Water parks in El Salvador

Discover The 10 Best Water parks in El Salvador

Dive into a world of aquatic adventure as we tour the best water parks in El Salvador. These water parks, which are located in this Central American paradise, provide cool relaxation from the humid climate.

El Salvador’s water parks offer attractions for visitors of all ages and tastes, from exhilarating slides that send you spiraling to serene lazy rivers that take you on a leisurely journey.

From exhilarating water slides to soothing swimming pools and tranquil rivers, the Water Park in El Salvador has it all.

These water parks promise an unforgettable experience that embraces the nation’s natural beauty and endless summer vibes with a blend of heart-pounding attractions and peaceful relaxation areas. Join us as we set out on a thrilling journey through some of El Salvador’s top water parks.

In this article, we have listed the 10 top water parks in El Salvador.

Let’s get started…

What are the Best water parks in El Salvador?

#1. First Apuzunga

Water parks in El Salvador

The entire family will enjoy the natural beauty and exciting activities in this spectacular park. It is erected on top of volcanic soil, which is composed of ash and lava and feeds several springs that wind through the intriguing terrain.

The imposing Amates trees will be all around you, creating a gorgeous, rich landscape. In addition, this park offers a wide range of activities, including four adult pools, a water slide, three kid-friendly interactive pools, rest areas, picnic sites, cabins, parking, restaurants, an amphitheater, and a sports court.

The crystal-clear, chemical-free water that flows from the river is one of this park’s wonderful and defining qualities, accompanying all of these amenities. This is a location you must visit!


  • Four adult pools
  • a water slide
  • three kid-friendly interactive pools
  • rest areas
  • picnic sites
  • Cabins
  • Parking
  • Restaurants
  • an amphitheatre
  • a sports court.

Address: 6G8R+Q8W, La, Conchagua, El Salvador

#2. Aquatic Entre Rios Ecopark

Water parks in El Salvador

Only 40 minutes from San Salvador is where you’ll find Entre Ros Ecopark, which is in the El Salvadorian municipality of Caluco in the department of Sonsonate. The size of this significant tourist destination in the nation is 12 hectares.

A memorable experience can be had here thanks to the lush vegetation as well as the facilities, which include thermal pools, picnic spaces, swimming pools, enormous water slides, and an aquarium where visitors may go fishing.

14 swimming pools, 4 water births, 7 springs, and 2 rivers with running water are just a few of Entre Ros’s attractions.

There are also 2 slides, 2 interactive pools, 3 soccer fields, a basketball court, and a 6-meter wall for fans of extreme sports.

Additionally, visitors can unwind in the natural gardens, cottages, or roundabouts and picnic while savoring the House’s delectable speciality, Indian hen soup.

In addition, there is a small zoo at the Eco-Park. Take the San Salvador-Sonsonate road and turn left at the Caluco detour to get to the Ecopark.

The street is paved, and the portion is 1 kilometer long.

Continue traveling south through the city and get onto the road that will take you to Santa Cruz Tazulá.


  • swimming pools
  • water births
  • 7 springs, and 2 rivers with running water
  • 2 slides
  • 2 interactive pools
  • 3 soccer fields
  • a basketball court
  • a 6-meter wall for fans of extreme sports.

Address:  P88R+C53, Cantón Agua Caliente, contiguo a la linea ferrea, SON16, Caluco, El Salvador

Phone: +503 2223 0888

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#3. Termos del Rio

Water parks in El Salvador

The park is well-kept but not overrun with people on a Saturday. We always look forward to our trips to Termos in El Salvador because there are so many fun things to do and everything is reasonably priced considering the heat.

As one of the best water parks in El Salvador, It’s a must-see location, especially if you’re taking kids. You may rent a hammock, a shelter, a grill, and a table for a dollar, although some of the items require that you leave your identification card.

There are several activities available, including hot spring pools, horseback riding, a railway that surrounds the park, soccer fields, a sizable picnic area, ziplining, several pools, and engaging entertainment.

With an entrance cost of around $5 per person, it is undoubtedly a fantastic location that you cannot afford to miss.

They have several eateries, such as Pollo Campero, where you can have delectable meals and ice cream. Even better, if you wish, you can bring your food and prepare it there.


  • Hot spring pools
  • Soccer fields
  • Picnic area
  • Horseback riding

Address: San Salvador, El Salvador

Phone: +503 7854 0561

#4. Manatiales De Jiboa

Water parks in El Salvador

The Manantiales de Jiboa Water Park was created to give families and friends a secure, enjoyable experience.

There is plenty of amusement for people of all ages at this resort, which features four energizing pools, slides that reach a height of 14 meters, and a 2.5-meter free-fall trampoline.

Their exhilarating canopy is 14 meters high and 200 meters long for those seeking something a little bit more daring.

The restaurant offers a range of delectable foods and beverages for those who need to refuel, and our welcoming, knowledgeable staff will make sure you receive the best service possible.

Their gift shop offers a variety of souvenirs to preserve a memory of your visit to Manantiales de Jiboa Water Park, including pool floats and El Salvador flags.

Whatever you decide, it will serve as a wonderful memento of the time you spent with loved ones.


  • Amusement park
  • Restaurant
  • Pools

Address: FXWV+J6H, RN 4E, El Rosario, El Salvador

Phone: +503 2305 3866

#5. Amapulapa Water Park

Water parks in El Salvador

Sixty kilometers east of San Salvador, in the vicinity of San Vicente, lies a leisure resort called Amapulapa.

The volcanic soil, a mixture of ash and lava, from which numerous water springs arise and nourish the grounds, is what gives this natural park its lushness.

The enormous and gorgeous Amates trees, which are a part of the flora, beautifully decorate the landscape.

The region has a special richness because it is composed of volcanic ash and lava.

This park offers a wide range of attractions, including, to name a few, an amphitheater, four adult-only swimming pools, a water slide, three kiddie pools with interactive games, picnic spots, cabins, parking, restaurants, and a multifunctional sports court.

Additionally, a certain tree called a Los Amate is used to beautify the park. There are four adult-only pools and four kid-only pools. Visitors can eat Salvadorian food in the café and at eight picnic sites.

A basketball court and a soccer field are available for sports enthusiasts. From Wednesday through Sunday, the park is open from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon.

The entrance cost for adults is $1. Children and the elderly are not charged.

Travelers need to use the road to San Vicente, which goes to Zacatecoluca and vice versa, to reach Amapulapa.

Travelers should also be able to locate the detour to San Vicente, Tecoluca, and then the turn-off to the Park if they are taking the coast road.

A pickup can carry passengers to the Park at the crossroads where the 177 bus from the East Terminal will stop.


  • 3 Kiddie pools
  • Multifunctional Sports Centres
  • Restaurant
  • Water slide

Address: J6HF+CM9, San Vicente, El Salvador

Phone: +503 2277 0052

#6. Wet ‘n Wild

Water parks in El Salvador

Wet ‘n Wild Aquatic Park, which is situated in San Salvador, the country’s capital, is one of the most well-known water parks.

The exhilarating water slides, wave pools, and engaging water play areas in this park are well-known.

For those times when you need to refuel after a long day of excitement, it also features a choice of eateries and snack bars.


  • Water Slides
  • Water play areas
  • Eateries
  • Wave pools

#7. Tomás de Quezaltepeque

Water parks in El Salvador

A water park called Quezaltepeque is located about 25 kilometres from the country’s capital, San Salvador, in the Liberty Department, to the northwest of the city of Quezaltepeque.

The 82-acre leisure park is rich in natural potential thanks to the layer of lava or volcanic rock that acts as a water reservoir.

This rock layer produces crystal-clear water, which encourages the growth of vegetation that is unique to this region of the country as well as various species of insectivorous plants.

Two adult swimming pools, a kiddie pool, a contemporary slide, a man-made lake, family cabins, picnic spots, fast food restaurants, basketball and football fields, and a large parking lot with armed police are all available in Quezaltepeque.

All seasons can be spent at the water park. Children under 10 and those over 60 can use it for free.

The number 109 bus will transport you to Quezaltepeque and let you off there, making it easy to get to the park from San Salvador’s East Terminal.

Then, you can either take a motorcycle taxi or the Urban 71 bus to get where you’re going.


  • Basketball field
  • Football field
  • Picnic Spots
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Security

Address: RPW5+WX8, Quezaltepeque, El Salvador

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#8. Paradise Park Aquatico

Water parks in El Salvador

Finally, you should visit Parque Acuatico El Puente if you want a more laid-back water park experience.

This park, which is situated in San Miguel, is well-known for its leisurely swimming pools, lazy river, and engaging water playground.

For those times when you need to refuel after a long day of excitement, it also features a choice of eateries and snack bars.

Daytime rentals are available in rooms with a bathroom with a shower, air conditioning, a closet, a vanity, and cable television.

While families zoom down the two 12.65 meter curved slides with a fall time of about 3 seconds, kids can play interactive activities in the water.

The cafe and restaurant offer a large selection of breakfast, lunch, and traditional snacks that are all created with high-quality ingredients and are reasonably priced to satisfy hungry customers.

Two hammocks, a table, and four seats are included with each kiosk rental from the cafeteria.

The cost of admission is $10, and tickets must be purchased separately. Take advantage of all the enjoyable activities and services we provide by bringing the family out for a wonderful day out.


  • Water playground
  • Swimming pool
  • Cafe and restaurant

#9. Ichanmichen water park

Water parks in El Salvador

The municipality of Zacatecoluca in the La Paz Department is home to the Ichanmichen Water Park, a well-liked spot for recreation and amusement in El Salvador’s Central Area.

The park is easily reached from San Salvador via the ‘old street’ route as well as the coastal CA-2 route.

After changing to route 133 at San Marcos South Terminal, you can also get to the recreation center by taking bus route 92.

Ichanmichen, which was recently renovated, has 7 pools for kids and 1 for adults, ponds, picnic spots, family cottages, changing rooms, a basketball court, a football field, and parking spaces.

The park now contains a playground with a water slide thanks to the modifications. Along with the changes, there are also lush green spaces and sizable gardens.

A low-flow water source and a forest with a variety of fruit trees and cover are also present in Ichanmichen. In addition to pools, the park has a lot to offer its visitors.

In addition to its infrastructure, its location within Zacatecoluca’s urban boundaries makes it the best place to begin local tourism.

Your visit to Ichanmichen will give you the chance to take advantage of the lively, welcoming atmosphere.


  • Basketball court
  • Football field
  • Spacious parking space
  • Family cottages
  • Ponds

Address: F4WC+2W8, C. a Ichamichen, Zacatecoluca, El Salvador

#10. Canopys del Rio Sunzal

Water parks in El Salvador

Canopys del Rio Sunzal provides both nature lovers and adventure seekers with a thrilling getaway. For those seeking an adrenaline rush amidst lush surroundings, this eco-adventure park is a haven.

Explore the vibrant Rio Sunzal on a zipline adventure through the canopy of the trees for breathtaking views of the pristine river and its natural surroundings. Visitors can customize their experience to their comfort level by choosing from a variety of zipline options catering to different skill levels.

The adventure, however, continues. At Canopys del Rio Sunzal, challenging rappelling adventures are also available that let you scale sizable rock formations while admiring the beauty of nature.

Canopys del Rio Sunzal offers an unforgettable adventure, whether you’re an experienced traveler looking for an adrenaline rush or a novice seeking a taste of adventure.

This location prioritizes environmental preservation and safety, so it not only provides heart-pounding fun but also fosters an appreciation for El Salvador’s breathtaking natural beauty.

So get ready for a tropical adventure that will leave you with treasured memories and tales to tell as you soar, swing, and rappel through the treetops at Canopys del Rio Sunzal.


  • Swimming pool
  • Family cottage
  • Engaging water parks

Address: Km 44 1/2, Carretera El Litoral, CA-2, El Sunzal, El Salvador


In El Salvador, you’re sure to have a fantastic time no matter which water park you pick. El Salvador has fun water slides, tranquil swimming pools, and engaging water parks, so there is something for everyone.

So don’t forget to bring your sunscreen and swimwear when you go to one of El Salvador’s fantastic water parks for a day of outdoor recreation!

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