Skate Parks in Baton Rouge

13 Best Skate Parks in Baton Rouge LA (Louisiana)

You are on the right page if you are looking for the Best Skate Parks in Baton Rouge, LA! Baton Rouge, referred to as the red stick’, is Louisiana’s capital. It is the core of various events, recreation, and family fun.

One such place is the skate parks scattered everywhere in and around the city, where family and friends can go out and have an exciting day doing what they love.

Skating is not just a sport; it teaches one of life’s great lessons: picking oneself up when you fall.

These skate parks in Baton Rouge are excellent meeting places for experts and beginners in skating.

Constant practice while visiting the parks will yield the desired result. There are lots of skate parks in Baton Rouge and its environs. Here are some of them below:

13 Top Skate Parks in Baton Rouge (Louisiana)

#1. Perkins Road Community Park

Skate Parks in Baton Rouge
  • 7122 Perkins Road
  • Baton Rouge, LA 70808

California Skateparks constructed Perkins Road Community Park, a 30,000-square-foot concrete skate park that accepts skateboards and bicycles.

The “Extreme Sports Park” is part of BREC. The skate park and BMX Raceway, a neighborhood playground, a tennis court, walking, skating, and bicycling trails are among the attractions offered at Perkins Road Community Park.

The park’s Raceway offers both open-track riding times and birthday party rentals. A pavilion is additionally offered for rent.

Children adore the extreme sports and adventure theme playground in Perkins Park. Many benches are available for parents to watch their children play on, or if they feel adventurous, they can even get involved!

The park has a sizable recreation center with three rental rooms and a lovely fishing pond that is regularly stocked.

Perkins Road Community Park contains Olympia Stadium. It is utilized for significant special events on special occasions.

Numerous restrooms, a refreshment stand, parking spaces, and roomy audience stands are available.

Skate Park suggests using elbow, knee, and wrist protection and helmets to safeguard patrons and lower the risk of harm.

The park does not permit using drugs, alcohol, motorized vehicles, or modular equipment. Pads and helmets are advised. Bicycles are also allowed.


  • Wi-Fi
  •  Restrooms
  •  Basketball – Indoor Court
  •  Ball/Multi-Purpose Field (Lit)
  •  Track Cycling Velodrome
  •  BMX
  •  A lake
  •  Outdoor fitness stations
  •  A Pavilion
  •  Playground, and
  •  A Recreation Centre
  •  Trail for Fishing

#2. Old Hammond Highway Park

Skate Parks in Baton Rouge
  • 8900 Old Hammond Highway
  • Baton Rouge, LA 70806
  •  CONTACT: 225-272-9200

The Park is situated at a trail intersection for several multi-use trails. The park’s campground is a great place to start your exploration of the large public land region.

Picnic tables and a few barbecues are available in a woodland environment. For a fee, a picnic pavilion may be rented up to 11 months in advance.

The picnic pavilion is available on a first-come, first-served basis if not reserved. People with impairments can participate in this activity or use this facility.

Two miles of cross-country skiing trails are permitted. Skiing is allowed all across the park.


  • Playground
  •  Skate Park
  •  Tennis Court (Unlighted)
  •  Walking Track/Loop – Outdoor

#3. Zachary Community Park

Skate Parks in Baton Rouge
  • 20055 Old Scenic Hwy
  •  Zachary, LA 70791
  •  CONTACT: 225-654-4261

The Zachary Community Park is open every day from dawn to dusk. There are walking and running pathways throughout the park made of soft peat gravel.

Most of the park can be explored on leisurely hikes because of its open design. The lake’s picturesque views foster a serene ambiance, particularly in the spring and autumn.

Children can experience nature there, making it a great place to start the day. They can read a book in the reading room, scale a tree, or even have their parents read it.

There are many different trails to choose from, both long and short. Basketball and volleyball courts are located on the outdoor court.

Just know everyone visiting the park will find something entertaining and exciting.

Slides, equipment, and climbing structures are available on a sizable community playground’s artificial ground.

No more sand-covered bottoms or shoes! Parents are welcome to participate in the game or watch from a comfortable viewing location as their child plays with other kids.


  • Wi-Fi
  •  Restrooms
  •  Basketball: Outdoor Court
  •  Dog Park
  •  Lake
  •  Nature Trails
  •  Outdoor Fitness Station
  •  Pavilion
  •  Playground
  •  Recreation Center
  •  Spray Pad
  •  Walking Track/Loop – Outdoor
  •  Sand Volleyball Court
  •  Trails

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Other Beautiful Skate Parks near Baton Rouge

Aside from the parks listed above, Baton Rouge has other exciting skate parks in and around its neighborhood where skaters go to relax and showcase their skills. Such parks include:

#4. AA Comeaux Park Skate Park

Skate Parks in Baton Rouge
  • Abbeville, LA

This adorable little skate park in Abbeville was purposefully constructed to accommodate skaters. Before it was built in 2014, skaters in Abbeville had little choice but to use the downtown as their playground.

Well, the first skate park in Abbeville is still strong, thanks to $55,000 in donations from various organizations. Although it is compact, local skaters are aware of its well-thought-out design and user-friendly features.

The designers at WE Skateparks created it just big enough for skaters and BMX riders, and it is open from sunrise to sunset every day.


  • Biking Trails
  •  Story Reading
  •  Picnic Space
  •  Wildlife
  •  Hiking
  •  Crafts

#5. Parasite DIY Skate Park

Skate Parks in Baton Rouge
  • New Orleans, LA

The largest skate park in Louisiana was founded in 2013 as a home-built facility in New Orleans under the 610 flyover, close to Gentilly.

It is a huge 45,000-square-foot facility that is accessible to both skaters and BMX bikers. Bowls, railings, steps, and tables are present. The park contains whatever you can think of.

Local skaters established Transitional Spaces, a nonprofit organization, and teamed up with the Tulane City Centre for additional assistance until city officials couldn’t help but take notice.

This nonprofit organization provided the park with money.

It is crucial to remember that this park was created with the sweat, blood, and tears of actual skaters. If you ever find yourself near New Orleans, pay a visit.


  • Rails
  •  Picnic Tables
  •  Bowls
  •  Steps
  •  Walking Track
  •  Recreation Center

#6. Stoner Avenue Skate Plaza

Skate Parks in Baton Rouge
  • Shreveport Riverwalk, LA

This skate park in northern Louisiana offers skateboarding all day long. This 12,500 square-foot park, named for being on Stoner Avenue, underwent a redesign by California Skateparks in 2011 after its initial 2006 iteration didn’t pass muster.

They collaborated with the DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation and the Rob Dyrdek Foundation to give this park a much-needed facelift.

The park incorporates urban street characteristics like steps, benches, ramps, and railings and is the second-oldest park in the state. It is situated along the Riverwalk in Shreveport.


  • Ramps
  •  Playground
  •  Handrails
  •  Steps
  •  Benches
  •  Volleyball Court

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#7. Fireman’s Park

Skate Parks in Baton Rouge
  • Houma, LA

In May 2015, this park officially opened its doors to neighborhood extreme sports enthusiasts after ten years of funding, preparation, and dedication.

The roughly 10,000-square-foot concrete park is an excellent beginning-to-intermediate skate park open to skaters, bike riders, scooter riders, and even hoverboarders.

A great learning area for little ones and newcomers is created by separating the flat edge and beginner ramps from the rest of the park.

There are public restrooms, a water fountain, and a shaded rest area, so visitors can spend hours exploring this intriguing park. They offer a street course, a bowl that is six feet deep, and other enjoyable pastimes.


  • Water Fountain
  •  A bowl (6 feet deep)
  •  Biking Trails
  •  Skating Trails
  •  Scooters
  •  Playground
  •  Rest Shades

#8. Bayou Wheels Skatepark

Skate Parks in Baton Rouge
  • New Iberia, LA

Due to its abundance of picnic tables and benches for spectator comfort and tall trees that provide shade, this park is excellent for families.

For skaters of all skill levels, the mostly beginner-level course is ideal.

Flat ramps, a pyramid, quarter pipes, rails, a small half-pipe, and a large half-pipe are all over the place.

Scooters and in-line skates are also permitted in the park. However, visitors under 15 must always wear pads and helmets.

For safety reasons, wearing helmets and protective padding while at the park is imperative. Both can be rented, and entry costs $1 per person.


  • Play Area
  •  Picnic Tables
  •  Half Pipes
  •  Quarter Pipes
  •  Pyramid

#9. Hammond Dreamland Skatepark

Skate Parks in Baton Rouge
  • Zemurray Park at the corner of W Coleman Ave and S Oak St, Hammond, LA.

The Hammond Rec Center manages this sizable skatepark with a pool-like layout, primarily transition features, and a few ledges and rails.

There is a sizable pool with a central island and little clamshells surrounding it, enabling multi-level feats.

For beginners, there is a tiny no-coping area with a half bowl to the side.

Although the surface is a little uneven, Louisiana rarely has public playgrounds of this size and caliber, drawing skilled skateboarders to the area.

The best feature, especially for skateboarders in this park, is that bikes and scooters are prohibited. Every day, from sunrise until sunset, it is open.


  • Rails
  •  Hiking Trails
  •  Picnic Space
  •  Camping
  •  Fishing
  •  Bookstore
  •  Cabin Renting

#10. Fireman’s Skatepark

Skate Parks in Baton Rouge
  • 161 Library Drive, Houma, LA.

Spohn Ranch built this skate park in 2015, and it is about 15,000 square feet. It is an excellent place for the young and old to gather and have fun, especially those who would like to showcase or practice their skating skills.

Some of the facilities you’ll find here include stairs wedged with handrails, a flat bar, a flat bar supported manual pad, a transitional manual pad, quarter pipes, hubba ledges street course, etc.

The beginners are included as there are obstacles designed to help them build their skating skills.

The parks strongly suggest and support using helmets and pads for safety. There’s a playground and tables for others to relax, play, and watch the ongoing fun.

Fireman’s Skatepark is also called Houma Skatepark.


  • Picnic Tables
  •  Trails
  •  Hiking
  •  Playground
  •  Quarter Pipes

#11. Golden Meadow Skatepark

Skate Parks in Baton Rouge
  • 705 N Alex Plaisance Blvd, Golden Meadow, LA

Spohn Ranch created and opened the Golden Meadow Skatepark in 2017. The facility is about 6,000 square feet and contains lots of facilities for skating enthusiasts.

There, you’ll find a quarter pipe, a flat bar, manual pads, a volcano, a playground, tables, and many other things that attract a budding skater despite its small size.

It’s a place that promises fun and excitement for everyone on the team, as the fun is sure to go around. Golden Meadow may not be enormous, but bigger may not always be better.


  • Flat Bar
  •  Bank Ramps
  •  Volcano
  •  Quarter Pipe
  •  Handrail
  •  Playground

#12. Wentwood (Kenner) Skatepark

Skate Parks in Baton Rouge
  • 232 W Loyola Dr, Kenner, LA

Westwood Skatepark is situated underneath a set of palm trees that have a different appearance. It is a great place for skaters to have fun and hone their skills.

This facility, known as Kenner Skatepark, has many features that attract the typical street skating lover.

Some of the attractions in the park include bump-to-rail, three-stair with down rails, flat ledges, bank-to-bank, mellow rails, bump-to-down ledges, etc.

Westwood Park is a great meeting place for beginners and advanced skate riders, as both can practice to become more confident and have lots of fun improving their skills.


  • Playground
  •  Bank to ledge
  •  Picnic Tables
  •  Hiking Trails

#13. Sidney Torres Skatepark

Skate Parks in Baton Rouge
  • 8201 W Judge Perez Dr, Chalmette, LA

Sidney Torres Skatepark is a must-visit facility for everyone. It has a bowl that measures about 8 feet, a pool coping, and a deep and shallow end. What a sight to see!

The park has a playground where different fun activities happen. You’ll also find a frame with a rail, gap, and bank at one of its ends. There are quarter pipes, flat ledges, mini ramps, etc.

Many skaters also love the down ledge that lets them skate as they bump into the ledge from the other track. This joint effort by Grindline Skateparks and Hahn Enterprises will be fun to visit.


  • Rails
  •  Mini Ramp
  •  Playground
  •  Picnic Tables
  •  Concession Stand
  •  Disc Golf Course

Final Thought

For many, skating is not just a sport but a way of life. Whether you’re a beginner looking for where to practice or a trained skater who wants to improve your skills and learn new tricks, these skate parks in Baton Rouge will make your day.

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