Cuisine is a foreign-based restaurant in Eustis, Maine, and just as its name implies, it is one offering Italian cuisines complemented by its bowl of well-flavored chicken.

Regarded also as one of the best eateries in the Carrabassett Valley, the Hug’s Italian cuisine has got visitors covered as it offers Friendly service in its quaint dining atmosphere.

What do they offer?

The Hug’s Italian cuisine does offer nicely cooked tortellini, cheese ravioli, and parmesan.

Address: 3001 Town Line Rd, Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947, United States

#12. Go mountain biking at the Carrabassett Valley

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

Running through the core angles of Sugarloaf Mountain, the Carrabassett value has a carved-out path serving as its mountain biking trail, one which is merely 20 minutes from this very city of Eustis.

It is perceived as a preferred destination spot for bikers, with its valley crossing maintained trails affording them to enjoy that enjoyable moment of biking.

What adventures hold here?

The Carrabassett Valley hosts the following adventures: golfing, boating, or wildlife watching.

#13. Scan through informative resources at Eustis Public Library

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

The Eustis Public Library, just as the name insinuates, is a designated library open at all hours of the day to members of the public of the city of Eustis, Maine, be it its residents and visitors who might as well be tourists.

This public library is considered a place of interest and a center of attraction in this city all because it has got an Amazing library chair setting creating a stunning view.

Why you should visit?

It is an ideal location for researchers and intellectuals in general since they are granted premium access to its most resourceful information.

Address: 88 Main St, Stratton, ME 04982, United States

#14. Enjoy Bread and Bison Meat at the Bigelow Fields

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

Just like every other town of this very region, the town of Eustis has also got foodies covered with the presence of the Bigelow Fields restaurants catering to the affairs of Pastry and meat lovers.

There’s no doubt why you shouldn’t consider showing up at this restaurant if you indeed want to catch a bite of its meat delicacies high in protein, minerals, and other fatty acids.

What do they offer?

The Bigelow fields do offer nutritious bison meats of sourdough bread, brownies, and cookies.

Address: Kennebago Rd, Langtown Mill, ME 04970, United States

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#15. Hike or Bike at Bigelow Mountain Preserve

The Bigelow Mountain Preserve is a deserted region of Flagstaff Road of the Bigelow Mountain Preserve endowed with nearly 15,000 hectares of protected land for the thrilling adventures that come with hiking and biking grounds.

The preserve is also endowed with stunning views of the tallest peaks of Maine, making it another open resort to go sightseeing in its lake, forest, and mountain ranges.

What adventures hold here?

Basically, the Bigelow Mountains preserve was mounted to accommodate the wild and thrilling adventures of both biking and hiking.

Address: W Flagstaff Rd, Stratton, ME 04982, United States

#16. Hike and See the Stunning Grand Fall

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

Suppose you are one of those few folks who get fascinated and excited at the endowing presence of waterfalls. In that case, you’re about to behold a waterfall even more beautiful, and Grand Falls on the Dead River will surprise you.

Paying a visit to this Amazing place of interest would afford you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of its beautiful views of its streams as well.

Why you should consider visiting?

During the winters, the Grand Fall is also seen as the ideal location for skiing and fat tire biking.

#17. Take a Snowmobile Tour at Northern Outdoors

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

Winter holidays are usually the most exciting holidays in this very town of Eustis, most especially for adventure seekers who are interested in trying out something wild and crazy with its snowmobile tour.

It is considered a place of interest since, aside from being known for its snow-covered cabins, it is also surrounded by mountain ranges, lakes, and rapids, making it a pleasant location to go sightseeing.

Why should you consider stopping by?

The northern outdoors also has got some top-notch eatery and restaurant services dishing out mouthwatering meal delicacies, cuisines, and beverages.

Address: 1771 US-201, The Forks, ME 04985, United States

#18. Tour the Dead River Area Historical Society

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

Fully operational and functional, mainly on the summer weekends of July and August, the Dead River Area Historical Society is another place of interest to be of historical significance since it is a designated museum paying tribute to the history of the Dead River area.

This society has a museum set up for the sole purpose of exhibiting the rich history of this very region while also preserving the narrative of the people in the process.

What should one expect to see?

The River Area Historical Society exhibits photographs, manuscripts, and artifacts from the Dead River Area from over two centuries ago.

Address: 171 Main St, Stratton, ME 04982, USA

#19. Seek shelter at Maine Huts and Trails

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

The Maine Huts and Trails, just as the name insinuates, come with a blend of excellent accommodation services and thrilling adventures. Staying over at the hotel would guarantee you am excellent stay in Eustis, Maine, since it is one of the top hotels to lodge at a discounted fee.

Considered primarily as a private resting setting, this private, spacious apartment is also the ideal location to catch up with the perfect and stunning views of the Bigelow mountain range.

Why should you consider lodging here?

Right over here, comfort is guaranteed for its visitors with its accommodation facilities at a much more affordable charge.

Address: 496 Main St, Kingfield, ME 04947, United States

#20. East Kennebago Mountain

Things To Do in Eustis Maine

East Kennebago Mountain is a trailless peak located in Franklin County, Maine. It is a monadnock, with Tim Mountain to the north, Black Spur to the west, and Blackcat Mountain to the southwest. It stands at 3,789 ft (1,155 m) with a prominence of 1,804 ft (550 m).

The southeast side of East Kennebago Mountain flows into the South Branch of the Dead River, then Flagstaff Lake, the Dead River, and the Kennebec River, which empties into the Gulf of Maine.

The northeast end of East Kennebago drains into Cherry Run, then the South Branch of the Dead River. The southwest end of East Kennebago drains into Kennebago Lake.

East Kennebago Mountain is part of a group of six peaks (“the six-pack”) around Rangeley that some hikers attempt to summit in order to reach the 100 highest mountains in New England. There is an 11.5-mile out-and-back trail near Rangeley, Maine, that is considered to be a challenging route.

This trail is excellent for hiking and running, and it is unlikely that you will encounter many other people while exploring. The best times to visit this trail are from June to September.

It is important to note that there is no actual trail after hiking up the AVT trail. This is a bushwhacking route to the top of East Kennebago Mountain. Most hikers will walk up the gravel road that leads to the start point on the map shown.

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What is the best time to visit Eustis, Maine?

The best time to visit Eustis, Maine, depends on what you’re looking to do. Hiking is best done in the summer and fall seasons if you enjoy being outside and being in nature. During these months, Eustis’s natural beauty is at its height, and the weather is pleasant.

For some traditional Maine celebrations, you can take part in the Family Fun Days in Eustis in June. The fall shoulder season from September to October may be the ideal time to visit if you’re hoping for fewer crowds and to take in the beauty of nature. Apple picking, vibrant foliage, and milder temperatures arrive in early October.

But if you’d rather be in the know and have a more affordable experience, May is the shoulder season, when Maine is less crowded than in the summer.

Please be aware that although it is possible to visit coastal Maine without the crowds of tourists between November and early May, you may have to contend with colder or occasionally unpleasant weather during this time.

The ideal time to visit Eustis, Maine, depends on your interests and the things you want to do there. Have a great trip! 😊.

What is Eustis Maine Known for?

Eustis, Maine, located in the northeastern corner of Franklin County, is a town known for its stunning natural beauty and abundance of outdoor recreational activities. Stratton, a village within the town, is close to Flagstaff Lake and the Bigelow Preserve, which covers the entire Bigelow Mountain Range.

Hikers can explore the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and the Appalachian Trail from Stratton. The 36,000-acre Bigelow Preserve is an excellent spot for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, camping, and fishing.

In addition to its natural attractions, Eustis hosts several annual events. June brings Family Fun Days, and in February, snowmobilers from all over the region come together for the four-day Polar Blast Festival.

The town’s culinary scene is also worth exploring, with the Trail’s End Steakhouse & Tavern being a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

All in all, Eustis is a memorable destination due to its unique combination of outdoor adventure, natural beauty, and local charm.

Is Eustis, Maine, an excellent place to live?

Indeed, living in Eustis, Maine, will be a good idea. Despite being a small town with a population of only slightly over 600, it provides a wide range of services and events for locals of all ages.

Eustis is a charming town in Maine, encircled by lakes, mountains, and woods. Hiking, fishing, boating, and skiing are among the outdoor activities that draw many visitors to the town.

A variety of historical and cultural landmarks, such as the Rangeley Lakes Museum and the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust Visitor Center, can be found in Eustis.

Compared to other coastal towns in Maine, Eustis has a comparatively low cost of living. The town offers a wide range of healthcare options in addition to a sound school system. In addition, Eustis is home to numerous companies and industries that offer a range of employment options to locals.

Naturally, no location is flawless, and Eustis is the same. In the winter, the town can get very lonely, and employment opportunities may be scarce. Still, there are far more advantages to living in Eustis than disadvantages.

Plan Your Vacation To Eustis, Maine

In conclusion, the final thoughts to be drawn out here should be planning your trip to this small town of Eustis in the city of Maine. It affords tourists plenty of options as it concerns fun places to be alongside the various thrilling activities and adventures that come with exploring such very places.

Should one be planning a trip for a business trip or a relaxing vacation experience, there’s no regret in showing up at this destination, as one is undoubtedly guaranteed to be thrilled with the various best things to do in Eustis, Maine, outlined in this very write-up.

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