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Discover The Dominican Republic Zip Code Santo Domingo

If you are searching for the Dominican Republic zip code Santo Domingo, then you are on the right page! The capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, is a thriving metropolis with a varying and rich culture.

The nation of the Dominican Republic is situated in the Caribbean Sea on the island of Hispaniola, which is also home to the nation’s most populous city. There are numerous districts in Santo Domingo, each with its own ZIP code. However, have you ever thought of its zip code?

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The Zip Code of Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic zip code Santo Domingo

In the Dominican Republic, five-digit ZIP codes begin with the number 1. The first two digits of the ZIP code serve as the location’s province indicator. The third number indicates the province’s district. The final two numbers indicate the district’s specific sector.

With multiple postal codes, Santo Domingo is the capital city. Every code has a specific area within the city associated with it. For example, the postal code 10101 is assigned to Santo Domingo’s central area.

For various parts of Santo Domingo, there are countless additional postal codes. The postal codes of Los Alcarrizos, a municipality located in the province of Santo Domingo, for instance, range from 10801 to 10805. Postal codes are also unique to Santo Domingo Oeste and Santo Domingo Norte.

Santo Domingo ZIP codes

The following are the ZIP codes for the different districts of Santo Domingo:

Zip CodeCity, Town or Neighborhood
10100 – 10124Distrito Nacional: Santo Domingo | Santo Domingo Oeste
10125Santo Domingo Province
10126 – 10303Distrito Nacional: Santo Domingo | Santo Domingo Oeste
10304Santo Domingo Province
10305 – 10407Distrito Nacional: Santo Domingo | Santo Domingo Oeste
10408La Zurza, Santo Domingo Province: Santo Domingo | Santo Domingo Oeste
10409 – 10516Distrito Nacional: Santo Domingo | Santo Domingo Oeste
10601- 10603Azua Province
10604 – 10605Distrito Nacional
10606 – 10607Azua Province / Altos Arroyo Hondo
10701Santo Domingo Oeste, Santo Domingo Province
10702Los Peralejos, Distrito Nacional
10802Santo Domingo Oeste, Santo Domingo Province
10803Monte Cristi (Dominican Republic)
10804Jarabacoa, La Vega Province
10805San Juan Province (Dominican Republic)
10901 – 10905Santo Domingo Province
11002Santiago Rodríguez
11016Santo Domingo Province
11101 -11110Distrito Nacional: Santo Domingo | Santo Domingo Oeste
11111 -11115Santo Domingo Oeste, Santo Domingo Province
11116 – 1111712 de Haina, Distrito Nacional
11122Santo Domingo
11201Villa Mella, Santo Domingo Province
11202Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional
11203Barahona Province
11204San Cristóbal Province
11205Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional
11206San Cristóbal Province
11207Santo Domingo Province
11501 – 11507Santo Domingo Province
23100Santo Domingo Province
51000Santo Domingo Province

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How to find the ZIP code for Santo Domingo

If you don’t know the ZIP code for a particular place in Santo Domingo, you can look it up using the techniques listed below:

  • Visit the website of the Dominican Republic Postal Service: You can use the ZIP code lookup tool on the Dominican Republic Postal Service website to find the ZIP code for any location in the nation.
  • Speak to a local: You can get the ZIP code of the place you’re interested in if you ask a local in Santo Domingo.
  • Examine your mail: The ZIP code will appear on the envelope if the mail is from a Santo Domingo location.

Why is it important to know the ZIP code for Santo Domingo?

It’s important to understand Santo Domingo’s ZIP code for several reasons, such as:

  • To properly address mail: Make sure the envelope has the correct ZIP code on it when sending mail to Santo Domingo. This will make it more likely that the right address will receive your mail.
  • To learn more about a place: You can use the ZIP code to learn more about a Santo Domingo neighborhood, including its schools, crime statistics, and demographics.
  • To locate companies and services nearby: In Santo Domingo, the ZIP code can be used to locate establishments and services. This can be useful if you’re trying to find a particular kind of company or service, like a restaurant or medical facility.

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There are several reasons why it’s essential to understand Santo Domingo’s ZIP code. Please make sure you have the correct ZIP code if you intend to mail something to Santo Domingo or if you are looking for information about a specific area there.

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