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10 Best Parks in Watertown Wisconsin

Are you looking for the Best Parks in Watertown, Wisconsin? You are on the right page. Watertown City, Wisconsin, is where everyone would love to visit. Its numerous parks in various city locations are a big attraction for visitors and fun seekers.

The parks have exciting amenities such as lighted tennis courts, cross-country skiing, playgrounds, basketball courts, and many others that’ll surely impress visitors and keep them coming back.

The parks’ management also has rules and regulations that they expect everyone to obey for safety and orderliness.

Keeping the rules visits pleasant and memorable for you and everyone else. This piece will show some exciting parks in Watertown, WI.

What are Top Parks in Watertown Wisconsin?

#1. Interurban Trail

Parks in Watertown Wi
  • 620 W Grand Ave, Port Washington, WI 53074-2027

The former electrical rail line has become a cycling and pedestrian path for the non-motorized Watertown Interurban Trail.

Thanks to the recently finished project, seven miles of paved trails are now available for non-motorized users. You can skate, cycle, or hike it. Enjoy the marshy regions, the tree-lined areas, and the fantastic Rock River perspective.

In addition to restrooms, parking spaces, a water bottle filling station, bike racks, way-finding signs, and a bike repair station, the trailhead in Watertown is located on Clark Street.


  • Bike Racks
  •  Trails
  •  Rock River
  •  Picnic Tables
  •  Restrooms

#2. Riverside Park

Parks in Watertown Wi
  • 916 Labaree St, Watertown, WI 53098

The most beautiful city park is Riverside Park. Its 29 acres are set out along the Rock River’s banks. The park has open sections with benches, tables, and many shelter options.

Activities are available at the softball complex, aquatic center, basketball, tennis, horseshoe, and volleyball courts, and a sizable interactive playground for children of all ages.

The picturesque surroundings make for the ideal photographic backdrop.

A dilapidated bridge once connected the island along the Rock River that served as the basis for this park to the mainland.

The park quickly became a focal point for neighborhood social and other events.

Concession booths, a bandshell, a swimming beach, a bathhouse, and restrooms were all added to the park throughout time. Today, several of these structures are still standing.

Numerous park benches are strewn around, offering respite and lovely views for rest and reflection.

Rules for feeding the ducks and geese that frequent the park and fishing regulations are listed on a sign close to the crossing bridge.

The park has a well-liked kids’ play area named Chamberland. The playground was renovated in 2015 with some general repairs, wheelchair accessibility, and an accessible swing for impaired kids. A group of over 2500 volunteers built it for the first time in 1996.

The park has several reservable shelters, including a charming gazebo that is a well-liked location for wedding ceremonies.

Tennis facilities, baseball diamonds, a horseshoe court, aquatic center courts, basketball courts, fishing piers, and many picnic tables are also available.

The park hosts special events all year, most notably the annual RiverFest, a sizable festival with free admission featuring food, music, an art market, a vehicle show, and other activities. One of Watertown’s most popular parks is Riverside Park.


  • Several parking lots
  •  Rentable Shelters
  •  Baseball fields
  •  Picnic Tables
  •  Fishing

#3. Brandt-Quirk Park

Parks in Watertown Wi
  • 800 Carriage Hill Dr, Watertown, WI 53098, United States

It is one of the best parks in Watertown, Wisconsin. This gorgeous park is filled with beautiful features that satisfy the needs of adventurers in the Watertown neighborhood surrounding places.

The park has over four miles of lovely hiking and cross-country skiing routes. Within the woods is a Storybook Trail, some of which pets can use for exercise.

The park also has play equipment, a FREE 21-hole disc golf course, soccer fields, lighted tennis courts, picnic shelters, toilets, batting cages, and a baseball/softball complex with lit diamonds.

National competitions are among the many games played in the Baseball Centre. The park has 169 acres in total. 800 Carriage Hill Drive is where the park is situated.


  • Soccer field
  •  Walking Trails
  •  Tennis Courts
  •  Baseball Diamond

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#4. Washington Park

Parks in Watertown Wi
  •  635 S 12th St, Watertown, WI 53094

Washington Park, formerly known as Richards Picnic Grounds, is a notable aspect of the Richards Hill neighborhood. As early as the 1860s, the park was a popular gathering place.

Richards’ grandson, William Thomas, transformed his ancestor’s property into a public park, which by the early 1900s served as a venue for athletic activities, including baseball and football games.

Washington Park is a vacation spot that has grown significantly over time. Another tennis court has been added, a beautiful baseball diamond has been set out, and other fabulous upgrades have been made.

The bicycle track has also been banked higher and otherwise improved.

The park is accessible to everyone except those who wish to utilize the track, tennis courts, or baseball or bicycle races on designated days.

An adult must always follow small children since anyone could hurt them.

Season passes are not transferable in this park and will be canceled if presented by anybody other than the person whose name is on them.


  • Baseball Fields
  •  Trails
  •  Picnic Tables
  •  Playground
  •  Tennis Courts

#5. Schaller Park

Parks in Watertown Wi
  • 1200 Riverview Lane, Watertown, WI 53094, United States

Many people go to Schaller Park on Riverview Lane to unwind and relax away from the bustle of the city.

This one-acre neighborhood park is a peaceful, tranquil setting that’s a great place to spend some quiet time.

The park features swings and a climber. Additionally, there is a lot of waterfront, which has a relaxing impact.

Along the Rock River are amenities like picnic tables, a grill, and play structures. So, while enjoying the river vista and animals, you may go fishing or watch your kids swing.


  • Waterfront
  •  Fishing
  •  Wildlife
  •  Barbecue Grill
  •  Picnic Tables
  •  Swings
  •  Playground

#6. Tivoli Island Natural Park

Parks in Watertown Wi
  • 101 Tivoli Dr, Watertown, WI 53094

Under Mr. Sommers’ direction, Tivoli Island has developed into a desirable location for passing the afternoon or evening.

Since the introduction of the Watertown motor tourist, couples have created a new style of spending their honeymoon, including picnic parties and plenty of opportunities for dancing.

They have all the camp gear necessary to make a tourist honeymoon enjoyable and comfortable, and they can travel as far as they like by any path they choose.

The camp attracts many people these days, and the grounds occasionally resemble a typical tent city. 

Speaking with these visitors, it becomes clear that they generally like the camp’s beauty, comfort, and friendliness.

Usually, there is a general cleaning of the property; weeds are neatly cut, outbuildings are painted, and kitchen table tops are painted. 

Two electric hot plates with two burners each are available in the kitchen and are coin-operated.

A quarter inserted in the meter provides about two hours of service. Two outdoor brick fires and a large quantity of dry wood were once available for visitors. The stoves will continue to operate even if no additional wood will be provided.

A seasoned tourist camper finds the grounds’ initial appearance most alluring. Off the main roadway lies the entrance.

As soon as you cross the bridge onto Tivoli Island, you will find one of the most picturesque groves surrounded by water.

There is lots of space and numerous amenities for comfort, including grilling areas, a sizable shed under which vehicles may drive in bad weather, electric lighting for the grounds, a reliable water supply, and restrooms.

The newly built petrol and oil station by Arthur Bursinger is a few hundred feet away.

Locals should see the grounds; many people drive down in the evening and have a picnic dinner there. The majority of the campers arrive in the evening.

They arrive around sunset, pitch their tents, prepare dinner, and spend the night there. 

They get breakfast, pack their camping supplies, and leave for the open road once more after rising with the birds.

The Izaak Walton League is laying out an island-wide hiking trail. The path was covered with wood chips to provide a smooth walking surface.

The Park and Recreation Department supplied these wood chips created from downed or dead trees.

The Izaaks also chopped and piled fallen tree limbs to create a habitat for little species.


  • Picnic Tables
  •  Playground
  •  Wildlife
  •  Water Supply
  •  Hiking Trail
  •  Restrooms

#7. Deer Trail Park

Parks in Watertown Wi
  • 603 Deer Trail, Watertown, WI 53094

The best place to unwind and unwind in a natural setting is Deer Trail Park and Campground. The tranquil sounds of a trickling creek and the sight of deer munching on grass are just two examples of the joys of nature you will encounter here.

You can trade the sights and sounds of civilization for the peace of camping in the natural woodlands at this park, which is situated in a lovely valley snuggled inside the historic Appalachian Mountains.

The park’s beautiful hiking trails, stocked fishing pond, playgrounds, heated swimming pool with slide, and sizable game room with arcade games are just a few of its attractions.

You may do many additional activities with family and friends to have fun and create lasting memories, like pool tables.

Swim in its heated, crystal-clear pool, which also has a slide. The pool has a maximum depth of 8 feet and is a great spot to cool off and have fun during the summer heat.

Everything you need for a comfortable, enjoyable day away from the daily grind is available from the Camp Store.

Ice cream, beverages, snacks, barbecue accessories, trinkets, firewood, fishing bait, and a wide variety of other products are all available there.

You’ll adore the cozy little cabins, equipped with a mini-fridge, coffee maker, microwave, charcoal grill, covered porch, and air conditioning so you can unwind after seeing the park’s attractions.


  • Camp House
  •  Swimming Pool
  •  Picnic Area
  •  Playground
  •  Hiking Trails

#8. Watertown Aquatic Park

Parks in Watertown Wi
  • 1009 Perry St. – Watertown, WI 53094

The whole family may enjoy a day of refreshing activities at this public pool! Swimmers can benefit from various amenities, including the sizable zero-depth area.

Swimmers can take advantage of the heated water in this area at various depths in the main pool, ranging from 0′ to 512 ft.

There are floor fountains, a 12-foot mushroom waterfall, and even kiddie’s waterslides! Enjoy a frantic descent down our 216-foot waterslide and plunge 24 feet down our drop slide.

Additionally, there are 25-meter lap lanes, a 1-meter diving board, and a water basketball court. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy yourself here.


  • Water Fountains
  •  Waterfall
  •  Water Slides
  •  Basketball

#9. Bentzin Family Town Square

Parks in Watertown Wi
  • 1 W Main St, Watertown, WI 53094

The newest park and gathering place in Watertown is the Bentzin Family Town Square. This lovely area is filled with family-friendly activities and is conveniently situated close to the downtown dining and retail districts in Watertown.

Play in the water feature, go to or organize an event, launch or retrieve your kayak, or take in the Rock River’s beauty.

Any activity you choose to do in this park will be enjoyable and refreshing for your family and friends.


  • Kayaking
  •  Restrooms
  •  Picnic Tables
  •  Playgrounds

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#10. Rock River Disc Golf

Parks in Watertown Wi
  • 800 Carriage Hill Dr, Watertown, WI 53098

This 21-hole disc golf facility in Watertown is available to everyone for free all year. The route is steep and lightly forested, and it passes through Brandt-Quirk Park.

The Midwest Masters Age Protected PDGA B Tier and other competitions are held on the course. Carriage Hill Drive and Endeavour Drive both lead to the park.

The front nine and its two linking holes are roomy, but the summertime rough can be challenging.

The final nine holes are a fantastic blend of long holes that need accurate placement, control, and tight wooded challenges.

Until the autumn, when crops are present on the right side, the final hole is a connecting hole that is completely open.


  • Play Area
  •  Picnic Tables
  •  ADA accessible
  •  Restrooms

Before You Go…

Life may get busy with work and other responsibilities, but don’t forget to have fun and relax in some of these parks in Watertown, WI. There are many amenities there to provide suitable recreation that suits everyone.

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