Skate Parks in Thornton Colorado

Discover 13 Best Skate Parks in Thornton Colorado

Thornton, one of the most populated cities in Colorado, has many exciting places to visit for recreation with the whole family.

If you love nature, enjoy cycling or hiking, or love the idea of having fun with your family and friends outdoors, there are lots of parks in this city.

What about skateboarding? There are many skate parks in and around Thornton City where you can hone your skills and have a great time with friends and family.

Top Skate Parks in Thornton, Colorado

#1. Trail Winds Skatepark

skate parks in thornton
  • 13385 Holly St, Thornton, CO 80241

The 134th Avenue and Holly Street intersection is home to the Thornton Trail Winds Skatepark, a smaller neighborhood park.

Skateboarders, inline skaters, and BMX riders can use the roughly 14,000-square-foot concrete skate park, a 19-space parking lot, trail and sidewalk connections, and shade pavilions at the skate park.

DHM Design and Team Pain created the skatepark, taking into account feedback from the two skate park workshops. It was partially paid for by the City’s Parks and Open Space Tax.

Additionally, the City received two regional awards for the project, including a $150,000 Adams County Open Space Grant and a $200,000 Great Outdoors Colorado Local Government Grant.

Although the skateboarding facility is open from sunrise to sunset, it is against the law for anyone to enter or stay on the property after those times.

No glass containers, food, or drinks are allowed inside the building. DO NOT SMOKE.

You must use the appropriate safety gear, including helmets, gloves, knee pads, elbow and wrist protection, and appropriate footwear.

All visitors are expected to bring their equipment to the park and keep it in excellent working order. Skating privileges may be revoked for breaking park regulations.

Additionally, motorized equipment is prohibited.


  • Shade pavilion
  •  Trails
  •  Sidewalks
  •  Playground
  •  Parking lot

#2. Thomas J. Slocum Memorial Skatepark

skate parks in thornton
  • 2141 East 95th Ave, Thornton, CO 80229

The park, a gathering place for community members and local skaters, is dedicated to Marine Lance Corporal Thomas J. Slocum, who was killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 at 22.

The 20-year-old Thomas J. Slocum Memorial Skatepark had a $1.5 million repair as part of the general redevelopment of Thornton’s community park.

In 2020, there were two open forums where individuals could call and speak with Tadross and Tim Payne, the founder of Team Pain, a business specializing in designing and building skateparks.

The crew did a tremendous job and considered many community comments, which is how the project was successfully finished.

The parks created by Team Pain are developed by and for skaters, from design to building. Payne founded Team Pain in 1977 with the idea that every single member of the staff should be a skater.

Everyone contributing to a Team Pain project has at least 10 years of skating experience.

As a result, the skatepark transformed from a dilapidated 15,000 square foot space to a unique 22,000 square foot “world-class facility” and skater destination.

The Thomas J. Slocum Memorial Skatepark has grown to be everyone’s favorite neighborhood park. It’s always packed with skaters and their friends if it isn’t snowing.

Since it’s a brand-new park, a lot of people come down from everywhere, and the park that used to be deserted is now extremely crowded. As a result, you get to reconnect with many of your old friends from that area.

The city’s Parks and Open Space sales tax, which voters authorized in 1997 and extended through 2038 in 2013, and an Adams County Open Space Grant are responsible for providing the $1.5 million needed to build the skatepark.

The Thomas J. Slocum Memorial Skatepark is appropriate for novice and expert riders. The park has handrails, barriers, boxes, a fire hydrant, and a snake run. It also has a skate plaza.

Since this park is unsupervised, use of it ends at nightfall or 10 p.m. if it is illuminated.

The skatepark also forbids using glass containers, food, and tobacco. You must wear a helmet and elbow and knee pads for your protection. Users need to supply their safety equipment.


  • Hiking trails
  •  Concrete pump track circuit
  •  Playground
  •  Picnic tables
  •  Sitting area

#3. Carpenter Skatepark

skate parks in thornton
  • 3498 E 112th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233

Carpenter Skate Park is a reasonably large skatepark with ten skate ramps appropriate for beginners and experts.

The park has a clean area, tables, restrooms, and water, making it a lovely place to skate and spend time with the family.

The city’s parks and recreation department aims to promote a secure skating area for children and adults.

Every morning and afternoon, you can visit the spotless skate park with cement and grassy surfaces. It includes cozy amenities and secure areas, making it a fantastic place to practice skating.

You can rest while skateboarding because picnic tables are close by with illumination, but you cannot utilize other forms of transportation like rollerblades or bicycles.


  • Play area
  •  Picnic tables
  •  Safe lighting
  •  Banked wedges

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#4. Progress

skate parks in thornton

If you’re a skateboarder in the Thornton, Colorado, area, Progresh Skate Park is a must-see. This state-of-the-art skate park offers a variety of ramps, rails, and other obstacles to challenge skaters of all levels. Plus, the park hosts various events and competitions throughout the year.

The park is located at 9499 N Washington, Ste 50, Thornton, CO 80229, open from dawn to dusk. Admission is free, and the park is wheelchair accessible.

You’ll also find a parking lot, restrooms, and a water fountain on-site. So, if you’re a skateboarder in the area, take advantage of Progress Skate Park!


  • Ramps
  •  Rails
  •  Other obstacles
  •  Restrooms
  •  Water fountain

#5. Pecos Skatepark

skate parks in thornton
  • 9609 Orangewood Dr, Thornton, CO 80260

Are you looking for a fun and safe place to skate in Thornton, Colorado? Look no further than Pecos Skatepark!

This park is open from dawn to dusk, and admission is free. It features a variety of ramps and obstacles, such as a half pipe, a quarter pipe, a vertical ramp, rails, and ledges. Plus, there is a parking lot and restrooms available.

No matter your skill level, Pecos Skatepark is a great place to practice and have fun. The park is well-maintained and clean, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Plus, it is wheelchair accessible and monitored by security cameras.

Other amenities include a parking lot, restrooms, and a water fountain. So, if you’re looking for a place to skate in Thornton, Colorado, Pecos Skatepark is the perfect spot!


  • Ramps
  •  Rails
  •  Other obstacles
  •  Restrooms
  •  Water fountain

Other Beautiful Skate Parks near Thornton

Aside from the parks listed above, Thornton has other exciting skate parks in and around its neighborhood where skaters go to relax and showcase their skills. Such parks include:

#6. Memorial Park Skate Park

skate parks in thornton
  • 8001 West 59th Avenue, Arvada, CO 80001

The Memorial Park Skate Spot is in Memorial Park at 8001 West 59th Avenue, next to City Hall and the Police Department. Suns up to dusk are the standard operating hours for all Arvada parks (unless otherwise specified). The Skate Spot has the same operating hours!

In 2014, Memorial Park had a significant overhaul, which included renovating the skate spot, which is incredibly popular. The skatepark reopened in August 2014 after undergoing renovation.


  • Volleyball Courts
  •  Picnic Tables
  •  Basketball Courts
  •  Playground
  •  Bike Path

#7. Parkfield Lake Park

skate parks in thornton
  • 53rd and Chambers Road, Denver, CO 80202

While presenting exciting new facilities for organized sports, informal use, and unusual play, the park’s development maintains and enhances the best priceless natural areas, including the lake, the shoreline, and walking trails. As a result, the park is set to become a popular destination for many people.

The artificial grass football stadium will significantly increase the season and amount of events permitted. The multi-purpose fields and the tennis, basketball, baseball, and softball courts are excellent resources.

Users of the park can enjoy activities not typically available at other parks, such as the skate park and wheels arena, playground climbing wall, water spray-ground, and dog park.


  • Playground
  •  Dog Park
  •  Tennis Court
  •  Baseball Court
  •  Parking Lot

#8. Arvada Skate Park

skate parks in thornton
  • 12920 West 72nd Avenue, Arvada, CO 80001

The park’s construction started in the spring of 2011, and the City of Arvada celebrated its official inauguration in June.

More than 40,000 square feet of the skating surface was planned and constructed by Florida-based skate park design/build business Team Pain.

The majority of the skate park project’s employees are from Colorado. The park infrastructure and other features that make this location a top destination in the state were finished by a local business called Urban Farmer.

It took the crew five years to construct and plan the skate park, which was heavily influenced by the community.

The $2.1 million needed to develop the facility was raised via the strenuous fundraising efforts of the skate park committee and funds from the Colorado Lottery, Great Outdoors Colorado, Jefferson County Open Space, the Tony Hawk Foundation, and other donors.

The Gibbs West Community Park is thought to have started with constructing of the Arvada Skate Park.


  • Baseball field
  •  Picnic Areas
  •  Basketball court
  •  Batting cage
  •  Rentable shelter(s)
  •  Parking
  •  Playground

#9. Boulder Skate Park

skate parks in thornton
  • 1505 30th Street, Boulder, CO 80303
  •  Call: 303-442-2778

Open from sunrise to sunset, the Boulder Skatepark is an unsupervised, skate-at-your-own-risk facility. So, knowing your limits will help you skate safely.

A thrilling “street course” with rails, curbs, free-flowing forms, and bowls can be found at the skate park.

Shaping Associates and Michael McIntyre, RLA/ASLA, a seasoned skateboarder and well-known skate park architect, collaborated to create the skate park.

Additionally, skaters from Boulder contributed to the design work. The Parks and Recreation Department supported a portion of the restoration.


  • Picnic Tables
  •  Playground
  •  Fishing Pond
  •  Drinking Fountain
  •  BBQ Grills
  •  Pavilion

#10. Nathan Lazarus Skatepark

skate parks in thornton
  • 145 East Street, Nederland, CO 80466
  •  Call: 303-258-9703

The desire for a free public skatepark where young people might go and enjoy a joyful leisure activity led to the construction of the Nathan Skatepark.

Under the direction of the staff of a nearby non-profit organization called Tees, Inc., a group of teens and older supporters started gathering in November 2003 to discuss how to address this issue.

The Nederland Board of Trustees was packed with teens and their supporters in April 2004, and they used a multimedia presentation to persuade the board to support the project and put it on town-owned property next to the Teen Centre, which is run and managed by Teens, Inc.

Unfortunately, the town didn’t have any money, so the only support from that source would be the land and a later promise of some fill dirt and landscaping assistance from the Public Works Director.

The effort stalled because the supporters only considered making their case to the town board.

But after a few months, the facilitator, Kevin Brazanskas, resigned to relocate out of the state. Before departing, he made an effort to rally some more community members to the cause and reengage the group.

In late August 2004, he called the group back together and invited more residents to participate. The culmination of all the efforts produced this stunning institution.

Along with several rails and boxes, the park features many amenities. The Skate Park, which is still accessible to the general public, gives skateboarders and bike riders a chance to improve their abilities.


  • Fishing Pond
  •  Playground
  •  BBQ Grills
  •  Drinking Fountain
  •  Picnic Tables
  •  Trails

#11. Fossil Creek Skateboard Park

skate parks in thornton
  • 5821 South Lemay Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80528

Near the Fossil Creek Community Park entrance, this 15,000-square-foot urban obstacle skateboard park is tucked between the parking lots and playground.

The 2003-opened park provides a range of steps and ramps to suit all ability levels.

It has various ramps and platforms ranging in height from six inches to four feet high, stairs that are three to nine high, a three-step ramp over water, five grind rails, including a three-flat-three combo, and more.

The park was built for the skateboarders who honed their talents on city streets.


  • Grind rails
  •  Ramps
  •  Playground
  •  Picnic tables
  •  Trails

#12. Golden Heights Park

skate parks in thornton
  • West 2nd Place and Quaker Street, Golden, CO 80401

This neighborhood park was constructed in 1986 and is situated south of Interstate 70 as it starts its ascent into the Rocky Mountains.

A good playground and a short, steep hill are well-liked by people who enjoy sledding in the winter. The park also features a backstop for a baseball pitch and an open space ideal for family or pick-up baseball games.

During the summer, a covered pavilion is made accessible to groups upon reservation.

Golden Heights Park has baseball and soccer fields and a skateboarding area with rails, jumps, and a half-pipe structure.

Dog owners will value “Homer’s Run,” an off-leash dog park near the fields’ southern end. With its amenities and well-kept grounds, this park is a well-liked spot for midday strolls with stunning views.


  • Disc Golf
  •  Picnic Shelters and tables
  •  Drinking Fountain
  •  Grill

#13. Discovery Skate Park

skate parks in thornton
  • 3701 Johnson Street (W. 38th and Kipling), Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

This brand-new, cutting-edge skate park was constructed on a hill and features a street course, a concrete bowl section with steel coping, and more.

Team Pain created the 14,000-square-foot skate park and constructed it. On June 23, 2012, the skate park held its grand opening event and ribbon-cutting.

It is always strongly advised to use safety gear, such as helmets, knee, elbow, wrist guards, gloves, and shoes, as the park is not liable for accidents.


  • Picnic area
  •  Hiking trails
  •  Playground
  •  Shaded pavilion


One great thing about these skate parks in Thornton is that they’re meeting places for people who share the passion to meet at leisure.

The activities there make skateboarding exciting and help the birth of new friendships as they offer guidance to others to help them improve their skills. You can check these skate parks out for an exciting experience.

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