Skate Parks in Alabama

10 Top Skate Parks in Alabama for Unforgettable Adventures

If skateboarding is one of the things you love to do, then you’ll love these skate parks in Alabama. The state has various skate parks that can accommodate skateboarders of all skill levels, from newbies honing their balance to seasoned riders seeking fresh challenges.

All skaters can find something to enjoy at Alabama’s skate parks, whether they prefer vert ramps, bowl skating, or street-style tricks.

The state has excellent weather that lets you enjoy skating throughout the year, so Alabama has no restricted skating seasons, unlike other skate parks in other states.

Join us as we embark on an action-packed tour of Alabama’s best skate parks, where the joy of skateboarding, camaraderie, and adrenaline converge in perfect harmony.

So, without much ado, here are the top skate parks in Alabama.

10 Top Skate Parks in Alabama

#1. Florence Skate Park

Skate Parks in Alabama

The Florence Skate Park is the newest addition to the City of Florence Parks and Recreation Department.

It may be found in Cox Creek Park. Spohn Ranch produced the equipment for the park. Both experts and amateurs use SkateLite Pro, the material used to make the equipment. In hot or cold, rainy or dry weather, it remains constant.

The frames are made of galvanized steel and are welded rather than fastened to prevent movement. The park is 105 feet by 150 feet, equivalent to three basketball courts.

It is open from 8:00 a.m. to dusk, and as of the time this article was written, no fees or age restrictions apply.

Wearing safety gear is encouraged for all visitors.


  •  Four different types of grind rails
  •  Six quarter pipes
  •  Three-sided pyramid
  •   Two standard fun boxes
  •   One Spine
  •  Two Banked Wedges

Address: 110 West College, St. Florence, Alabama 35630

#2. High Wheels Skate Park

Skate Parks in Alabama

You can find High Wheels Skate Park in Decatur, Alabama, at 2054 Terry Way Parkway. It is accessible 365 days a year, seven days per week.

The cost to skate or bike at this park all day is only $5, which is reasonable considering that it is not a free skate park. Here, skateboards, rollerblades, inline skates, and bicycles are all welcome.

There are a few simple guidelines that you must abide by to use this park. You’ll need to sign a liability waiver first.

This waiver emphasizes that you are in charge of your safety when utilizing the park. After that, you must put on the proper cushioning for your sport.

This refers to knee and elbow guards. Finally, you must wear a helmet with a chin strap to ride your bike in the park.

Extra-wide ramps and skate areas are what make High Wheels Skate Park famous. The 6-foot-tall half pipe at this park is one of its outstanding features. This half-pipe is 40 feet wide, 7.5 feet wide, and elevated to seven feet.

The park also has a spine ramp 20 feet wide and 4 feet tall. If you enjoy them, this park also has a street course, but it is on gravel and primarily intended for motorcycles.

A tiny ramp and several skating obstacles are among the other skateboarding and riding features at the High Wheels Skate Park.

Despite not being the most sophisticated skate park in the world, this one offers many good features you will enjoy.


  • Spine ramp
  •  Mini ramp
  •  Biking trails
  •   6-foot-tall half pipe

Address: 2054 Gordon Terry Pkwy, Decatur, AL 35601

#3. Greensboro Skate park

Skate Parks in Alabama

Greensboro is a guarded park containing a walking path, basketball courts, slides, swings, and a skate park. Welcome to Greensboro Skatepark. It may be found at Greensboro, Alabama, 36744.

This park’s vintage ramps and rails are a great spot to hone your abilities and mingle with other thrill-seekers.

It is the ideal place for beginners to begin their passion for skating because it accepts people of all ability levels.

You can spread a blanket on the grass and invite the whole family to enjoy themselves.


  • Picnic tables
  •  Ramps and rails
  •  Biking trails
  •  Pavilions for Rentals

Address: Greensboro, Alabama 36744

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#4. Lydia Gold Skate Park

Skate Parks in Alabama

A 13,000-square-foot cement skate park with various rails, funboxes, staircases, and banks is called Lydia Gold Skate Park.

This park is one of Mobile’s skate parks; it has quarter pipes, ramps, rails, and other features to practice your new skills.

It is similar to having a small exhibition where you can observe families, pets, and children from a distance, along with a walking track.

With skateboards and rollerblades, you can slide and glide, but helmets are a necessity.


  • Playground
  •  Ponds
  •  Pavilions for rent
  •  Press Box
  •  Picnic tables

Address: 200 Cleveland Avenue Northwest, Huntsville, Alabama 35801.

#5. Veterans Skate Park

Skate Parks in Alabama

The Veterans Skate Park is another exciting place to climb on those skateboards. Three timers control the lighting for the playground and the back batting cages.

They have an on/off switch inside the Timer Boxes and have a 2-hour runtime.

Bicycles are permitted on the two kilometers of illuminated walking routes. This park has two playgrounds: the enormous playground and the smaller playground.

The park’s primary playground is towards the front, while the smaller playground is next to the batting cages at the back of the play area.

The rental cost for each of the nine pavilions is $40.00.

Here are the numbers of picnic tables (subject to change) for each pavilion to help you plan correctly:

  • Pavilion Tables: 1 to 7
  • Two tables in Pavilion 2
  • Three tables in Pavilion 3
  • One table in Pavilion 4
  • Five tables for Pavilion 5
  • Two tables in Pavilion 6
  • Six tables in Pavilion 7
  • Six tables in Pavilion 8
  • And just one table in Pavilion 9

Also, there are three restrooms in this park:

The first is adjacent to the playground in the front, the second is in the back, next to Pavilion 7, and the third is within the baseball stadium, next to the concession stand.

There are three ponds, one of which has a lit-up fountain.

It is crucial to remember that bicycles and scooters are not permitted!

Veterans Skate Park management mandates the wearing of a helmet (with chin strap) at all times. Although not necessary, wearing wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads is advised for Victor’s safety.

All pads are highly recommended.


  • 3 Stairs with Hubba
  •  5 Stair Handrails
  •  8 Stair Handrails
  •  Bleachers
  •  Picnic Tables
  •  5 Youth baseball and softball fields

Address: Highway 119, Alabaster, Alabama 35007

#6. Enterprise Skate Park

Skate Parks in Alabama

If you are looking for one of the best Skate Parks in Alabama, you should add Enterprise Skate Park to the list. An ideal place to practice skateboarding with friends and develop new tricks is Enterprise Skate Park.

This full-service skatepark provider gives skaters a secure setting and access to sports training programs.

You can use their park for free for efficient skate practice and take advantage of their camps, courses, and clinics.

It has all the necessary apparatus, barriers, and seating for spectators so that you and others may relax and observe.


  • Picnic tables
  •  Walking tracks
  •  Restrooms
  •  Trails
  •  Seating area

Address: 600 E Lee St, Enterprise, AL 36330

#7. Finley Skatepark

Skate Parks in Alabama

The skatepark, conveniently located near the Finley Center, attracts athletes and beginners of all ages to skateboarding for fun and competition.

The skatepark will be of the best possible caliber. To provide an inclusive environment, it is equipped with restrooms, pavilions, sunshades, parking, and compliance with the American Disability Act.

This skatepark offers a secure and enjoyable atmosphere in a well-liked city location.

It will also support Hoover’s thriving tourism industry by inviting more guests to the Met Complex and offering a convenient place for parents to keep their kids occupied and relaxed.

Olympic and street-style skateboarding have separate areas in Finley Skatepark.

Many organizations, such as the United Skateboarding Association and World Cup Skateboarding, appreciate communities like Hoover for their ability to hold events in various recreational, social, and sporting venues.


  • Pavilions
  •  Restrooms
  •  Parking lot
  •  Sunshade
  •  Picnic area

Address: Finley Center, Hoover, AL 35244

#8. Mobile Skate Plaza

Skate Parks in Alabama

Mobile has a free public skatepark known as Mobile Skate Plaza, and it is open from morning to night.

After Jewel Cullen worked hard for a long time to make the park a secure location for skaters, the park has come a long way and is still standing.

Skateparks promote healthy lives and life skills. Visitors have a secure space to engage in their pastime or line of work here, away from the crowded streets.

They can connect and build new relationships. Skate parks serve as venues for community events and encourage pleasant experiences for kids.


  • Picnic tables
  •  Concession stand
  •  Walking track
  •  Trails

Address: 2301 Airport Blvd, Mobile, AL 36606

#9. City Walk Skate Park

Skate Parks in Alabama

Go Skating Day, which usually comes up on June 21, has become a time for fans to rejoice (and take a day off from regular responsibilities) by hitting the pavements and skate parks and embracing the well-recognized sport of skating.

However, on a peculiar June 21, skateboarders in Birmingham celebrated and commemorated a historic occasion: the opening of City Walk Skatepark. This facility is anticipated to transform skating in the area.

Due to the high standard of this skate park, the city may host major national and international skateboarding events.

City Walk Skatepark is part of the new City Walk BHAM linear park that runs for 10 blocks beneath the elevated section of Interstate Highway 59/20 through downtown Birmingham.

The Action Park Alliance, a national skateboard park management company, is in charge of running it.

Although there is no charge to use the skate park, users and others (including roller and inline skaters, bicycle riders, and scooter riders) must sign a release.

Visitors to the park are welcome to use any City Walk BHAM services, including a walking track, playgrounds, water features, recreation centers, a dog park, and public gatherings.

With activities planned throughout the Games, the park is anticipated to serve as a significant gathering spot for athletes and spectators.

The new skate park’s placement below the highway offers protection from the sweltering summer sun. You’ll appreciate it more at noon when temperatures are expected to rise.

Due to its shaded location, the park can function almost every day, rain or shine. Additionally, external lighting enables the park to remain open long into the evening, until 10 p.m. every day.

The park includes shade, which is unquestionably a significant benefit because it nearly makes the space usable year-round.

Numerous skateboarders enter the park to zoom through it, both experienced riders and those just getting started.

The facility also hosts competitive skateboarding tours, making it a popular tourist destination nationally and probably internationally.

When the park was opened, local skateboarders tested it out and were amazed by its attractions. New Line Skateparks built the 57,111-square-foot skate park, one of the biggest in America.

Numerous bowls are available at the facility for skaters of different ability levels, including one rated for Olympic competition.

A “pump” track and low-impact and high-impact street circuits are also available.


  • Playgrounds
  •  Walking trail
  •  Water supply 
  •  Recreation facilities
  •  Dog park

Address: 1706 9th Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

#10. Gulf Shores Skate Park

Skate Parks in Alabama

The ten skate ramps in the 6,599-square-foot Gulf Shores Skate Park suit beginners and specialists.

Gulf Park offers a clean area, tables, restrooms, and water, making it a lovely place to skate and spend time with the family.

The city’s parks and recreation department aims to promote a secure skating area for children and adults.

Every morning and afternoon, you can visit the spotless skate park with cement and grassy surfaces.

It includes cozy amenities and secure areas, making it a fantastic place to practice skating.

You can rest while skateboarding because picnic tables are close by with illumination, but you cannot utilize other forms of transportation like rollerblades or bicycles.


  • Picnic tables
  •  Baseball fields
  •  Pressbox
  •  Playground
  •  Mini Golf

Address: Kids Park, 348 W 19th Ave, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Before You Go…

Skateboarding is not only fun for different ages and categories of people, but it is also an exciting way to stay healthy and in shape. It provides healthy lifestyles for the young and keeps them energetic.

If making healthier choices sounds like what you love, you may check out these top skate parks in Alabama for a thorough, fun workout on a skateboard for the whole family.

Remember to go with your skateboard and get ready to mingle, connect, and meet new friends who have also come to have fun.

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